Fairy Adley hatches BABY DiNOSAURS!! Pirate Dad wants a PET DiNO! Hidden island Gold & Making Art!

watch out for those MEAT EATERS πŸ¦–


HEY EVERYBODY!! Its another really great day here in fairy forest! The birds are chirping and sun is shining! I need to go check on all the dinosaurs on the other side of the island. Terry the Pterodactyl has a bunch of eggs that are about to hatch, some of them are already poking out of their eggs so I got some food for them to eat! While I was taking care of the dinosaurs on the island.. the PIRATE was planning another trap! He knows that I love gold coins, so he made a trail of coins leading from the marker flower bushed, all the way to his pirate prison! When I went to go collect some leaves from the marker bushes to feed the dinosaur twins I saw one of the gold coins, then another, and another! Eventually I was in the pirate jail, and pirate dad jumped out and locked me in! He said that he wanted to claim the dinosaur part of the island as “pirate island”! I was so worried about the new baby pterodactyls.. I had to escape! Luckily, the pirate literally left the keys in the same place as last time! Even though I escaped really fast, I was almost too late! The stinky pirate was already hanging up a pirate flag in the dinosaur area! Luckily he got scared by a meat eater dino and ran away like a little baby! I went to make sure the babies were okay, and one of them had hatched, which means it’s time for him to learn how to fly! I put a little bit of fairy glitter on him to make it easier, which is why I named him “Sparkle Butt”. And just like that, he was flying around fairy forest, he was so cute! Then I decided to go try to pick some marker flowers, but this time I wasn’t going to get distracted by ANY gold coins! While I was picking the markers, the pirate jumped out again and tried to catch me. I told him that I was just trying to get some markers to do art, and he asked if he could do art with me! So we both went to the lava bumps and drew some pictures together! I even help the pirate get his very own pet dinosaur!

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