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  1. doesnt the game incourgae being calm while playing? (based on what i faintly remembers about the monologues)

  2. One must imagine Sisyphus laughing his ass off

  3. Pfft most games nowadays ain’t really hard… your just bringing up games that only purpose is being hard which i believe is irrelevant to the discussion

    Most games nowadays just look at god of war… Atreus is giving you hints 24/7 or just straight up telling you what to do, most games nowadays give you no time at all to figure things out yourself, games in the past were nice like mgs, now that was a hard and confusing game, lmao I remember Meryl phone number on the back of the cd case💀

    Oh but nowadays games are easy asf giving you hints legit every 5 seconds, only games that are hard is because there whole existence is simply to be a difficult game, instead of making a good game that’s difficult

  4. games are not supposed to be fun league of legends is the perfect example of it

  5. I honestly don’t have a problem with turning down difficulty in some games. I want to enjoy the game/story and not get frustrated. Other times it‘s the opposite, like Fallout 4 where I set it to hard and later wanted to turn it up to hard again cause it still felt easy.

  6. I find it fun getting my skull stomped in during the tutorial fight of god of war 2018 on the hardest difficulty. Took an hour to beat the first fight in the game 🙂

  7. No hate to this content creator. But i hate the fact that these gaming shorts are taking over the trending in gaming section. It's just i want to see full length video on trending.

  8. Yea, that’s why WoW Cataclysm was such a success. From 14 million subs to 7 in one expansion. D4 mass exodus after a few weeks.

  9. hmm sounds like a roundabout way to cope with a severe skill issue diagnosis me thinks…

  10. “Some people find that fun”
    I feel called out, I got it on mobile and pc because it’s that fun to me😂

  11. Join the army (air force if youre serious, but not for this scenario)
    Just for the lols.
    Find shit to make funny out of it, and cheer everyone up.

  12. I'm a new sub and I need to see him trolling chat like that. Please tell me the VOD is still available

  13. I think the fun part for me about a difficult game is realizing when things click and becomes easier.

  14. Um I'm now interested in the video now I want to see chat reaction now

  15. I mean, two sarcastic narrators in Getting Over it? id fucking die

  16. that´s youtube webgames advertice estrategy

  17. This man is a sadist and I fucking love it

  18. Thor rides the snake on purpose? Amazing, gonna have to watch that

  19. People have fun watching other people playing monotone games, but get pissed when someone makes a quote that's related to real life.

  20. See ladies and gentlemen, it’s all about perspective. The game wasn’t necessarily fun. Pissing off chat? Always fun 😂

  21. The first time I’ve seen it used against chat like that… that is so funny 😂

  22. Is there a video of this playthrough? That sounds hilarious

  23. Thor's game is chat, getting over it is just his input to play with chat

  24. anyone else think when he said don't worry guys it sounded like the sonic adventure battle 2 don't worry little guy

  25. that's all about game design really.
    developers can go either way with difficulty.

    most ppl think they want the easiest way possible but that's the most boring option for most ppl and won't keep the audiance entertained for a long time.

    however there are ppl who love that shit.
    same for a game being hard. some ppl love getting rammed all the time and enjoy finally finishing something in a game after it took hours to achieve.

    for example.
    creative modes are boring for the hard mode ppl.
    but creative ppl are loving it.

    survival is great for the hard mode ppl especially with perma death rofl but creative ppl might not enjoy that as much.

    and then there are logic and memory aspects of games.
    ppl with shitty memories won't enjoy having to remember things, but it does improve their memory if they do.

    and ppl who are bad with logic are the same way..

    game design can go so many ways and it kinda hurts my heart that everything seems to be a copy of a copy nowadays instead of trying to make new stuff happen. maybe everything has already been done i guess.

  26. Mf aint Thor, he's clearly Loki pretending to be Thor

  27. In all the years I've played games I've never heard anyone say, " This is so frustrating, it's fun!"
    Just because Frustrating and Fun start with the same letter does not mean it's the same thing.

  28. I think i'm pretty good at games, so i get good and then get bored easily.

    So, i will often Start a game on the hardest difficulty. use the worst fighting character, or an under-balanced gun that i know the lore behind, whatever is the most immersive, restrictions like "V6 only". Stuff like that. I find that very fun. A test of skill.

    My buddy Tanner hates immersion.

    He's not playing to escape to another world… He's there to exploit it.

    The most money achievable. Biggest damage numbers humanly possible. God-complex and worship. To be so strong that the universe throws a planet at him "and he stands there! UNFAZED!" Can kill a balrog with one shot from a giant sword. Never plays on hard.

  29. i used to play getting over it in form class in high school. i never got close to the top but it was a good way to pass the time.

  30. If I was in the chat, I would have raged so hard from that trolling. 😀

  31. I played dark souls and I was like who thinks this is fun

  32. I gave that dude the $2. It's art and wonderful.

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