Every Awakened Devil Fruit In A One Piece Game!

Here is every Awakened Devil Fruit in A One Piece Game! Hope yall enjoy the video!:)

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  1. Sad thing ill never be abel to get awakened rubber😢

  2. Taklaman i just started and subbed but can i please get love fruit

  3. Should i grind for magma v2 or try to get the different gears for rubber?

  4. Isn’t this game have worse of a grind that blox fruit and hella p2w

  5. Wait takla, isn't there supposed to be a dark fruit awakening? Because the dark fruit awakening has both dark and awakened quake at the same time

    edit:if i remember, there is a user that uses dark fruit

  6. I am a blox fruit player but this game animation in whole another level

  7. What do the devs have to smoke before thinking of designs and atks for these lol

  8. A shame that you don't really see your character actually looking awakened
    Gear 5 you literally just turn into luffy
    Leopard you just turn into lucci lol

  9. So many cool fruits and I am stuck with ice fruit

  10. Fist word of the video
    "Yo wassup guys"

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