Game Developer Encourages Piracy

Game Developer Encourages Piracy

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  1. Rukasu • 「ꝴighꝉꞓꝍꭉꬴ」 says:

    I don't wanna be rude but is the guy living under the rock? Like why is he so surprised by this developer? There's been many developers like him and even one guy did whole seminar (where he also gave away torrent link) and said that you should rather pirate it rather than buying it through G2A. Not to mention even the famous Notch said "if you can't afford it, pirate it, and if you still like it when you can afford it, buy it"

    So what are exactly those news you're bringing? 🤨

  2. hm what you think guys would this work on a supermarket ? endorcing robbery ? 😛

  3. I pirated terraria. Now it's been a few years since I bought it.
    This strategy is working(even tho there wasn't any strategy like this from terraria devs)

  4. Sure piracy happens and can hurt small developers but usually if a game is good and offers enough for it's price that is negligible and AAA are some of the people whining the most when they still make millions. Piracy is not as big an issue as the industry claims.

  5. There was an actual study done showing that video game piracy is actually beneficial to the game's sales, not detrimental to it.

  6. then pirate his comment then raid him with pirates >:)

  7. There's nothing that supports the theory that piracy is bad.

    In terms of music, Metallica is basically a household name and sells out concerts for millions because people copied their cassettes between each other. People sold pirated $1 Metallica cassettes, so it spread to everyone who liked rock.

    In terms of games, when you buy the game, you get more support, easier access to mods, the sense of contributing and…basically people who pirate shit wouldn't be really able to afford it anyway.
    I used to not be able to buy games, so I didn't. Now I can, so I do.

    When you imagine piracy in terms of lost sales, yes, it's bad for the developers, but when you consider it as extra publicity that propels more people with disposable income to buy the game, it's an absolute bonus.
    I think the latter is a lot more true than the former.

  8. Gamer move, people will pirate games anyways especially if it's games with rediciously high prices (looking at you, 60€ releases every year pokemon), this way it at least still provides something to them, attention, and most people who want to support devs will buy the game anyhow even if it's aviable for free.

  9. So wait, but the "pirated" version has exclusive content? Meaning after I buy it I should download the free version instead?

  10. How do you feel that Twitter is still alive and very well?

  11. Alot of pirates are people who cannot afford the games/softwares/content, be they kids, teenagers, less fortunate people or people in third world countries. I, for one, only did piracy as a teenager or today when all the paid/legal alternatives make my experience significantly worse. For example, I pirate anime because it is easier, offers the animes all in one place, with watch list tools built in and automatically filled, gives me the option to choose the subtitles I trust instead of the numerous "bad ones" found on crunchy/funi for numerous animes etc.
    I am always very happy to support creators/devs who go above and beyond for consumers. This move here is a great example of this. If you're gonna treat your customers with respect, they will respect your back. Big respect to this developer.

  12. In the gaming market reputation and trust is worth more than any amount of money.

  13. Other games that went the piracy route were Darkwood and Hotline Miami 2; Darkwood did it because they wanted to seed a legitamite copy of the game, to prevent people from downloading malware and making them look bad. Hotline Miami 2 did it in response to the Auzzie ratings board banning the game, so the pirate ver is the only one they could get.

    What people fail to understand about piracy in games is that there is a conversion rate. Some treat it like a demo, others dont have the funds, and so on but a % of players still get the full game on steam or another service because maintaining their copy is seen as worth the money

  14. Revealed yourself as a lib with your twitter comment. Thumbs down, wont ever subscribe, done watching. bye

  15. This is not the first time. Pirate bay should be no different than a library. You can always choose to buy a book.

  16. Like Gabe Newel once said: "Piracy is a service problem"(c) and i absolutely agree with him on that one. It is just way easier to buy games nowadays than pirate them . The games over the years after i bought in into steam infrastructure i pirated were either easier to play that way, or it was just that i was out of money(or on particular title not willing to spend THAT much money) at the time and it was just a choice between not playing or pirating. The thing is it is the case for the majority of people, aka the choice usually not just "buy or pirate", but "not play or pirate".

  17. Freakshow Industries, a music production virtual effects developer, releases most of their plugins with an option to "steal" a license without paying full price (or at all). They detail their philosophy on their website. It's a great movement that I love seeing support for — putting access into the hands of as many people as possible, at the request that if you're able to support, you do so to enable further development. No competitive BS, no anti-consumer DRM, just honesty and respect and love.

