G2A Is So Bad Developers Would Rather You Pirate Their Games Than Buy From It

G2A is a shady website that resells keys for game downloads. The problem with G2A is that it’s shady as hell and has been criticized heavily for allowing fraudulent sales that cost developers money.

The sketchiness and outright criminal behavior is so bad, studios would rather you pirate their games than use G2A if you have no intention of buying the game officially.

Frankly, their case is completely valid.


  1. I wonder if it is okay, to buy EA games on G2A then. They are not an Indie studio, and i just get the base game, not the 2000$ DLCs and Micros associated to that game.

  2. Shit on G2A more while i buy keys from them. Good luck my guy.

    "Instead of demanding improvement of my rights, lets lets take away others rights so they don't do better than me" Communism at its purest.

  3. I've never used G2A before, but earlier this year I was going to but the deals on their website were way too good to be true and the thought of using my credit card on that site made me uncomfortable, so I closed out. It looks like I was wise to trust my gut on that one, fucking yikes.

  4. g2a never failed me, neither did piracy, stop with the shitty anti pirates propaganda

  5. What does "G2A" stand for. Google doesn't seem to know, lol.

  6. I only really use this site when I get a game of EA

  7. It would be awesome if you could put what games you are showing in videos like this in the description of the video or something like that. I always see games in your stuff that looks very interesting, but I can never figure out what the game is.

    Not saying you have to or trying to guilt you into it or anything, I'd just like to see who I need to give my money to for some of these games.

  8. Buying a EA game super cheap via G2A hurts the company and I do not risk getting in trouble for torrant crimes nor any virus infections? WOW thanks for letting know!

  9. Watching this video on mute just makes me want to play Nuclear Throne again

  10. I never used G2A, always thought it was iffy… Most my friends thought it was fine, but it seems us in the minority were correct.

  11. Why should i care if game publishers get the shaft? They sure love shafting their fans when they leave an early access game or go epic exclusive.

  12. I still want cheap games so I want stop using G2A.

  13. I mean to be honest I never had a key get deactivated, just activate it right away before hand? Ive never been ripped off either Partly because i only buy from positive feedback sellers in the tens and hundreds of thousands…. this shits common sense, don't trust the small guys on g2a jesus christ. Also fuck publishers and game devs right now. Gaming is in a absolutely abysmal place right now. 80$ fucking dollars for a full priced (triple AAA) title (CAD) microTransactions that effect how the game plays because fuck you publishers and devs. I get where people come from when the stolen credit cards get canceled and the company wants is money back . If publishers and devs want this to stop, then maybe return games to how it used to be ACTUALLY MAKE A CO-OP CAMPAIGN GAME BECAUSE THE LAST GOOD ONES I REMEMBER ARE LIKE HALO 2-3 why the FUCK is doom not co-op fuck right off. take out micro transactions designed to hinder gameplay so you feel compelled to pay to progress. and stop bringing PC politics and other shyte in games that don't belong there. Oh and how about finishing games instead of having the fucking road map of shit you (might do but probably wont do) season passes and all of that shit.

    If you want a example of a dev ill support is CDPR. Because they are a prime example of how you make a proper game. More devs should follow suit

  14. the obey at the right timestamp in the clip 😉

  15. Why are you not doing the news?!?! You are funny and deserve it!

  16. one of my favourite moments in gaming was when Ubisoft and Devolver started cancelling resold keys en masse and basically told the complainers to get fucked and buy it legitimately next time. If it takes a few thousand people getting burned to stop this it's all worth it

  17. Well, after reading these comments and replies from people who "dont give a shit about anyone" but themselves, I'm even happier hearing the news of a keyless future for gaming…..its happening people, and those who still support g2a are going to be in for a rude awakening (funny thing is, g2a pisses me off and im not even a big PC gamer)
    Im not sure if its possible, but when (not if) g2a gets shutdown, devs should revoke any game licenses bought through g2a…..then we'll see if these tools still "dont give a shit" lol

  18. gonna buy all ea games and dlcs on g2a

  19. Joke about stealing from EA but know if they start cutting into profits the devs will be the first to feel it. Not he guys with an 8 figure salary

  20. should i also point out that alot of people including myself actually use g2a to resell keys we get from humble bundle on other such site for copies of game we already own….. sure is there going to be that one guy selling fraudulent keys! there always that guy selling stolen stuff like on ebay, in pawn shops ECT… as for its all fraud Jim im sad becuase you show no evidence what so ever you talking the word of the devs! the same people who claim there loss money on people pirating games, i'd argue pirating makes them more money! i know me and lots of othe rpoeple included have pirated game and actually end up like the game so went out of our ways to actually buy it! (the people who don't do that don't count because lets be honest they have no intent of buy the game period!!!) "lost sales to piracy is BS…. anyways the issues here is game devs are mad about the fact people are actually resealing their key to games they already own so the dev doesn't see any of that money….. its like trading games at g2a (you sell you keys and you buy one for game you don't own) they tried this shit before when that said "trading games is stealing" so again why on earth so i trust anything out of a devs mouth without any proof what so ever period!

