Every Awakened Devil Fruit In A One Piece Game!

Here is every Awakened Devil Fruit in A One Piece Game! Hope yall enjoy the video!:)

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  1. The games cool but it's soooo laggy do they not have servers in asia

  2. what is the name of the game in roblox, I'm interested

  3. Im still waiting for the forest fruit :))

  4. Can someone please gift me g4? My username is SuperNeosXYZ

  5. i want awk ope so bad but im too weak to keel him

  6. Mochi is lacking compared to the other current fruits now.

  7. I have 9600 robux. I want a strong account A One Piece game

  8. taklaman i was following you since your true piece videos with my old youtube account, so please, try other games,i just losed hope in most of one piece games that get so much boring and cliche, keep going with your top content bro, i believe that you will reach 100k subs rlly soon

  9. awakened smoke fruit: 0:43
    awakened mochi fruit: 1:14
    awakened chop fruit: 1:54
    awakened sand fruit: 2:34
    awakened venom fruit: 3:14
    revamped awakened rubber fruit(gear 5): 4:06
    awakened rubber fruit (gear 4 snakeman): 4:54
    awakened operation fruit: 5:28
    awakened leopard fruit: 6:11
    awakened gravity fruit: 6:46
    awakened lightning fruit: 7:24
    fire fruit v2: 8:36
    gear 5 rubber fruit: 9:04
    awakening magma fruit: 9:56
    awakening string fruit: 10:24
    gear 4 rubber fruit: 10:51
    awakening ice fruit: 11:36
    awakening quake fruit: 12:08
    awakening light fruit: 12:33
    awakening phoenix fruit: 13:09
    gear 2 rubber fruit: 14:08

  10. Good job on the vid keep up the good work and I hope u get to 1M one day

  11. ngl i really hope ( little probability to happen ) for a awakened leopard moveset rework , cause it's literally the same but different color :

  12. I like how he did 2 gear 5 showcases in one video

  13. 😂 have you ever heard of the Super Saiyan race apparently they are a ground race😢 apparently they don't fly😅 can't swim can't fly only walk around real fast😅 30k gems and you cannot fly with a Saiyan race😮 a one-piece game logic

  14. This game is good but it’s kind of sad how they just left their other games that had so much potential. For example Aot Evolution it had great game play and in general the best aot game I have ever seen. I still play it and the expectation did live up to the hype upon release. But it was just left for Aopg just because it was more successful (also crazy how pay to win aopg is)

  15. Bana GEAR 2 için yardım eden varmı lütfen çok ityacim var

  16. hi can i pls have the perm gear 5 my account name is Acey_BoiAlt

  17. Im also new to your channel so i liked and subbed as soon as i hopped on the vid!

  18. Im disappointed cauze in Mochi awakening there's no Buzz Cut Mochi -_-

  19. Ur yt name represents ‘a bald man’ in India lol😂😂

  20. This game is the definition of quantity over quality. They pump out fruits with good models but that’s about it. The skills are boring and all similar (aoe big damage) I wish they would focus on qol a bit more such as adding custom geppo and dash animations for transformation based fruits (Gear 5, Leopard) and maybe fix your character falling over when you use a skill at an odd angle or when you use geppo.

  21. hi, does enybody have a snakeman or bounceman scroll they dont need? if you do then my username is thelordishere2 and my display name is rip_mask. i can give fruits for it.

  22. I really want to play this game again but I can’t, it won’t let me join it glitches me out. Just me orrr?

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