Forgotten Waters Review – The Best Pirate Game

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  1. you can only say "that don`t impress me much" if you're in a desert wearing a leopard dress… please fix that

  2. forgotten waters is my families new favorite game , you need to try it !!

  3. On our first game, we rescued John Cena in the middle of the ocean. He was found by the guy who had nightmares about being crushed by a refrigerator, and helped by one whose village was massacred by the terrible torture tactics of… tickling toes.


  4. I'm taking the course on comedy writing. Thanks for the recommendation it looks like a fun site!

  5. P-IRATE?
    That, sir, is most definitely an included pun! What about this channel's very name – does nothing in the world make sense anymore!?!?! Bahhh, forget it… Get me a swig 'o' grog – I've got a cannonball to ride!

  6. Love how deep NPI dives into a game…. Alas, i'm not sure if it's the desired result. Every review I've watched has helped me decide NOT to purchase. If I'm really keen on a game, i will avoid watching NPI review lol

  7. Nice American accent! To make it perfect, you have to pronounce the "th" in "three". It can't be "free". Also in "by-law", the American accent says "law" with a very elongated sound. You actually have to open your mouth quite wide to make the American "law" sound versus the British one.

  8. Blunderbuss, Точно Ртуть Алоэ, Trans-Continental hustle… Our tastes in music are super similar, Guys!

  9. Fantastic stuff, really pleased to hear that Plaid Hat has hit upon another game who’s pleasure of play over balances a wonky system or rules 🙂

    It was very disconcerting to hear the PS Access Friday Feature music near the start of this review 😆

  10. Hi, i'm still confused. Is it worth the buy? What games are similar (so i can judge based off if i like/disliked those…) *please consider posting an update!

  11. My copy is on the way from Miniature Market. Why do I want it? 1) Pirates! 2) App based, so lots of music, sound effects, and even voice actor narration!! I look forward to more and more games using programs for context sensitive music. Sure you can play background music, but apps play the music when it's appropriate.

  12. Oh shit… 18 seconds in and he is licking the Seafall box…
    What am I supposed to do with my life after seing that? Hahaha

  13. I saw Shut Up & Stay Home playing Forgotten Waters and looked so fun. Hopefully we will be soon be able to play with other 6 acquaintances

  14. Is Jesbut J. Vance a tip of the tricorn hat to Jack Vance?

  15. Efka, you thought you could all infect use with a Shania Twain song, but no! It's the Saftey dance, cause your friends don't play, and if they don't play, well they're no friends of mine.

  16. While I am sure the app works and offers more than a physical version of a physical copy of the stories I would prefer a physical copy. Though I might still get this game…

  17. Drinking run before noon makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic.

  18. Great production value, fair review, good stuff. Personally, edges over too far towards narrative to me, where'd I'd rather play a TTRPG, but the voice overs make it much better than other story games I've played.

    But I'm also not huge into pirates, so maybe this one just isn't for me.

  19. A great game! I love the narration, writing and sillyness, but the difficulty level of some of the scenarios is indeed a bit off. You barely have any time to explore around, while exploration is the part we enjoyed most. I think that if the treat levels were a bit more lenient it would be even more fun!

  20. Crossroads? I'm out.
    Both times I played Dead of Winter I got bored as all $%#^%.

  21. I'm sorry but that's not a good "bad" American accent. If you want to annoy Americans, you gotta do over-the-top Southern, or Boston, or NYC. Anywhere else won't do much.

  22. asmodee is a bit late on handing out forgotten waters to retailers so i am still waiting for my copy :-I. soo looking forward to the game.

  23. Your idea of pirates is a bit too TV and movie inspired. But that's alright.

  24. Two copies of OK Computer? I know it's a great album but really.

  25. 110% agreeance that I have more fun with story-based games when they're unapologetically silly than when they take themselves super seriously.

  26. I just love that copy of Blunderbuss sitting there behind.

  27. These boardgame review are so high quality, I'm having Hard time on watching other reviews anymore

  28. Sea of Theives is the best pirate game!

    Ooops, sorry, wrong medium.

  29. Who else thought of Sanji as the culinary pirate? haha

  30. Narrative driven co-op games are generally my least preferred genre, but Forgotten Waters is just absolutely fantastic 🙌🏻 So much fun, we laugh from beginning to end!

  31. Are they ever gonna make an expansion for this game ? ..Been having it since may.. played every scenario and since then there r no news about making a new expansion or at least ONE new scenario !!!! Like srsly…Its a shame cus me and my friends enjoyed it so much but ….still..:(

  32. "Someone left this at the gym"… gold

  33. I think you guys have surpassed Su&SD this year. Not saying you are competitive, but while they have slowed down, your style and editing has only gotten better.

  34. Can you play again after you finished all the scenario?

  35. Holy smokes! I was convinced that no one come come even close to the SU&SD quality of entertaining and informative board game reviews.
    So glad I found this as you knocked it out of the park! Subbed.

  36. Seems kind of reminiscent of Tales of Arabian Nights, a game I found to be extremely tedious. Of course, that game didn’t really have any kind of cohesive narrative.

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  38. I am so happy that it has narration and it’s replayable! I hope the developers keep making more event books! Whenever I play, it’s like my friends and I are in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

  39. You guys are so funny! just keep going forever plz…

  40. A culinary pirate? I'd say Red Leg Zeff or Black Leg Sanji fall into this category.

  41. I hate these reviews. This soft moosh of a man never explains anything well.

  42. Who cares about this platform, it's nothing but A**hole marxists and censorship friendly fugs.

  43. Hi Efka and Elaine, did you do a review of Seafall? It looked like it in the opening shots of this video, but I couldn't find it. I would love what to hear what you have to say about that particular game…

  44. As an Australian with ADHD I feel very represented and catered for in this video.

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