Game Piracy Explained

A brief rundown of game piracy and the groups that make it possible. This overview covers the warez scene, P2P groups like Revolt, Voksi and 3DM and finishes with repackers.

Rainbow Six Siege and Dota 2:


  1. "Take everything you can and give nothing" captain jack Sparrow maybe

  2. I only pirate games if i already own them on a different platform

  3. Zach's Rather Delightful Productions! says:

    oh wow, pirates have more honor? Shoeshine.

  4. If I make a game and someone has the technical skills to successfully pirate my game, they have earned that game

  5. In my opinion, piracy is important in gaming. Let me explain:

    If it weren't for piracy, I would never be into games. Plus, most of the people who live in third world countries (including me) would even be willing to pay for the game, but it is near to impossible. So their only alternatives is to pirate the games.

  6. Lol I still won’t get pirated games simply because of the chilling anti piracy screens

  7. " There is no games that can't be pirated "
    -russian hacker

  8. To all the people who are saying bad things about Crackers and Pirates:— 50 years later, you will come running to us and beg us to provide you a copy of your childhood game(s), because every other 'legal' methods of acquiring such old games would have become extinct by then.

  9. I am 15, I don't have intentions to pirate a game but the thing is nobody gives money to spend on games. What can we small children can do? Nothing except pirating ! But if any developer makes original game for free I will download it from there site or steam. I f you see now CS:GO is free to play but it also has premium version for 1000 Rs. I like that type of developers

  10. When I was a kid, I always support piracy. But when I grew up, I realized that they won't be able to make more games if we all relied on piracy. So I download pirate version of a game first. Then, if I loved it, I would buy their game as support lol. I guess I'm a supportive person.

  11. If you're living in a third world developing country ( or to put it mildly if you're living in a shithole ) then piracy if the only way you can be a gamer …..Sad but true

  12. Simple: Piracy is great for single player paid: is great for multiplayer

  13. So I downloaded a pirate game and I got a copy right infriment in my last internet provider what I want to if how till this wifi provider before they supend my Internet I have xfinity

  14. I still don’t get it it’s so confusing can someone tell me it basically what it mean to pirate games

  15. piracy is also good the game that pirated are more popural and likely more people buy the game like me i pirated game if i like it ill open steam then buy the game

    Edit: ono the fbi watching me!

    Also the game that i cracked and then buy it is hoi4, codename panzer, cities skylines, company of heroes 1 and 2, and ArmA 3

  16. Watching this meanwhile I'm downloading dirt rally 2.0…

  17. I used it to check if the game is to my liking then proceed to buy it. Not all games offer demo.

  18. Is this guy using tts or it's his real voice?

  19. I thought you just take out the piracy screen by changing the script

  20. if I am rich I wouldnt resort to piracy in the first place.. sorry devs

  21. How about gamers in other countrys dude its twice the price or if not 3x the price

  22. All pirates 🏴‍☠️ there respect you from my bottom of heart. Love u 3000.

  23. Me, who got a ton of free awesome games from Epic game store: dayum.

  24. ok, so im gonna share my thoughts on this whole piracy thing.

    hi, im a 12 year old who pirates games. honestly, if i had the money, i would've paid for the games that i've pirated. i cant have a job. (im only 12 after all), and i cant set up a paypal and stuff like that, so the only way i can get games is through piracy.

    edit: on the process on wishlisting the games that i've pirated. hopefully, if i can access my steam account again when im older, i will pay for the games that i've pirated all these years back.

  25. SKIDROW, RELOADED, RAZOR 1911 and other names, that made my body flushed with dopamine when I saw them.

  26. Why not when publishers shove the DRM to the legit customers, might as well just pirated them when buying them give you more restrictions.

  27. I usually use iggamea because free games!

  28. The thing is other ppl cant afford games maybe their too expensive like in my country asssassins creed origin cost 20 dollars in ur country in my country it cost 1k pesos (filifino) i mean its not bad really if u downloaded the pirated game

  29. Easy peasy piracy:
    ○Fastest installation time: Using a crack on the original .iso
    ○Smallest file/Fastest download: Fitgirl repacks
    ○Small files and a little bit better installation times: DODI/Masquerade repacks

  30. “Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem”
    -Gabe Newell

  31. I still dont get why i have no optional downloads on steam for langages i am NEVER gonna use
    repackers are a freaking god send since developers cant optimize jackshit, every download is now either a 80gig install or 150gig install

  32. Imagine being the game developer spending millions of dollars paying programmers, artists, and voices actors only to be wasted by people who can't handle to pay 5 dollars on your game

  33. You can't do too much as kid, you can't buy games and that means no fun. But sometimes, even pirating the games, doesn't allow you to enjoy the full content, mostly modded game or multiplayer

  34. I know how piracy works
    But what i don't know is why ?
    Why do these hackers would place their time n effort to crack a $59 video game ?
    What's in it for them ?

  35. If It wasn't For Piracy, I would never buy a game 🙂

  36. What game does he play in the video?

  37. “Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate.”

  38. Ah yes Pirate Bay…… The tortuga of pc gamers

  39. Just tell me, how do you want your Leaders to be in your country, like those who want all your money, or like pirates who give it to you free to try everything before you buy ? Yes

  40. I trust Codex more than I trust 99% of my family…

  41. Ive done piracy alot in my life and i actually like it actually because i want to help the others who dont have the money to buy games or the ones who cant even buy it i feel much better and i also can try the game out.

  42. People always hate me because i pirate games. But please get this.. I only pirate games to test it (performance and a lil bit of gameplay) imagine spending 60$ and then turns out the game is absolutely Trash. That's 60$ that you wish you've just burnt it than buying this game..

  43. If games were cheap enough and accessible enough there would be very little need for piracy.

    If i find a great game i always pay for it but i want to try it out first.

  44. A certain girl who regularly exercises has the safest repacks

  45. Because we have no money for that. no choice. so we use a pirated version

  46. piracy made gaming a lot more accessible than it should have been

  47. I was never able to find an oficial site from codex or reloaded, so how can I trust downloading "their" cracks?

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