G2A Is So Bad Developers Would Rather You Pirate Their Games Than Buy From It

G2A is a shady website that resells keys for game downloads. The problem with G2A is that it’s shady as hell and has been criticized heavily for allowing fraudulent sales that cost developers money.

The sketchiness and outright criminal behavior is so bad, studios would rather you pirate their games than use G2A if you have no intention of buying the game officially.

Frankly, their case is completely valid.


  1. So G2A Actually screws over developers?
    Guess I know where Il be buying games made by Bethesda, EA and Activision now.

  2. Me watching this as i am looking for games on g2a:
    Oh no…..anyway.

  3. People said that WWE2k20 is a mess, so, I bought it from G2A.

  4. there is so bad i tried to get black ops 2 it didnt work complete garbage

  5. I have bought both Fallout 76 and GTA V, and they have both worked perfectly, i think it’s because they aren’t on steam?
    They are on their own launchers.

  6. I just wasted 27€ on it. The key was invalid and the seller does not want to respond. Just why man. And he had a rating of 96 positive %

  7. Sorry Jim i go where games are the cheapest, im not gonna kiss your ass or any devs asses when you have them bringing out incomplete games or games full of bugs.

  8. It would be my pleasure to remind everyone again that g2a are shit 😊

  9. How is it G2A’s fault that independent people sell stolen keys on their website? G2A is only the store page not the ones actually stealing the keys and then selling them. An before you say “ well it’s G2A’s responsibility to make sure that people don’t sell stolen keys” I have something to say. No it’s not there responsibility to do that. They are just the store. They don’t have to know we’re all the keys come from or if they are legal or not. There only job is to sell them. Nothing else. Would it be better if they tried to stop bad keys form being sold? Yes it would! But it’s not something that they legally have to do. Dose it suck that independent studies are being forced to pay more money for credit card chargebacks and other fees? Yes it dose! But that isn’t G2A’s fault. Just because bad people are on the site doesn’t mean that the site is responsible for that bad behavior or legally required to do anything about it. If anyone is at fault it’s the people that buy game keys with a stolen card not the store they sell stolen keys on. If they wanted to them they could probably sell them on a lot of stores but G2A is just the default store they always go to. G2A is painted as bad because they simplify don’t care to pick a side. They don’t want or need to confirm that the keys they sell are not stolen but they also don’t support stealing keys to resell on the site.

  10. I have had no problem with G2A, I bought Halo: The Master Chief Collection from someone due to a website when I hit purchase.

    And in the box that normally appears, when you are informed to register the product key, no product key was shown, but someone's website was, I clicked on that, had a chat about legitimacy of the game through Steam and low and behold, the game was actually purchased for me as a gift.

  11. Pirating is straight up illegal.

  12. I'd rather buy from G2A, we can play online, if they want us to purchase from proper platforms, have regional pricing, you can't price the games the same as US for 3rd world countries like India.

  13. I was always wondering how a game that hasn't released yet is already cheaper on G2A, now I understand why and I feel really bad for buying from G2A.

  14. I bought a cc from @darksliver2 on telegram best vendor I know and very trustworthy.He sell cc,fullz,Ban

  15. Steam

    in that order. Always
    (if i don't have it in my basement already somewhere on a rusty cd)
    if you are Nintendo: whatever goes. seriously. toy makers!

  16. Oh well. If it’s cheaper then I’ll go for it.

  17. This is The Critical Drinker for games?

  18. If a someone rathers you to PIRATE their OWN game then use g2A or any other game seller like them then that should be an obvious red flag that you shouldn't be using that website.

  19. i still buy keys i dont give a fuck, fuck game dev anyways they make shitty updates, don't listen and only care about money so yeah fuck devs

  20. Was almost tempted to buy an EA game from G2A, then I remembered it hurts a random person so not EA

  21. But pirating the games comes with malware… G2A for me!

  22. I love g2a. I buy most of my keys from there. It saves me money.

  23. ive only been buying games from eu through these sides, so lucky me, no damage done.

