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I use these products to record audio

Mic …………………………………

Audio Interface ……………….

Pop Filter …………………………

Microphone Arm Stand …….

Other Components I use


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LG 27UK650







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  1. my reason is that i dont earn so i cant waste my father's money so i pirate, i will buy when i earn

  2. Premiere pro costs 19000
    What do you expect me to do

  3. Jhuth bolna Raha agar sablog game kharid lage toh companies price badha denge aur

  4. Watching this in a pirated version of windows

  5. If someone made a pc of $1000 and buy pirate games to his pc he will lose his pc probably in a year
    Fitgirl repack now never help
    Once I pirated with fitgirl repacks properly probably after 2 month my pc gone dead
    Guys believe me no hacker wants to get arrested for making pirate games
    The hacker who makes don't want you to be happy but hack and acess pc
    Well, it's totally dependent on u some kids won't understand what I am saying
    But one day u will regret of destroying ur
    $1000 – $10,000 PC's I recommend instead download free games forest when have budget then buy games

  6. I download pirated games and if I like the game I purchase it on steam or epic

  7. majboori hai yaar- agar mai ameer hu to kyu khareedunga piracy game? yaha bhot intazaar karna padta hai aur virus bhi hote hai aur kabhi kabhi fake aur carcked milta hai so sorry muje nakili cheeze bilkul pasand nai hai.

    piracy kyu india mai?- because ham gareeb hai bhot gareeb jiska high end pc nai hai oh bas entertain karna chata hai bas, usko taste karna hai game ka. virus carck se farak nai padta kyu ki hamare pc mai faltu cheeze padi hai bs to koi nuksan nai hai.

    piracy media- yeh kon pese deke khareedega? temporary fun ham itna ameer nai hai yaar..

  8. i Also Played Skyrim Pirated First THen After PLaying it I bought Skyrim special edition and skyrim legendary edition both on steam 2 games because of their mods because you can play mods in skyrim with original copy biggest modding community ever skyrim has everythin now i have various game on steam and epic games

  9. Most of the gamers age range from 15 yrs to 25 yrs. How they will get too much money to buy. If gsmes are stopped to be cracked simply they will not play games. Papa toh dene bala hai nahi. Games companies also knows this. So they allows to create crack version with mining software etc with it. From that they also earn

  10. Maximum people who consume gaming are between the age of 15-25. It is an age where the person is probably not earning. Piracy is the only viable option. By the time we can actually afford to but the games, they are already married.

  11. Ameer log – paise toh honge hi iske paas paise kiske paas nhi hote.
    Srk – sabke paas nhi hote laxman

  12. Jis din khudd kee pese ayege uss dinsee har game kharigengee 😇😇😇😇😇 45$ me us me game he idhar 45₹ nahi he vo 45×60=₹

  13. vai mahine me hath me aata he serf 1200rp and internet 5mbps ka dena partahe 1k rps ab app hi batao keyse kharide

  14. After pirating you will know how the things are done, how things work, what are solution for some technical errors maybe 😅 also parents are not giving money for gaming 😅😅😅😅.

  15. Graphic card hum paiso(cash on delivery) se kharidte hein lekin games ke liye online transaction karni padti he,,, as a middle class person,,, parents will never allow 😅😅😅😅😅

  16. Simple thing no mentality

    90% game players in India are users of 12 – 17 years or near it

    And dont even have any credit card or bank account to pay for game
    That might even be of 1 INR or 1000 INR

    Asking parents for game and you know the rest…….

  17. Mera computer ek baar crash ho gaya tha toh maine pura ka pura windows ka product key aur pura windows ura diya toh mujhe lagta hai ki agar koi mera computer agar use karenge toh woh activate windows ka watermark dekhenge toh woh bunda samjhega ki main chor hu legit user nahi hu lol bass mujhe yeh story mention karnka mann kiya toh mention kar diya

  18. I uninstalled my pirated games today.
    Even pirated softwares and so I shifted to Linux because it is free.

  19. Avi v nei pata logonko Steam ky hotahe😂

  20. agar india me games purchase ke piche pese kharch kare to samne se tane ate he ki is chis ke liye pese kharch kiya

  21. I try the games after downloading it from torrent. If I like it I buy it from steam. Problem with piracy no updates. No multi-player option but it's just too much work. I love steam. Agar kare nahi, ho raha hai… mai aur mere 3 dost aur mere do bhai bhi yahi kar te hain. But I am not okay with the information the websites collect.

