Game Devs Who BEGGED you to PIRATE their Games | Fact Hunt | Larry Bundy Jr

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While video game piracy is often fround upon, occasionally game developers will despise the way their game is distributed so much, they’ll ask you to resport to such measures.

Here’s five such examples…

Special thanks to Dodgy Kebaab for helping write and edit today’s episode:

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  1. if I'm not mistaken, CD Project Rekt also encourage people to who cant afford Cyberpunk to pirate it.

  2. The morale of the story is not to apologise to offended people. When they get a small amount of power and leeway they will absolutely abuse it to censor others. Plus they'll never accept an apology anyway, so it makes more sense to ignore the raving prema-angry Twitter children.

  3. the game you should take for FREE is one late night deadline
    They still think you should pay $0.99 – unfinished game poorly made – Lines are wrong
    this sound right ( Get coffee from the coffee machine outside ) = when is very much all inside and unable to leave it

    14 FPS – running on an I9

    When an gaming PC get the same FPS as i3 Users still in 4 gen unable to get higher as 14 fps and an i9 you tell the game is fully broken
    is nearly everything an gamer wants


    Unstable FPS drops – even on too much pricey hardware
    Overpower hardware bested at the same by older gen
    telling your hardware is a Mining TOOL because why would an game ACT very below 30 fps

    When is meets everything system requirement

  4. only reason i'd buy a game from g2a is if i wanted it for like 10pln rather than 100.i think i bought europa universalis that way,and even then i'd probably just do it only with 3a games or paradox strategy games.those have a shitload of expensive dlc that if you dont own you cant play some specific mods or just.are barebones without any dlc europa universalis isn't nearly as bad.but still idfk how to play it

  5. I laugh every time I see someone bitching about G2A and other key resellers, If you wanna take a bite out of key resellers * clears throat * SALE YOUR FUCKING GAMES CHEAPER TO BEGIN WITH! I mean honestly not only would you take a good chunk of resellers revenue you would also get back some sales from people who pirate games, its a win-win. Think of it this way if you sale 10 copies of a game at $60 thats $600 profit right? Now what if you sold that same game at $40? Well thats only $400 BUT there will be more than 10 people buying that game even if only 10 more people buy the game than would have otherwise thats still $200 more profit by just cutting the price by $20. Yes some people will still pirate or use G2A but id bet my life more people would buy the game than to go threw the trouble to pirate or buy from a key reseller. Oh not to mention take a big chunk out of 2nd hand stores which game companies dont like ether. Just my 2 cents

  6. Back in the 90's I had to call Access Software for tech support on one of their games. I happened to mention I could no longer play the original game in the series because I had lost the code wheel. The legends mailed me a crack file on a 3.5" floppy. It also patched an issue where some parts of the game were keyed to the CPU clock.

  7. Wheres that Amico video or you gonna ignore all that lol

  8. Who is the guy in the thumbnail? I feel like I should recognize him but I'm drawing a blank…

  9. There's also the devs of Scratch, an amazing point n click horror game, where they had a music license issue and had to remove the game from steam but couldnt afford to fix the music issue, so they encourage people to pirate it and provided a bunch of steam keys on their discord

  10. I love it when devs tell you to just pirate their game instead of using fishy pirating sites or if you just don't have the money at the moment but add a message saying that if you enjoy the game then you should still try to support the dev team. Unless something's gone totally wrong with either the publisher or an internal third-party then just keep pirating their games so the bastards trying to ruin everything can't even get a single cent.

    A nice reminder that there are folks who understand the situation many go through financially and still want you to enjoy their content. Not everyone can spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars to pay for games they enjoy.

    Hell, piracy and rom sites help with archiving games no longer supported or being published because the fans can easily fix glaring issues with some games or even translate them into a different language for the non-native speakers.

  11. Are you the same person by the same name who gave me your email address and I often email from Lawrence Connor.

  12. If I pirated a pirate themed game, what would that make me ?๐Ÿค” lol

  13. Ion Fury

    An example to never ever ever cave to the Alphabet Mafia.

