Epic Pirate Music – Pirates & Buccaneers | Life of a Pirate

Epic pirate music about adventurous pirates, buccaneers, and sailors who search the seven seas for treasure.

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Tracklist :

0:00 – The Young Buccaneer
3:36 – Pirate Town
6:52 – Blackbeard
9:42 – Swashbuckling Pirates
13:09 – Land Ahoy
16:16 – Davy Jones
19:29 – Pirate Tavern
22:57 – Captain Sullivan
26:17 – Walk the Plank
29:24 – Pirates of the Coast
32:53 – Pirate Raid
36:57 – The Rusty Anchor
40:03 – Pirate Elves
43:40 – The Seven Seas
48:57 – Sea Shanty
52:16 – Pirate Cove
55:27 – The Captain’s Inn
58:58 – Pirate Island

This great pirate picture is from Microstocker1.

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~ All music is composed by Brandon & Derek Fiechter ~


  1. Hilarious truth– commercial leading into this? OLD SPICE! 😂

  2. When Netflix and other streaming services shuts down Password Sharing and raises their prices

    All of us: Arr welcome to the high seas, matey

  3. am i allowed to use this music for my game or similiar ?


  5. This makes me so relaxed when I am working and it starts to get busy at my job. I love it !

  6. The Captain's Inn sounds like a modern Irish jig song.

  7. Helps in everything. I'm currently making a pirate board game and that inspires me a lot.

  8. Escuche esto cocinando. Nunca cociné algo tan dedicado, fue como hacer un sabroso bacalao.🐟
    Yo ho how!! ☠️

  9. Turn on the sails,full speed,we will find the treasure chest

  10. Some of the best pirate music- maybe even the best I've heard.. you can just feel the glory and the adventure of a true pirate!

  11. Listening to this while making a pirate game!

  12. I can't get enough of your music! It's my go-to playlist for relaxation and concentration. Keep up the amazing work!💗

  13. The Golden Straw Hat Swordsman Dragon says:

    This complication of good pirate adventure music is 199% awesome sauce for anyone who dreams of going on a epic Adventure right ow in order to escape a life of being told: "When are you gonna realize stuff like this will NEVER help get anywhere life, this is all a bunch of ridiculous hot mess, ad more importantly: this is nonsense is unhealthy poison"!!!!!👒🗡️🐉🏴‍☠️👍

  14. Je vis sur un voilier et je peux dire qu'avec le mouvement des vagues qui fait bouger, étudier en écoutant ça, c'est super cool

  15. now i can build my minecraft medieval harbour !

  16. I've been working on a comic I first developed about 10 years ago back when I was a teenager. This music gets me in the perfect mood to work on it!

  17. I'm writing a script on the legend of The Chaleur Phantom at the moment. Nice to have some music to push me along.

  18. I'm writing about pirates in my story. Gives me inspiration. Thanks.

  19. ac4 black flag goes very well with this playlist

  20. Its the music and visuals for me. Thank you so much for a such a great vibe

  21. would like to confirm whether this is available for free usage. I am creating a cinema within the Unreal Engine and I'm concerned about excessive rendering time. Additionally, I'm considering its use for an opening scene in a pirate-themed game. Please let me know.

  22. making my dnd character for a pirate adventure! So looking forward to it!!

  23. Playing AC Black Flag and this fits the mood.

  24. I am the real pirates of somalia…!!
    And i play this song everyday on my pirate ship 🎉🎉😂😂

  25. Wealth fame power Gol .D Roger achieved everything the world had to offer -one piece -Eïchero Oda

  26. Reading treasure island while listening to this

  27. Every night, my bedroom transforms into a dreamy environment with flickering LED flame lamp and other glowing red LED lights, and sound effects from Ambiance app. This wonderful music is what it lacks.

  28. This should be included in a SpongeBob episode.

  29. Aye! Where is me lassie, the one with hair as red as a barrel of gun powda?

  30. Could listen to this all day. Thank you!

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