  22. I don't know who the blue T-shirt guy is but he has great insights. He is truly a good guy. You can't be harsh.

  23. Also another problem is that there is not enough quality content in games.. like cod, Aoe2, just cause, battlefield.

  24. Saste games like pubg sahi value hai log kharidte hai Magar 6k 4k ki games India me Kaun kharidega
    pubg only 999 rs sahi hai maine kharida hai

  25. Mere chutiya dost itunes pe songs purchase krta kabhi kabhi then also he downloads pirated songs from torrent. Then he say i don't pirate. I just buy because for the musicians cause.

    Why Indian downloads pirated things or its why people download pirated things in the world.

    Answer is it's cheap. And people is encouraging by saying it's everyone is doing so what's the moral here. People using for entertainment purposes this pirated sites. Free !!! It's have different hacks too

    Pirated things also have risk like ransomware virus. I'm not encouraging anyone here. But saying the truth.

    Internet is one download away now

  26. India mai jaada gamers / content creator Hai as compared to other countries. Real example are tiktok, Pubg, freefire

  27. Games ki price hi 2000+ Hoti he itne paise bacha lenge to 1 Saal me Naya pc build Kar sakte he

  28. Main point of piracy is cost of game
    Cost of any game max 500
    Learn from jio marketing strategy 1st give us free then get some sweet price that can everyone afford it
    Maximum sell maximum profit

  29. IG maine pirated games bahut download kiye. Par ab main Jan Chuka hun ki pirated games kya or genuine games kya hote hain par ab maine pirated games Uninstall kar liye hain , but ab mujhe genuine games hi purchase karne hain main ab pirated games Uninstall karne ke bad main upne pc me kya karun ki pc sahi chale & hack bhi na ho mera pc Hai(zebronic crunus case, R5 3500 CPU, ZOTEC Gaming 1660ti gpu, ram 2400 Megahtz wali, psu 450 moniter 144hz LG) TOH kya karun ki pirated games Uninstall karne ke bad pc achha chale ya hack na ho please IG mujhe batana

  30. Ye log kuch hipocricy jise batt nehi kar rahe hai, kudh pehele piracy karke dusroko bol rahe hai and rahi graphic card ki batt jo log 1650 jaise card buy karte hai unka kya

  31. Bhai maine toh abhi tk koi game nhi kharida but I am looking forward to buy them

  32. You should check out r/crackwatch it's a dedicated forum for us pirates. Most people pirate DRM and denuvo ridden games. I personally buy indie titles from steam or gog

  33. My first game on epic games is Control, that was free there few days back

  34. abey chodu log!!!….why do you put this loud BGM?😣

  35. And the worst part is that top indian youtubers like techno gamers are promoting pirated games and nobody is calling them out…

  36. dude the thing is gaming companies still earns in millions, look at gta 5 or red dead redemption 2
    so even despite of people play pirated games still they earn in millions
    only those people play pirated games who cant afford to buy
    i even used free antivirus or pirated antivirus before but then i started buying
    but games are too expensive but even though i bought some which were in high discount but mostly i prefer to play pirated games untill i have more good salary

  37. My true question IG : I may be rude but answer me if you have the guts .
    I have money to buy the game from epic games , steam etc.. ,and also I want to buy and support developers . But I as a teen don't have a card , gpay, Paytm, PayPal etc and I cannot even get it due to age and most of the games are under 18 . So what should they do . I cannot ask someone's bank card to purchase a game . And these both guys are saying that I bought a gou how did I so sir I bought it using pay on delivery and I neither wanna buy a physical copy of 2x price so what's your opinion. Or should we end this debate . Thank you I may be rude but it's necessary.

  38. I want to be a gamer but I can not because some time I tried but I got virus in pc I must have to buy them

  39. abhi bhi karta hun mrte dm tk karunga. jb company tax chori krti he to hm bhi piracy karenge

  40. Maine too piracy game ko kharid kai khela 😒😒 obhi 400 rupay main NFS MW 2012

  41. I have also pirated games in the start because of unavailability and ignorance but now i bought all those games .
    Now i buy games in steam sale and free epic games.

  42. When you buy your mindset is I pay for ths games and I completed it ,also you think and watch gameplay before buying
    And your game is free you like it was not good and after some days you playing
    Suggestions ——- first you buy multiplayer or non storybased games like (gta v online)(Minecraft)
    And I suggest you to buy games with one or max to max 2 sequal so that you don't have to buy more games also long story based games

  43. Piracy will fully changed by 2025-2030
    As that time all gamers all earning ownself

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