Every IGN 10 of 2022

What did IGN give a 10 this year? 2022 has given us plenty of phenomenal games, movies, TV, and tech to enjoy. So many, in fact, that IGN gave out a whopping 15 10-out-of-10 review scores. Here’s everything we deemed worthy of being called a masterpiece this year.

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  1. They actually gave The Rings of Power a 10!!!! WTF were they watching.

  2. ign is not igc , is just a usa speculator , wich can mean in game name , first was igc.

  3. Elden ring is one of the best game I’ve ever played.


  5. Don't agree with Ragnorak. Mostly boring

  6. Andor episode 6 was seriously some of the best Star Wars ever made. In the same tier as the best moments from the original trilogy or ROTS.

  7. IGN used to only give out 10/10s to actual masterpieces like Pokémon Red/Blue or GTA. Now they hand them out like candy

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