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Hi, my name is Thor. I’ve been in the games industry since 2004. I worked for Blizzard Entertainment, Amazon Games Studios, the United States Department of Energy, and now I own my own studio called Pirate Software. I’m a game developer, a hacker, and a giant nerd. Ask me stuff!

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  1. Feeding chickens eggs is actually really good for them, you just don't want them doing it on their own.

  2. The character/voice combo just makes him look like a jojo meme

  3. One sign of a good game: everyone i have watched play this has used a slightly different strategy, and they all work just about as well

  4. This game is great. Reminds me of older games. Lots of content, can do whatever you want and the gameplay is so fun you can literally go a random direction and just create your own experience and find random & do random stuff. The last game i felt this way was skyrim.

  5. You dont have to butcher the pals you can sell them at the settlement also for money lol

  6. Thor being so positive about his absolutely trash Pal Party is kind of heartwarming. Hyping his boys up for a solid 1 damage against a boss.

  7. I find it funny that people think Nintendo is going to sue… but like TemTem is so much more like the classic pokemon formula and there was no rumors about them getting sued…

  8. i love that he murders his pals even though he was told he can sell them haha

  9. ooh someone mentioned duskers. absolutely would love to see that on the channel. lovely game.

  10. I just read Wanderbots say they're taking down all their videos on Palworld because of controversy and because you can do immoral things in a videogame…

    Then I come over here to, "Can catch the humans? Can I eat the pals? I hunger for pal flesh."
    Refreshing perspective.

  11. That feeling when you want a buff character but don't wanna hear him grunting every time he runs or gets hit

  12. For those wondering… Yes… You can catch people in Pal spheres…

  13. Its like if Elden ring Ark and Pokemon had a baby

  14. Basically if Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Pokemon and Factorio had an orgy…
    And then had a baby.

  15. Straight up butchered his starter 😂

  16. This game looks great, but right around 9:00:00 Thor sets up a second base next to a bunch of ore, and then has an ore shortage problem and doesn't just use the other base to solve it. It's driving me mad. 😅

  17. Feeding chickens eggs is 💯 natural. If an egg cracks in the nest they will eat it.

  18. Daedream works at night. That’s why I like the pal system. If you put thought into it, then you can have the base working so well day and night.

    And they double for things in the field and add benefits like more weight capacity, light, heat, they’ll even mine and do work on the field too.

    So you can tailor your team based on your goals instead of just having one fighting party and that’s it.

    Just wish they made the water mounts not useless due to flying being op.

  19. SMT and Dragon Quest actually predate Pokemon with monster catching. DQ, I believe it’s V, had monster catching before they spun the idea off into DQ Monsters later.

    There’s a cheeky comparison chart of DQ monsters from that game and some concepts were in Pokemon too. If you are disingenuous then you can say Pokemon ripped them off. There are clear artistic differences and many are stretches but certain ideas are the same. But many shared ones are animals or likely based on mythology.

    A purple horned rabbit? 🤔A crab! Who would think to do that? 🤪Some Pal/Pokemon comparisons are just as goofy. Some not as much but with 1000+ designs, plus many of them being simple shapes and ideas based on other things (animals, elements, myths like Anubis) then you’re going to remind people of something related to Pokemon.

  20. The early pal that lets you have two active pals (the one that kept killing thing as you were catching them) can you have 2 or 3 of them out at the same time?

  21. You sold me on it, I bought it. Ramenistan isn't so bad with Pals 😀

  22. Like watching the stream (and how you react to the game after I've already done most of it) but the ad breaks are seriously crazy. Ads seem to come every 10 minutes and I'm currently writing this in the middle of a 4 minute unskippable ad. Some recent ones were 2-3 minutes so this isn't exactly an outlier.

    Probably won't keep watching the vods if this is the norm.

  23. It's kinda epic to take this shitpost idea and make a good game out of it

  24. Dang the stream cuts off at the end, I guess vids can’t go over 12hr?

  25. Honestly, if you make a little settlement with pals and avoid the darker options in this game, you can actually make a great case for why it’s a good set up for the pals as well as the player. The pals have security and aren’t left to the harsh conditions of the wilderness, they have a steady food supply, they have order and community with other species, they have a jacuzzi, receive pets and love from the player, are able to get medicine if they fall ill.

    It’s not a bad trade off for helping out with daily tasks. And the player is sort of the lead and ends up doing a lot of the work too, it’s not just the pals. This game is kinda fascinating how it can be played in ways.

    Course if you’re set on playing so passively, you’ll never be able to max out your pals by liquidating and distilling hundred of the same type into a steroid slurry for your best guy.

  26. Ive beaten the 5 towers and completed a fully realized base in this… now im doing a hard core no pal run. It's a lot of fun trying to figure out and traverse the maps and boss fights.

  27. 56:00 Chickens eat eggs anyway irl if they figure out they can break the shells. They go absolutely wild for them.

  28. I jumped off A cliff accidentally while riding Moechi (My loyal friend, A Direhound in nature but A golden retriever in heart.), and neither of us took damage. (By the way, the name Moechi came from my D&D Ranger’s Beastmaster Beast, A wolf by the same name. I took the Japanese food, “Mochi,” and added an E. By the way again, I have gotten A Musket in PalDea (The name for my Pal-World…), but aim to never overburden the critters that I coexist with in my base. I may have A laugh only worthy of villainous, comic-book-insanity, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have A code of conduct… Basically A heavily overused word in films to say, “I have my limits,” or, “I may be cruel, but I still won’t go outside of where I set the psychological posts.”… Really just makes absolute devils that much more human…)

  29. Who is Zultralord, tho? Is he like the town drunk of this channel? Do we love hjm? Do we hate him?

  30. Can you make streams of just the ferrets like those twitch streams of just cats

  31. 9:07:33
    "One of the best ways to cope with anxiety is doing things badly"
    "It's doing things badly, and realizing it's not that big of a deal."

    I bombed an interview yesterday. I didn't prepare, I answered questions poorly, just really didn't feel like I gave a good impression. Been on my mind all day. Needed to hear that.

  32. Idk why but watching this is very comforting

  33. Enjoying the heck out of this stream! Thanks Thor!

  34. That one comment lmao. "You butchering your pals in front of your other pals".

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