Game Piracy Explained

A brief rundown of game piracy and the groups that make it possible. This overview covers the warez scene, P2P groups like Revolt, Voksi and 3DM and finishes with repackers.

Rainbow Six Siege and Dota 2:


  1. Just wondering, why does the scene not allow cracks working with multiplayer? Decency?

  2. me: waits 12 hours for cracked game to download

    error: ok, now do it again

  3. Video games are too expensive if there are cheap there will be less pricacy

  4. Imagine wasting more money by adding drm than by getting your game pirated… If it's not money that's being wasted, it's the reputation of the devs/publishers

  5. I wish there was a way to get complete crack games without installers and unarchiving, just pure download bcs my internet is 1gbps (only goes up to 50mbps in torrent, still hella good tho

  6. My parents never give me money to buy game so i am forced to pirate games. Sorry

  7. Pirates in the 1700s : Messes up boats

    Pirates now : Messes up DRM

  8. The pirates today will be the overpaying customers tomorrow

  9. I see piracy as a SOLUTION instead of an ISSUE

  10. Game piracy came from heaven.
    Games cost money to buy
    Those who make the 90% of playerbase are too young to work so they have no income.
    So the vast majority of gamers wouldn't be able to play games if game piracy wasn't around.

  11. Me 9 year old watching how big brother pirating MINECRAFT

  12. "But when the dust is settled is there a possibility of Gears 2 on PC?"
    "Definitely not?"

    Didn't he mean "Yes" the second time? (0:04)

  13. I get that piracy is cool and all but game developers spend months if not years to develop these games. The least we can do to appreciate their efforts is buy the legitimate copy of the game.

  14. I remember getting pirated sims 3 dlcs because fuck EA, i was 12

  15. Lol we even have pirate games for ps and xbox. Welcome to Turkey. You can even join hamachi servers and play with other players. Don't forget to download yama to keep up with original game

  16. I support piracy, 60 dollars for a shitty game is just too much

  17. Pirate is a derogatory term. I prefer privateer.

  18. The only reason why I used to pirate games was I had no money to buy the game because I was a kid amd had no job but now I got a job ever since then I pay for literally everything like movies games etc because I want to pay them for their hard work which I'm going to enjoy. I don't even think about pirating anything anymore. Pirating is stealing. !!

  19. I aam from algeria .. and never bought a single game .. and played em all from the ps1 to till now
    Red dead 2 was such an amazing game .. that i had to buy it even tho i finished it
    Just to say thank to the great rockstare game

  20. Don't forget that in some games with Denuvo and other DRMs the performance is worse than the in the cracked version.

  21. I'm the type of guy that always tries something before buying it and the same goes for games. I always use FitGirl Repacks because they are the most trust worthy to me, trust me I tried a shit ton of other repackers and FitGirl was and still is the best choice.

  22. Codex and Skidrow were my parents while growing up.

  23. When you get 500 Euros monthly wage, you will start thinking different way. Not everywhere in the world people can afford paying for games, movies, music and etc. Piracy will always exist. Why I have to pay for a song when I can simply download it from YouTube?

  24. Game.Piracy.Explained.2018.1080p.x264.WEB-DL.DD5.1.AC3 – [EVO]

  25. Some pirate groups recommend to buy the game if we liked it

  26. So pirates have more standards than EA

  27. i want to make this comment directed towards game pirates , i hope they read it , i want to say thank you from every child living in a 3rd world country who buying a AAA game meant giving a kidney , thank you for letting us play ps2 games like san andreas and become gamers , thank you for letting us participate in a world that didnt care about us and didnt care about kids from countries where there was 0 distribution network for games.. you guys made life better and happier for millions of kids who otherwise could never afford or even have the chance to get amazing games , and with thoes games came amazing experiences , hats off to you !

  28. Which game is in game play ? Can some one share name ?

  29. Thank you fitgirl repacks for saving me 100s of dollars

  30. Not everybody has alot of money to spend on just entertainment.. Makers get their profit from enough buyers.. It's OK if some take it for free.. Although it's a free Capitalistic society 😉

  31. Imagine paying $60 for a single player game, event though your salary is $500 mounthly. Yeah, that's why piracy exist

  32. so when do the game companies go back to the 90s early 2000? back then you could buy finished games with free DLCs. and everybody was happy. granted pirating games was not really something famous back in the early days of internet. but still. game companies are getting lazy. rather release broken games then giving the people what they want. especially for pc gamers. shitty console ports where we still have to pay 50+ euros for. give us what we want if not we will pirate. online gaming is not something interesting anyway. and the SIngle player campaigns nowadays are no longer then max 6 hours. unless you play open world games ofc. but thats something different.

  33. How naive of them to think piracy is only happening on PC.

  34. Most people pirating were not gonna buy it anyway

  35. for some reason bully on steam crashes almost every single time I want to play game but with one from pirate bay I have zero problems

  36. Without them hundreds of millions of people won't get to play games

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