Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Pirate Ship! (Full Playthrough – No Commentary)

This has to be one of the goofiest group of pirates I’ve ever seen! Captain Stubbs and his crew sure are an odd bunch!

This is my first full playthrough of Fisher-Price’s Great Adventures: Pirate Ship! I never had the opportunity to play this game as a kid but it was a fun adventure to dive into. The game itself had some issues with sound/lag so I’ve edited the video to make the sounds and animations match up properly. Overall I thought that this game was silly and fun. I did find it odd that there wasn’t really anything to do in the kitchen section of the game. I’m wondering if I might have missed something there. I was really impressed with the music for this game though! I think that some of the hidden map pieces popped up a little too soon when I was exploring but there was still a bit of a challenge near the end to find the final map piece.

What did you think of this game? Is there another game you’d like to see me play on my channel? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Used to play at my nana’s house when we went to stay with her.

  2. My brother's and me could never finish this game because it never worked

  3. I’m 28 years and I randomly thought about this game at work 😭 this was part of my childhood

  4. I spent most of the time on this game feeding the parrot over and over, or shooting things out of the cannon. Good times. Im surprised games like this are still playable on modern hardware

  5. Remembered that game in preschool

  6. 13:06 "OY! I knew I should’ve bought a real boat. Get away, Sharky! Shoo! Shoo!"

    I missed playing this when I was younger.

  7. What were other games like it?

  8. 14:31 Queag is in his Underwear and a Pirate is in his Blue Speedo!

  9. I remember I would play this game for hours when I was a kid. Fun times. I’d give anything to play again. It would’ve been awesome to be part of Stubbs’ crew.

  10. havent seen this in 20 years. miss those days.

  11. i remember being like 3 years old, spending hours on end feeding the parrot lol

  12. Fun fact, the disc for this game functioned as a music CD if you put it in a CD player.

  13. I was looking all over for this! I actually forgot its name but remember the songs in it… such fun old days! Thanks for giving us the chance to find it again!

  14. I had a dream of getting this game from Santa Claus when I was 5.

  15. I like how the cursor slowly moved to the tnt right away.

  16. I still sing the fire away song to this day 😆 It's been at least 20 years since I last played this

  17. Omg it’s been decades since playing/seeing this game. And now I have a 5 yr old and I wish I can find a way for him to play it lol thank you for posting such a nostalgic video ❤❤❤

  18. I remember Playing this back in Elementary School

  19. You know you grew up with computers when you remember playing this game.

  20. This computer game has some Disney cartoon sound effects here and there throughout. For instance, when you fire the dog from the cannon and he hits the sand on the desert island, his sneeze is actually from Cold War, a Disney cartoon starring Goofy released in 1951.

  21. Man I used to love this game when I was a kid, probably 25 or more years ago now lol. I remember "I've got a hang nail, a guy can't work in my condition!" 😂

  22. Sometimes I randomly think about this game and miss it dearly from childhood- so glad to have found this playthrough for the nostalgia!

  23. Came here because the song "Out on the Ocean" was stuck in my head and I haven't played this game since 1998

  24. I'm pretty sure you can fling Pym instead of the barrels.

  25. Holy shit i just opened up a forgotten memory!!!
    So glad I found this

  26. Yooooooo!
    Core memory explosion! The hours I used to spend on this game were endless I had the pirate ship toys too! 😭

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