  21. As it turns out, TotalBiscuit warned us about this years ago. Now, I'm not sure what the conclusion of that was. With his passing, very few people are actually aware of what actions Gearbox took, if any, nor are we fully aware of the full scope of what Bain had discovered. I miss him and wish he was here to enjoy his "I told you so" moment.

    That said, this is a shady as hell site that should make every gamer feel unclean about using.

  22. G2A is shite, but people focus on it too much. The whole key-reselling industry is full of equal scumbaggery. Kinguin is also quite a significant player, yet they rarely get the recognition they deserve.

  23. So why aren't developers revoking stolen keys?
    No one would use G2A if keys bought there were revoked

  24. The whole concept of G2A sounds suspicious. Buying game codes form buyers that have no background or known reputation. Huh I wonder what could go wrong.

  25. So developers would rather me break the law?

  26. I bought skyrim se from g2a because you know. Bethesda

  27. Alright, this is misinformation and is blown out of proportion. G2A is a market place, not a digital distribution platform, and people are failing to understand this concept. G2A fault is not providing safety measures when they allow keys to be posted on their market.

  28. How is this news? Stolen keys result in chargebacks results in developers COSTING MONEY. And if developers try to ban these stolen keys the public reacts like a bunch of fucking retards. See what happened when Ubisoft cancelled 300 000 stolen keys.

  29. Wow, appreciate the video, I seen a $100 key being sold for $30 on g2a, seemed a little sketch. Looked up g2a on YouTube and this video comes up first. Glad I didn't get it

  30. "If you see someone selling a key to a game at a massive discount, you should probably ask yourself where the saving was made that they could offer it to you for that price."
    Yes. This thought process should be extended to any sale ever. SOMETHING needs to be cut to make that sale happen. Usually it involves fucking over the little guy one way or another.

  31. Their customer service is terrible at best.

  32. Yeah it's true, I was a customer of g2a for years and wondered why the prices were so good. Then I found out when I got scammed by the customer support who obviously knew the seller. They would not refund me a fake key. Then I did some research and found that g2a.com is the number one place where criminals and hackers go to make quick money from scams. G2A.com is literally a criminals paradise.

  33. I refunded 20 euros psn cards
    (Got 100 euros now in my psn wallet)

  34. Just bought a game off there don’t even feel bad bc I saved money :/

  35. So basically, only use G2A if you're buying a game from some shitty AAA company like EA, Rockstar, Activision, etc., because it actually fucks them over more than doing nothing

  36. G2a is where I will buy steam keys for any EGS timed exclusive game once the time is up then. if its truly worse than piracy. I want to do as much damage as humanly possible.

  37. How is g2A not shut down selling stolen goods even unknowingly is a crime

  38. What about other sites such as Kinguin or G2Play?

  39. Well, G2A got blocked in Russia, because of Alawar (Beholder devs). I used this site only once, just to get Telltale's game key

  40. So many publishers have taken scummy anti-consumer routes.
    So many devs stand by and let them do it.
    And that, combined with devs putting pirate-inhibiting software into their games.

    The gaming industry has become to corrupt, so rotten from the inside. That many like myself will be happy to use this site to buy AAA games we might enjoy, knowing the publisher nor their slave devs will never get a cent from it.

    Are you really suprised, knowing the state of this industry, that so many players use sites like G2A?

    But youre right about one thing, Jim. You can bet your ass i will never get an indie game on g2a.
    Just AAA stuff.

  41. So someone can steal a CC, buy a game key, sell it on G2A and then the developer gets the charge back. This also happens, exactly like that, on Ebay. Yet, people seem to defend Ebay when discussing G2A. This means the problem is not about defending indie developers, its just disguised as that. Its just bashing G2A. Every single other key reseller has the same issues. Ebay is loaded with random key boxes, people getting ripped off, unreal deals on price. Everything people hate about G2A, Ebay is also doing.

    As long as people are trying to say its only G2A, why listen? They have an agenda just like everyone else. If they can defend others doing exactly what G2A is doing they must have other reasons to bash G2A that they have not disclosed yet, if they will ever.

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