Forgotten Waters Review – The Best Pirate Game

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  1. Ooh, this will drive my "must read all the rules to completion" friend nuts, and it will delight his "start playing and learn as we go" wife.

  2. Wow, production quality is soooo good in this one. And the writing, it's just on point, cleverly highlighted by directing. I'm really happy you two just keep improving 🙂

  3. Played the first 3 scenarios and really enjoyed them. Played the 4th twice and lost both times after 2-3 turns/pages with no way to mitigate the loss. 5 people say around the table repeating the same page over and over again until we lost. Then same thing happened again. Wondering if anyone else had a similar experience

  4. Did you say your "inner C-3PO?" I had to rewind the video and yep. I didn't hear wrong.

  5. Is that the Twilight Zone Mystical Seer on your back shelf?

  6. great review; thank you E&E. You helped me understand the game, and answered questions I didn't even know I would have. I appreciate the album cover in the video, and wish I were cool enough to recognize it. Well done all around

  7. You should upload your gameplay vods from streams to here 🙂

  8. To be fair, “Jeff Kornberg” is a pretty dumb name.

  9. I paused and now I'm worried about your health.
    I love this game. My favorite part is through an adventure and a bunch of dolphins are chiding each other about being too religious. Its such good humor.

  10. I like pirate themes for some strange reason and I was on the fence about this game. Your review was a cannonball shot that caused me to fall, although somewhat willingly, to the side of the fence where the game happens to be on sale. Thanks! Oh, and…AAAARRGGHH!!!

  11. Another awesome review! Did find background music a bit distracting, could you turn that down next time? Thanks!

  12. Hated this game. It’s on rails. Very little decisions, it’s a choose your own adventure at best.

  13. Amazing review. This game is absolutely amazing. One of the few games we’ve purchased this year and already played 6 or 7 times. Which is something we really don’t do in such a short time period. Glowing recommendation from me.

  14. We played this for the first time this weekend. We could play socially distant with our friends. Our first board game night since March! This was a GREAT game. We enjoyed it so much.

  15. I demand more Efka in 1940s American Business Man accent.

  16. A culinary pirate is one who kicks his enemies because his hands and knives are for cooking, obviously!

  17. AthexTube - Board Games & 3d Printing says:

    Its amazing what they did with this game and the crossroads system evolution.

  18. 8:579:21. And there is nothing else to be said about a game ever. Where is the drop mic sound effect? I laughed so hard! Brilliant!

  19. i keep walking past this in my store and im still unsure lol great vid guys!

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