  14. If you liked "Steal This Book" and "Steal This Movie", definitely you're gonna like "Steal This Game".

  15. I'm glad I finally got around to washing as I had been meaning to when the first came out. Honestly I thought that was really nice that one of the developers decided to grant people access easy access to a pirated version of their game in case they can't afford to buy it yet. But still let them know that they would appreciate the money if they do have enough to actually purchase the game. It's a big risk because there isn't really any incentive to spend any money if you're getting the game for free, but a nice thing to do

  16. I don't understand the Unity slander. Enter The Gungeon was made in Unity and it's an undeniable masterpiece

  17. Your product is controversial on both fronts
    Wait to do
    Yo guys I just put my product on the Pirate Bay here is the link bye now

  18. ะœ ะ ะ› ะญ ะ’ ะž ะ› ะ• ะ ะ— ะญ says:

    I don't see the lie with the last one. I'm all for live and let live, but if you're trying to warp your kid (ANOTHER life, one that isn't yours) into your BS, you're not letting live, you only want to live your fantasy nightmare.

    One thing I've seen is a golden rule for dealing with whiny Marxists in the last decade is this: NEVER APOLOGIZE, AND NEVER COMPROMISE. You're dealing with crazy, and crazy never tones it down, only goes up. So if you're going to go belly up, at least do it with dignity and honor!

  19. I love the smarts the devs of 'please fix the road' had they were like 'you know what? since pc games are really quickly cracked anyway, LET DO THAT PART OURSELVES! saves the crackers some work plus it was gonna happen anyway'

  20. Hi. The subtitles where of help to a non-native speaker^^ Much appreciated

  21. There was a smash pack 2, it was on PC tho. Thatโ€™s how I first beat Sonic the hedgehog 2

  22. RWS allows it I think, but they still want you to pay them eventually.

  23. hopefully if you take away nothing else from this video, it's "never apologize to the woke mob"

    Cave story is fucking incredible and also pretty hard. I absolutely loved every second of it, it is a gorgeous game in every way possible.

  25. My favorite example of this is Frontier Aja with Koumajou Densetsu 1 and 2. Some time in the early 2010's the games went out of print, and for years the last message from the devs was them asking people to pirate their games instead of buying them from scalpers. I like that kind of spite.

    Recently Koumajou Densetsu 1 got A remaster on steam, with the Frontier Aja branding, so I assume the circle still exists to some degree. Even though they haven't made A game in over 10 years. The remaster's by far the best way to play the game too, they got the voice actors for the second game to dub it.

  26. I totally got scammed by G2A once and it sucked. I bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for my Switch and three days after I downloaded the game Nintendo locks out my console. I could not play ANY of my games and it took two weeks to get Nintendo to unlock my account and console, but at the cost of Nintendo taking away the game I bought.

  27. Ive been watching your content for years but just realised I wasnt subscribed…

    Dont worry, the deed is done.

  28. The Sega Smash Pack Volume 1, was the only game I legally owned on Dreamcast. Everything else was Pirated. Sega's own fault the Dreamcast games were easy to pirate!

  29. I think an honorable mention should go to Crytek for Crysis. When they heard people were pirating their game to use as a benchmark test for their PCs, instead of getting offended, they embraced the free publicity and steered right into the "Can it run Crysis?" zeitgeist.

  30. Nearly all G2A titles are flipped codes legally bought from regions with lower pricing like India. They're also legally purchased codes from Steam sales bought on mass and then flipped at a later date. The site would not be as successful if every steam code was stolen and revoked off libraries. This should be obvious to people. To devs telling me I should just pirate the game instead, what if I get sued by the publisher? You gonna fund my lawsuit? You gonna help have it dropped if I mentioned it was the alternative to buying it off G2A?

  31. Not everyone has disposable income. I encourage any teen with no money to pirate to their heart's content until one day, they can afford to have hundreds of games on Steam too.

  32. Well that a publisher faulty for that not g2a they dont check they Just tjaowctje Money

  33. Ever since the Fix the Road segment I've been hearing "What do you do to a drunken sailor?" in a loop in my brain.
    It's been hours since.

  34. Ahh he's back to bashing Peter Molyneux again.

  35. Holy shit! Didn't expect to see Piet Piraat in this video at 0:04

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