  24. they also make game harder to pirate so G2A become relevant

    i begun buying keys there because it's harder to get pirated games.

    I still don't have the money to buy games and i can afford G2A.

    thus G2A win

  25. Only use G2A for Delisted Steam Games, Over Priced DLCs, or Remasters of Games you already own. I Bought DLC for my best friend's copy of Original Skyrim because fuck Bethesda for trying to fuck us over! I feel no shame!

  26. they are literally literally literally so so so SHIT7

  27. G2A is potentially a weapon you can use to hurt awful companies like Activision-Blizzard and Ubisoft. Don't use it for Indie games, but don't hesitate to use it for an Activision/Blizzard/Ubisoft/Riot/WB/etc. game, even if you're not sure you'll actually end up playing it.

  28. Ur prolly not gonna see this but what was the shooter game u were playing in the back?

  29. Ohh now I see why BFV is so cheap on Steam, cause G2A somehow broke it and offers it for super cheap and people are buying it like crazy, so EA wants to turn it around somehow. BHUAAHHAHA I'll make sure I buy every game from EA on G2A now. I just want to support them indirectly 🙂

  30. Twist: Game developer makes a game and says screw steam and put it on piratebay
    game is free but has a builtin bitcoin miner. Which is a win-win
    Buy the game- the btc miner turns off on that one computer. But only when connected. That way, you can transfer your game to any computer but only one will run without btc miner. You can eventually "pay" the game if you get enought "coins" from btcmining (tho you wont get the bitcoins but rather game points to spend ingame)

    if that happend to gta rockstar would probably triple their income
    i estimate every 20 player pay more than the $20-$50 for the game
    Think of it
    So lets do some maths
    19 players only paid $50
    and one paid $150 (game plus best shark card)
    Thats like $1100 i think …ish)
    So lets say they play for a year. And ish 4 hours a day
    Assume they each potentially pay off $100 a year
    that would be $2000
    Ok scale it up
    Lets say its 20 million
    1 million spend money
    19 mill doesnt
    that means they will get about $1 100 000 000
    vs $2 000 000 000

  31. As long as steam is losing sales, G2A should exist

  32. Why pay 60 for a game if you can buy it for 6? Like seriously, games are way too overpriced now

  33. g2a scammed my 500dollar balance that was giften by a friend for a service i've done they blocked my account and responding no chance to get it back no reason.

  34. Naahhhh… I'll do AAA games… 😀 When they are some 3$… 😀

  35. Nah some games on Steam are still overpriced and not worth the price they're charging cuz some are old as hell

  36. How about cdkeys ? Does involve this shit 2 or is the platform itself buys the keys in bulk and sell it to customers

  37. Oh man I dodged a bullet here. I was having trouble buying a game for my friend in Brazil, and someone on Reddit suggested buying it on G2A, the site seemed off to me so I searched "is G2A legit?" and this video came up. I know it's 2 years old now but still thanks for the warning I have no interest in supporting such scummy behavior.

  38. imagine game developers developing their games past the beta stage before trying to pawn them off for full price. Thank G2A for keeping the bastards honest.

    "Hello, I'm an indie developer, because we want your money now and dont want to go through the process of bug testing, here's a bowl of early access bowlshit, please eat it up over the next 2 – 5 years so we can keep making money and keep you testing our product for us, oh we value your feed back but if only if it's feed back we want to hear, thank you for your money".

    I'll care about developers when Developers start caring about their projects more than their share holders.

    I bought the new Battlefield. I refunded it on day 1. Once the game matures more and is being sold on G2A for a price that I value the game at, then I'll buy it again,

  39. I've just wasted nearly £50, never buy from them!! Thought I was buying a key but turns out it was on a different steam account. Probably stolen credit card details paid for this. User name and password didn't work, full scam

  40. I saved $25 today no complaints I’ll use them again but generally I get it off greenman gaming.

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