Game Piracy Explained

A brief rundown of game piracy and the groups that make it possible. This overview covers the warez scene, P2P groups like Revolt, Voksi and 3DM and finishes with repackers.

Rainbow Six Siege and Dota 2:


  1. Hey, someone can you just send me the script of the video? I wanna translate for other languages and make captions, i can't hear english very much…

  2. As someone from a Third World country, Game Pirtes are Heroes without whom, my childhood would be much, much duller than what it was. Thanks <3

  3. >The person who is tech savvy enough to want to have a good PC to upgrade their video card, is a person who is tech savvy enough to know bit torrent to know all the elements so they can pirate software.

    me: looking at my bookshelfs where I have a shit ton of PS2, Xbox and Xbox360 games that my technology illiterate brother pirated when he was 15-23 hmmmmmmmmm

  4. Game: cost 4.99$
    What I see: 499.99$
    [Cries on the inside]

  5. One of my friends when he was young he pirated soo many games at that point he would've had a death sentence

  6. i never pirated anything untill my steam account worth 2000 dollar or more was stolen and steam could'nt help me in anyway
    so i do not buy games untill it deserves my money or multiplayer
    i am never spending money for games on steam pirated is good enough after checking walware ransome trojan

  7. I pirate games that don't put out demos. I ain't spending money on a game I know nothing about! I'd like to test it first.

  8. ive been pirating for years now and here i am watching a video on what piracy is

  9. Bro all developers need to join to gether and ban all cracked game

  10. When a game is worth the money, it will get my money. Plain and simple.

    Otherwise, it's a pirate's life for me

  11. mentions codex and fairlight but no razor1911 ffssssss
    btw fair cracked deus ex too?? holy fuck lmao
    (and p2p groups can go kts,they suck dick. special fuckings to them)

  12. I pirated a fuck ton of Nintendo switch and 3DS games

  13. Literely the only reason why people get cracked or pirated games is because its soo expencive abd devs can fix it by making it cheper

  14. im just way too lazy to make a steam account and throw my money on something as small as video game

  15. It's funny how corporations consider piracy a "serious crime".

    No, piracy is not serious enough for authorities to care. You want to know what a "serious crime" is?

    -Murder & Manslaughter
    -Rape & Human Trafficking (Beastiality counts despite not being taken seriously in some places.)
    -Breaking & Entering
    -Grand Theft Auto & Carjacking
    -Insurance Fraud
    -Assault & Battery
    -Child Abuse & Neglect (Animal abuse less so, but still.)
    -False Accusations & Defamation (If it's serious enough.)

    THOSE are what you'd call "serious crimes." Not piracy.

  16. piracy is still not very helpful to indie games 🙁

  17. This guys my heroes, how many games would I have missed for being poor

  18. you know whats rlly annoying
    how ppl act like pirating makes less sales on games
    if someone has to pirate a game to get it
    there is a super low chance they wouldve got it anyway
    cus clearly they wasnt able to afford
    and 90% of pirated games are later bought legit
    since they are enjoyed
    everyone acts like its an awful thing
    everyone acts like it causes game companies to lose money
    but it doesnt
    even some smaller game companies promote piracy, since they want ppl to know that they will enjoy the game before buying it

  19. video game piracy is a thing because of inaccessibility in markets that it could thrive it aka third world countries

  20. I pirated over 600hours of total war warhammer 2 b4 buying the game on steam. and the only reason i did it was because of mod support, i swear that companies these days don't even get close to the community level of quality content, From scenes extremally reliable cracks to the modding community.

  21. How to stop piracy : make all games free

  22. I always wanted to be a pirate i just didn't realised i already am

  23. I played pirated minecarft for almost 5 years,(if you dont count the 360 verion i bought) still remember it was the team extreme launcher, version 1.5-1.10 but at some point i just decided to buy it,mojang didnt lose a sale there

  24. Laughts in "country with little to no anti piracy laws"

  25. Let's be honest .if we are pirating games made be evil companys like EA .we wont give a damn

  26. for those people why say that it's a crime. well, the real crime behind this is when you sale the illegitimate copy of it

  27. the reason i pirate is because the price of gta v could feed me for 10 days

  28. I have an important question. I hope someone would respond. Is it possible to play pirated games from a certain level? So instead of playing from the beginning of the game, can I play from the mid or the ending instead?

  29. I can't just pirate the game that I would love to play, I am willing to spend my money to a game that's is more derserving

  30. Sometimes we just have to install pirate games like me bc i live in a sanctioned country

  31. living in eastern europe here. salary sucks, plus I'm under 18. without piracy i probably would genuinely never play any games. they're super expensive. hats off to all the groups and people involved in pirating games, i give them all my thanks, they made my life a lot more easier.

    and no, it's not stealing, being that i have no money i never would've bought the game anyway.

  32. Its impossible to protect something against being cracked. The only solution is to make it server-sided. That's where cloud-based stuff was born. Everything that is running on your computer, can be freely manipulated, no matter how well it is protected.

  33. Why would I buy something that is already free? I have upgraded my PC from saving money on buying games. Oh and yea I play them all at ultra settings too.

  34. Piracy
    Every hard working person should gift me their masterpieces for free and in a silver plate or else I whine

  35. I mean all the games that’s a little bit in the middle when it comes to piracy Nintendo definitely be pissed off but someone like EA don’t think they would be pissed off downloading some of their games for free like older games But at the same time it’s probably not right

  36. i want to install a cracked game because it was removed of steam ive never downloaded a cracked game the closest i got was when i didnt know what a cracked game what is and i couldnt find it anywhere and i wasent able to get it so what should i do

  37. What I like about piracy games is that you owned them which means when your Steam account gets banned, you still have the cracked one, but there is only one annoying thing is the file, it ate up my storage like almost full. But sometimes the cracked game is good, if you can't afford to buy a game, you can crack them but if you have, please rather support the devs, they are all hard working. Also, crack games sometimes have a bug, so that's why I rather pay for the game when it has the seasons or fest sale because it will have offers.

  38. Omg this vid save my life i didnt know my minecraft game was pirated pls dont jail me i didnt know what pirated me i just knowed when i watched this video thankfully i deleted my pirated minecraft, phew

  39. What’s the best website for cracked games like a safe website?

  40. Make a good game, and people will buy it even if they already played a pirated version of the game.
    Dishonored 2, katana zero, hollow knight, celeste, ultrakill. Games i enjoyed so much that even tho i pirated all of those games, i couldn't resist but getting a real copy of each one of them because i felt like i owe it to the developers for creating something that gave me joy when i needed it the most. I also pirated some games like assassins creed or far cry. And none of those games gave me the feeling of owing something because i felt like i didn't get anything at all, just empty games only made with the porpuse of making money.

  41. Tbh pirated games are ok if the games you try get is not available or the company are clowns

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