  18. I pirated kerbal space program before buying it on steam, i have thousands of hours on it now.

  19. actually there was a research that showed if i remember correctly that not cracking down on piracy actually increases sales

  20. 500 retweets is worthless. Very difficult to judge if this would bump the game's sales numbers.

  21. Honestly, as a indie I would be happy if people even pirate my game ..

  22. Same move was done by developers of Darkwood 🙂

  23. Awe your salty tears about twitter are delicious, as are all tears about conservative speech and thought no longer being censored <3

  24. This is some sort of power move , to flex on the Giga Chads of the world .
    Proving he's a Terra Chad !

  25. What is the game on the screen? With the nature and roads.

  26. Meanwhile minecraft
    Edit: they did the same thing when minecraft was first released, not on this scale, but similar. And I think he got the idea from this.

  27. 11bits studio already did that, I dont recall if it was for frostpunk or This War of Mine (or if they did it again with their newer games, etc) but I'm sure they did it at least once, not with extra cosmetics afaik but publishing the game themself on the pirate bat

  28. Anti-piracy defenders will SEETHE if you show them this video

  29. Alan Wake gives him an eyepatch and pirate hat if you play the pirated copy. 10/10.

  30. Hotline Miami also did this and just accepted piracy as a reality instead of fighting it. Fighting piracy more often than not hurts the consumer and the final product (Denuvo anyone?) so this is the most consumer friendly a dev can be (it is, after all, "play my game, even if you can't pay me for it"). Piracy exists since the dawn of software and it's not going to leave, so these moves are and should be appreciated.

  31. There was a leacked study that showed that piracy actually helped the sales of the games, but the company keep it hide for obvious reasons. Imagine how many studies there are that are not shown to the public.

  32. "Next thing you know, we're gonna find out Hell has frozen over" Well, uh… someone's never read Dante's Inferno

  33. My dude dgaf and said: I̸̔̓̍͜T̸̲͙̩̽̊̾͋̈ ̵̡́̚Ḭ̸̩̽̽̾S̷̺̾̈̓̈́ ̷̛̹̝͎́̍̿W̸̲̞͚͒̈̾͛̏Ḧ̶̤̟́̇̑͆͜A̷̖̦̫̮͑͑̄T̸͓̬͔̼̈́̎͋͘͜ ̴̡͕̺̳͔̂̍͊̈I̶̟̩͍͈͎̿̓̉͛̈́T̷͔͎̬̃̑͋ ̷̝͈̹͑͐͂̓͜͠Ĭ̴̢̛̲̭̙̳̓̿͋S̶̭̹͋̎̒

  34. Just finished binge watching every Polymars video ever for no reason.

    Btw thanks for the cool content 🙂

  35. jesse ahn is the 🐐

  36. If ever I make a game, id just set it for free, and have a donations box on the side

  37. But the question is , will publishers allow this ?
    The thinig is , my game Dora Diginoid v0.1 (early dev , concept version) got already pirated after about a week , I literally saw it on websites such as Satfonic (or what it was called?)..
    Even the source code was made available by me by mistake , and 13 people downloaded it .. Good thing it's the concept version , the code I wrote is garbage , 1018 lines of crap .

  38. Well , after becoming a game dev , I started to feel guilty when I pirate a game , especially an indie game .. and also I remember the WiiU failure , and I was very sad for Nintendo .. I was 10 when Satoru Iwata died and it made me sad . Please take me back to 2014-2016 …

  39. hey polymars! could you make this song that chatgpt wrote

    Verse 1:

    In the darkness of the night

    On the schoolgrounds, out of sight

    I hear a screech, and turn to see

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    Said "You may have chased me, but I came out on top, at least"

    The monkey vanished into the night

    I knew that everything would be alright.


  41. Imagine if you actually punished the player for NOT pirating. I doubt it'll happen, but it's just a bit funny, imagining that if you pirate it, you'll get this huge interactive game, a deep story with tons of lore, takes like 7 hours to even speedrun it, completely unique, engaging, and fun all throughout…
    …But then there's some poor soul who basically just paid $100 for minesweeper

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