Dodgers vs. Pirates Game Highlights (4/26/23) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Pirates full game highlights from 4/26/23, presented by @NTTofficialchannel

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  1. Dodgers are going to finish in 4th place!!! Dodgers DUMPSTER DIVING in the winter is costing them!!! Dodgers must steal more base's with the new rules!!!

  2. Why are the Dodgers being so careful about Will Smith, shouldn't he be back yet!!!

  3. Dodgers need an upgrade defensive catcher!!!!

  4. Is Bae trying to break single season stolen bases… wow.

  5. The Dodgers team defense is pathetic. The Dodgers hitting other then Freeman & Betts is erratic. The Dodgers bullpen is questionable. The Dodgers Manager is bad. I'm afraid despite some good starting pitchers, the Dodgers look like a .500 team.

  6. Love my bucs, but it isnt the same with all these fans now, where were they the last 7 seasons? I've been here through everything for my bucs, just shows people only care when a team is relevant

  7. Bryan Reynolds and the Pittsburgh Pirates sunk Freddie Freeman and the Los Angeles Dodgers once again, raise the Jolly Roger!

  8. As a Dodgers fan i actually like to see teams like the Pirates who's players dont have massive contracts and ridiculous salary. Just guys out there balling good for them

  9. Can the Pirates get any more breaks that fall their way? Would have won the game anyway, but everything the last few games has broke for them.

  10. I like freeman… so I wasn’t mad when he sent one.

  11. Bae is just a good all around player. Keep it up young man. And Maggi congrats on 1st MLB GAME!!

  12. I get goosebumps watching these Buccos because let’s be honest we haven’t had much to cheer about these past years!!! love too see it!

  13. Dodger fan here– these last couple games have been great! Thanks for some great baseball, Buccos!

  14. One thing about this years version of the Dodgers, is whether they win or lose…they do it in a big way! 🙂

  15. When you got five players in the starting lineup under .200 you gon lose and you gon lose baddd

  16. Omg, Omg, Omg I thot I was gonna see 6 Dodgers try to catch a bloop hit into shallow center, Oh no 8-1 for the Pirates, C'mon Dodgers be more prepared than this !!! @LAsportsnet @Real923 @Power106

  17. Una porquería el relevo de los dodgers así no se puede

  18. How are we not selling out more with how well we’ve been playing

  19. WE GOOD! Dodgers GOT the WORLD SERIES this year. Were SOLID. Lets goooo…..

  20. You can make an argument that Bae is the most exciting player in the MLB right now. whether he's out on the field making incredible catches, hitting a walk off homerun, stealing 3 bases in a game, or even making careless errors on the field. He makes you wonder what he's going to do next, good or bad

  21. I can guarantee you that we will see an inspirational movie about Drew Maggi’s career one day.

  22. The Dodgers Bullpen is in bad shape…..There just giving away those hits and runs….

  23. Man, the lack of fan is depressing considering how good the Pirates have been. 4 straight games with fewer than 14K fans. And we only need 3 wins out of our next 4 against the Dodgers and Nationals to have 20 wins at the end of April!

  24. There's some serious baseball players in Pittsburgh I'll tell you what

  25. First month really rough for Dodgers. Is like there Is no lead in the team. Here AND there

  26. Dodgers got worse over the off-season …. And I'm a dodgers fan

  27. Man we should’ve had that first game!!! 😤

  28. Go Go Pirates~💜💜from Korea^^

  29. I thought you could block the plate if you're fielding the ball?

  30. Glad we got on the board, it wasn't a shut out.

  31. As a Giants fan, I really appreciate what the Pirates did last night 🙂

  32. MLB is better when my Buccos are competitive!

  33. Pirates have quickly become my favorite team by far. Always fun to watch, and they're actually winning a bunch now. It's awesome.

  34. Dodgers defense in this game was… interesting.

  35. I used to love when Austin Wynns would catch me in travel ball. He called a solid game and he was a wall back there!

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