Dodgers vs. Pirates Game Highlights (4/25/23) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Pirates full game highlights from 4/25/23, presented by @NTTofficialchannel

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  1. What? highlights without all the highlights? who makes these videos?

  2. Rob Miller with the clean 9th inning while up by 1… have we finally found a closer? fingers crossed

  3. I am new at Baseball and already don‘t understand much. But this video absolutly confused me.

  4. I thought the Dodgers were bad,I really didn't care who won cause I would like Pittsburgh to have a winning record for once but they are still kinda brutal

  5. The Los Angeles Dodgers are 13-11🔵⚪️🔴

  6. No salary cap. The worst professional sports league in the history of professional sports. These players and their agents should be ashamed. The only league with no cap. What an f'ing joke.

  7. Actually a great comeback I thought at 7-2 they would be killed can't happen again

  8. Glad to see Chris Taylor with the home run.

  9. Shelby miller looking scarier every time he’s due t pitch

  10. Even tho the Dodgers won, 🔥 Roberts! And the editor 😅

  11. I was working and just assumed dodgers lost. Good to see they won. Good luck robbing CT3s bommmb. Let's goo

  12. Who is NTT and when are they getting fired

  13. It is so hard for me to watch these to two team play each other and that’s cause I root for both. And man Noah is not having a good season so far

  14. One thing this Dodger team has is power. They can take you deep for sure.

  15. That was not a trea turner like slide lol

  16. It's still early in the season, but I'm not too fond about the dodgers picking up Creg Kimbrel's half brother Synnegard.

  17. These announcers were incredibly annoying – no need to scream at the top of your lungs – show some professionalism.

  18. I love it when Chris Taylor's bat is alive…His glove is so important to the field when he's healthy.

  19. Syndergaard ain’t very good.
    But phew! Dodgers win.

  20. Forgive me for not keeping up with the farms of each team, but what a start to 2023? Pirates, Rangers, Orioles are division leaders (or have huge winning records) all in the same year?? Even the Dbacks over .500. How peculiar.

  21. Hold on, Pirate fans, a little while longer before buying WS tickets.

  22. Was the MLB Network drunk while making this one ?

  23. What a great match between Dodgers and Pirates at Pirates hometown in Pittsburgh. I like how they catch, throw bases, and home runs from respectful players. Amazing!

  24. The pirates..will start losing games now they got lucky started off hot this season but it's going to come down to the pitching pitching isn't very good and they really don't have great catchers either 😮

  25. What a way to come out of a slump CT3!! LETS GO DODGERS

  26. Dodgers are the best team in Baseball ⚾️

  27. That holderman isn't really all that great honestly

  28. Dodgers got lucky this one. They caught Oviedo in a rare off game.

  29. 4:00 a trae turner slide? Its just a slide dont give it someone else’s name infront of it.

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