Game Developer Encourages Piracy

Game Developer Encourages Piracy

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  1. subscribe or i will call the piracy police

  2. Bubblun The Bubble Dragon (Bubble Bobble Leader) says:

    Internet Police doesn't want Pirates, so a Developer of a Piracy-Approved Game doesn't want Knowledge from the Internet Police.

  3. Idk about that move… If everyone does that, then they won't get as much attention

  4. remember, always pirate apple tv plus shows on windows pc as otherwise the video quality will be bad

  5. There is a place in norway called hell that freezes over regularly during the winter. So yes, hell has frozen over.

  6. Apparently stealing is consumer friendly now

  7. As a human with pirated organs, I support this tweet

  8. I know some devs put torrents just to avoid their game be packaged and shared with some virus or miner 😀

  9. Funnily this guy has a polish name and there's a polish indie dev studio that has already put their game on torrents. Darkwood creators did it. I think this is nothing more than clever marketing.

  10. nothc did this a while back someone asked what do you think about piracy notch replied along the lines of i think its ok and if they like the game and get enough money in the future maybe they will buy it

  11. The developer @ArielJurkowski also has a youtube channel where he has posted trailers, gameplays, initial ideas, etc.

  12. Its probably worth doing this simply so that people don't share malware-ridden copies of your game, especially if its DRM free to begin with (has a GOG release)

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