FromSoftware making Pirate Souls-Like game after ELDEN RING

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Praise Hidetaka Miyazaki, George RR Martin, FromSoftware and Geoff Keighley for giving us an Epic ELDEN RING Gameplay Trailer, Gameplay Preview and Story Trailer. Praise Zullie the Witch, BonfireVN for providing us Crazy information. Praise Vaatividya, Elden Ring News for bringing us Insightful Lore. Praise the Sun for keeping us Alive.

Elden Ring Release Date Countdown – 24+35 Days Remaining


  1. who would've know spellbound was the the game master ashina was referring to LOL

  2. Zamn 😍

    Edit: your voice in this video is so fucking funny 💀💀

  3. i like the way you talk in this video mr ashina ☺️

  4. Master of Ashina is Happy happy happy happy happy in this video

  5. I would f|’$@zkhing love to see their take on tropical & coral reef environments, wondering how they’ll handle the inherent goofiness and rapiness of pirates, depict or tone-down each?

  6. You and Vaati’s contest entrant with the ship concepts may be exactly what pushes Miyazaki to built this new game…

  7. Personally I would love a combination of Sekiro's block deflect and Bloodborne's gun parry system in a game like this

  8. Honestly I just want that feeling I had when I played demon's soul and bloodborne again. Got the chance to play elden ring but it really didn't satisfy those feelings for some reason. Whatever it's gonna be, I just hope it's fresh.

    (But also I desperately want to see another Sci fi game by them because I loved the art direction on armored core)

  9. Yo, ho, haul together,

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  10. What about if BB2 was set in the pirates era?

  11. Master of Ashina pls return thy previous form of voice

  12. There was an idea to make a Bloodborne 2 wich is set on the sea. In the Video from Vaati called "Imagining Bloodborne 2" So.. maybe someone was watching Vaati all along 😀

  13. Now I can't wait for people to claim that Maria's outfit in Bloodborne is actually Fromsoftware hinting at one their future projects just like Yamumura and Sekiro.

  14. a Soulslike pirate game from any studio other than FROM, not really. but from FROM? AYE AYE, CAPTAIN

  15. Pirates would be super cool. I also think a Bloodborne 2 set in the old west with like a blood meridian vibe (maybe even a judge style character) would be pure insanity.

  16. I dont think so, I'm pretty sure Miyazaki eluded to Elden Ring being the first in a franchise in the early early interviews, like when around the same time we just found out about George RR Martin helping out.

  17. I wish Sony would just ask them to make bloodborne 2 already

  18. lvl design of souls is always tight and dense so i dont think it will work in the sea ship and island

  19. Honestly I’d rather a souls game in basically any other world then this one I’d kinda hate it I don’t think I’d buy it

  20. Audio quality is way too good… fix your shit Master PLS

  21. I just hope, if the rumor is true, that it will have a crew recruiting system that allows me to customize my crew.

  22. I personally don't like pirates but I'll play anything fromsoftware makes

  23. If you got this from my page, it’s not a real rumor. Just speculation from the comments

  24. What the fuck are you talking about? There's literally zero rumors going around about this. Not even on 4chan.

  25. I think a game like this would just end up being like AC4 but with better melee combat. Not much else you can do with an ocean open world and ship combat.

  26. I hope it has the Sekiro mechanics so we can have an official pirates vs ninjas in a fromsoft game.

  27. I would really like that. But the thing is that in my opinion it'd be hard to make a game containing fantasy and dark lore with pirates. Of course there are some dark thoughts in the PotC movies, but they aren't "Miyazaki-likes". Naval combat is 99.9999% unlikely, too.

  28. I would very much love for him to do a game of cowboys. Mixing it up with a little supernatural or something like that … god

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