G2A Is So Bad Developers Would Rather You Pirate Their Games Than Buy From It

G2A is a shady website that resells keys for game downloads. The problem with G2A is that it’s shady as hell and has been criticized heavily for allowing fraudulent sales that cost developers money.

The sketchiness and outright criminal behavior is so bad, studios would rather you pirate their games than use G2A if you have no intention of buying the game officially.

Frankly, their case is completely valid.


  1. ahahahahahahaha you are a idiot G2A has just done good service for me and I have purchaset over 50 games without a problem and I never had a issue with anything, no scam and they are not stealing any information or money

  2. g2a is great I bought 3 games off of it last night and they all work I’ll be using it again soon 🙂

  3. I always thought the money saved was from discounts. Steam summer sale, bundles, etc.

  4. G2A, a weird gray market for game keys: You lose when you overpay.

    Me, an intellectual on a ship with an eye patch: Yer lose when ye PAY.

  5. I bought a 50 Psn card and didn’t work how do I get back my money

  6. If I was making a highly anticipated indie game, I would pre-empt G2A and work with the Razor1131, CODEX, and SKIDROW Warez Release groups to create a special version of the game called the FUCK-G2A-EDITION with a special cracktro that bashes G2A and calls them out on their shady crap. Then release that version exclusively on the torrents.

    Then say: "For those who want to support me, you can buy the game on steam, epic, and GOG. For those who are waiting for it to show up on G2A, here is a special FUCK G2A Edition that you can download off the torrents for free. It comes preloaded with a special cracktro. People who buy the game can download the cracktro as free DLC."

  7. everybody crying over G2A bud you all buy the games there so funny, il still buy it there wait whut new game 70% off let do it…… and done fuck the developers they dont give a fuck about us so i dont give a fuck, where i buy my games.

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  9. so everyone buy NBA 2k, Madden, Fifa, Ubisoft games, Call of Duty, Fallout from g2a then…indie devs dont normally charge 60 for half finished games and then toss in random chests at .99 -99.99 I feel like this hate is sponsored by the BIG devs more so the smaller guys who dont charge out the ass for halfassed day one patch, unfinished games.

  10. this is why I'll buy modern warfare from g2a, cause fuck activi$ion

  11. I don't understand how the dev is in the hook for fraudulent transactions. Surely that's between the bank and their fraud insurance?

  12. Definitely buying modern warfare on there 🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. Why hasn't a publisher taken G2A to court?

  14. I swear to God there was a G2A ad before this video I almost didn't skip because I thought it was the intro for sarcasm.

  15. G2A key : 10 euro

    with tva : 30 euro

    happened to me lmao

  16. But, isn't a developer more likely to get money if you buy a cd key rather than pirating

  17. But I wouldn't blame g2a for all this, it's not as if the company itself sells the keys, it's the sellers that do. It's a bit like a pawn shop, if someone stole some jewlerry of someone and comes in the pawn shop to sell it, there's not much the person behind the counter can do to see whether it was stolen or not.

  18. My heart bleeds for the multi million pound conglomerates who extort me by chgarging £50 for a game thats half finished then charhing me a further £50 for the rest of the game

  19. Just buy G2A giftcards (5-10-20-50) and then pay the game in steam

  20. I GOT SCAMMED FROM G2A I BOUGHT BO3 FOR 34$ and it didnt work!

  21. So you're telling me that if I buy Fallout 4 from G2a, I can hurt them!.. Thanks for the advice!.. Going to G2a… now..
    99%" !?!?
    I don't think that morons with zero shopping experience are that many…
    And usually these are extra money from people that would never buy the game at the original price…

  22. This is a super cool video, weirdly I somehow haven't seen much on this being posted, but I am also probably just blind. Thanks for the info!

  23. G2A is great! I buy all my games from there, I probably have saved over 100$ because the prices are cheap.

  24. I use g2a. I didn't know that. Everything i bought is not stolen or that stuff.

  25. So basically, G2A is great for games that are overpriced and anything made by EA but not indie games. Got it.

  26. I don't think removing G2A would solve these issues. Since, more than likely, another company would fill that spot. The real problems are the fraud being committed by independent parties not associated with G2A AND the fact that devs have to pay for fraudulent charges. Perhaps the credit system involved with the chargebacks needs to be closely examined? Perhaps this is just a symptom of greater issues that have existed in our society for a VERY long time.

    Also I would feel no regret purchasing a Rockstar game on G2A. ;}

  27. Is G2a worse than supporting Blizzard, Activision, or EA?

    No, it is not.

  28. Yea, G2A is a load of fucking shit on a hot skillet… but what in life isn't anymore?

  29. Fuck mike rose, start making shit that's finished on release data and don't stuff it with micro transactions.

  30. I will buy games at the cheapest price and pirate games. I don't care

  31. developers can go fuck themselves

  32. Got scammed by G2A, After I paid for my game it says waiting for payment. I emailed they're customers support and no response. Just full trash.

  33. I rather just pay a tip + the cost of the game. Full support and vote with my wallet.

  34. Do not buy games from G2A, i got burned too!

  35. Well, I didn't know all this…always wondered but I tried to buy RDR2 ultimate through the Rockstar launcher's store for the sale price of $59.99 but it would not work, and just kept on a greyed loading screen when I clicked buy now. So I visited the Rockstar website to buy the game but it was not on sale there…like WTF???Seriously??? I checked Epic store and it is on sale there for $59.99. So I checked G2A and bought it there. I hate this for developers but after all the problems I had with the rockstar launcher just trying to update it today, and their stupid ass captcha I think I am ok with my decision. Get your shit together Rockstar! You would've gotten my $ today

  36. I don't like piracy!
    Those developers… 😭

  37. On mobile when you look up a game, there are ads to buy it on G2A. Just searching the name up. 😬

  38. NEVER BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE! 2 days ago I bought just ONE game that they had on a good offer. Firstly I got scammed got a global key that didn't work in my country and the seller is completly avoiding me, I contacted g2a and they just don't care. And that is not even the reason you shouldn't buy from there. One day after I bought the game my credit card company called me and they told me that my credit card number was stolen and now my credit card has been cancelled. JUST AVOID THIS SHITHOLE AT ALL COSTS

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