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  1. Fun is solving a puzzle, overcoming an obstacle. I put self imposed rules and limitations on a LOT of games I play.

  2. Coding is like playing falling up every damn day.. the game doesn't scare him in the least 😅

  3. Games are especially great when you can make your own fun, as he shows

  4. This is the kind of intellectual that if taken down the wrong path would be a serial maniac that you could not outsmart.
    Instead we get this 🙂 trolling twitch chats amazing.

  5. Using the abominations in WotLK to blow people off Dalaran.

  6. Starcraft: Brood War best game ever made, easy to learn hard to master.

    After that comes DotA. The only good thing that came after War3.

  7. It’s like dark souls, I love the challenge, I love how hard it can be. But I get why some people don’t enjoy it because they don’t like it being that hard or can’t git gud

  8. Reminds me of homeworld 2. That game kicked my ass over and over, but once i detached the emotions and went into the "that didnt work lets try something else" mindset Ihad a lot of fun with it

  9. this man is a sicko! that is really funny though

  10. Wheres "getting over it" vod on the channel tho? Im bad at searching?

  11. This is why imma stick to watching just the shorts <3

  12. difficult on purpose = (usually) fun
    difficult cause shitty design = fucking awful

  13. My favorite game was Drakengard and God it's an experience. Mashy drags on but I legitimately havent seen such an artistic masterpiece in my life prior to playing it. Even it's sequel series NieR didn't have as big an effect on me.

  14. What I learned from this
    Fun and funny are a lot different

  15. So many comments on this being villainous as heck, meanwhile I'm sitting here thinking, this just shows that it's actually not too difficult to make a game fun. As long as you have multiple avenues for players to find their own fun with the game, someone will find something to enjoy (so long as there's something the player finds worth doing).

  16. I like to say "engaging" because I play a lot of horror and it can be hard to explain being drawn to something that isn't traditionally 'fun'

  17. Games need to be fun? Not in the current industry

  18. That is why you gotta be honest with your players/audience

    That is also why players rage hard when a game's sequel betrays them and their sense of fun

  19. Love getting over it, I’ve gotten to the point where I can play the game faster than probably anyone I’ll ever meet, but will never get close to WR times, so it’s at best a party trick lol

  20. Fun is not different for everybody because halo 3 exists

  21. Your nordic God name may be Thor. But you have the spirit of the God Dionysus and the man Sisyphus. This is hilarious 😂

  22. I need to see that vod. I reckon it would be hilarious to watch

  23. I really liked Getting Over It as long as I remembered to mute it. I just hate that style of narrator since everything about it is so absurdly condescending.

  24. wow this guy’s a legend, i wanna watch ducking 6 hours of falling on the same spot in one of the most rage inducing games, while the streamer is absolutely calm

  25. I think difficult is fine. I hate when it is lazy hard though. If there is a multi stage boss fight and I get 1 shotted the difficulty isn't fun. I have no chance to learn

  26. Why is this dude such a know-it-all. It’s almost unbearable

  27. Chat wanted to see Thor suffer… But Thor made Chat suffer.

  28. so you dont find the game fun but the external stimulation of its effect on others is your game

  29. As someone who plays gd I have to not go insane after dying to 78% on toe 2

  30. I love getting over it, I've beat it over 60 times and my personal best is just under 7 minutes! But now I really wanna watch you stream it and chat go crazy! 🙂

  31. Such a great game😂😂I totally wish I woulda seen that video I'm sure it was great! 😅

  32. if everything in games was easy theyd be boring

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