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I use these products to record audio

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Audio Interface ……………….

Pop Filter …………………………

Microphone Arm Stand …….

Other Components I use


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LG 27UK650







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  1. That’s so true cuz Indian parents won’t spend money on games and India don’t es not have that many game stores

  2. Bhai kitna bhi fast ho kitnabhi esey ho phir bhi pasod games me """ PAISA """ lagta he vo kahase laye ???

  3. Please buy genuine don't do piracy help indian game culture!

  4. First of all i am watching this video after 1 year….. because i too realised the greatest difference between pirated and original games
    I bought Ac unity and also played cracked in past few years….but I really saw the difference between them
    Moreover….the experience was good no problem at running and completing achievement was the best and proud moment for me
    So the soln is…ki jo lok matured or games ko achi tarike se samajhte hai aur apna maan se khelta hai…uo original prefer karega
    I hope now atleast few percent understand that playing original is better and it is the good path towards true gaming community

  5. Piracy a problem? Get the fuck out of here. It can be a great blessing and it can also be a nuisance.

  6. Sahi baat h 2500 ke game aab on average Banda 5-6 games toh khelega he……aur bahar games 18+ logo ke liye banaye Jate h prr India m 12-17 Saal ke he baache games khelte h 18+ bhot km h 18 + games khelne wale ko immature kehte h gaharwale Vella kehte h…….India m on average Kisi n gtx 1050ti 10000 k liya aab usse kya expect kre ke voh 2500,3000 ke ek game kharedega

  7. Shayad aj mere pas paisa hai but agar pirated games na hote to aj mai gamer na hota

  8. Smoke k bolna chahunga ki Tali do hatho se hi bajti hai

  9. " IG chup baitha hai … ig ko mat bolo "
    IG- Camera off …. going offline

  10. Aap online ni khel skte pirated games ko that's why piracy sucks Mere sare friends pirated games khelte hea pr mea steam se games buy krta hu mere frnds mujhe lunatic bolte hea 😂

  11. i will support developers and publishers by preventing piracy😍😘

  12. even if a game costs 200 our parents wont allow us cuz spending money on games like our parents dont even know games can cost money like real money

  13. i have never spend even a single buck on gmaes but at the same time never downloaded pirated games

  14. most gamers think playstore is the only place to download games

  15. piracy is my birthright , i shall have it

  16. India has poor income but in last few years we are getting some good pc a game cost 3000r idiot's

  17. 0:8 maine.

    Because i bought my pc yesterday and i only have downloaded gta 5 which i got from epic games store for free. Nothing else pirated and i promise i won't download pirated games/movies because i can afford their prices but can't afford price of damage due to piracy.

  18. Bhai Read dead redemption 2 ka DRM saare games pe laga do. Saare games kharidenge

  19. Pirated game? NO
    original games? NO
    Original games in Cheap ? YES BOI

  20. Anyone reading this comment please go check out their channel MixedUpVidz, their content is great too.

  21. 3340: haa main sabse paihla game khareea far cry 4 aur 2 -3 maheen chalaa hee nahi paya kyoki unke security patches aise the ki bahut modification karni pari settings me

  22. Don't waste time you are losing rank every second says:

    Kabhi na kabhi nhi maine hamesha piracy Ki hain

  23. Steam games are cheap in India still they pirate . Shame on them.

  24. The biggest reason of piracy of games is
    1. Gaming is addictive and people (Mostly teenagers) played games like san andreas and prince of persia in there childhood with there low end pc's but when internet stars to become common in houses ,no one purchased those pirated 100 rps cd which never works and also there's no amazon and flipkart that time and rarely some stores sell legit games so many people find internet the best way to play games . You know when the first time you asked your parents about buying a pc for studies well thats the biggest lie because you only wanted to play games on it and if you purchased a pc and downloaded latest games but most probably your pc lags or crashed because the game is to heavy for it and even if you manged to upgrade its gpu or ram you still not going to purchase a legal copy because its to expensive litreally 5000rps for a video game . Now you pirate it and gets virues and mining tool which still made your pc slow and then your games still lags then you thinks but i upgraded by pc know what why it is lagging and crashing know and now your money wasted because you upgraded your pc for better performance and its crashing again, For me i better purchase that game when there is sale rather then pirating it because it making my money worthless for upgrading my pc by its minning tool which uses most of your pc resources so better purchase if you want rather then wasting your money to fill others pocket . thank you

  25. at 4:00 what was inside the cup

  26. I G rocks 🔥🔥🔥
    Vai ap itna sidha baat kaise karte ho

  27. I'm not able to purchase ac odyssey on steam it says something went wrong while paying
    Later I tried fall guys and far cry 5 both successfully purchased but not ac odyssey..why ,?

  28. Games should be like GTA 5 i.e to play online buy it

  29. EA release same FIFA every year for ₹5k. And no improvement in single player mode. EA deserves piracy.

  30. I will surely buy original games …..just to decrease the price of games

  31. Bhai tum pehle EA jaise publishers ko bolo ke hur saal bekaar game nikalna band kare srsly fucking Madden 2021.

  32. Papa ne pc muskil se dilaya 3000 ki game ke lie bolounga to jan se mar denge.😂

  33. You buy game and enjoy
    We pirate it and then enjoy
    What the difference

  34. It all about Time and money if Time is the most expensive then spend money. And if money is more expensive then don't spend money on games.
    Par sala agar Time nahi he to game kase khelrahe ho ??

  35. Zyadatar gamers youth hai….Students hai jinke paas kabhi paise nahi hote….dusri taraf jo accha paise kamaate hai ki bina parwaah kiye har mahine do mahine mein 2,500–5,000 ke games kharid sake… to unke paas waqt bhi nahi hota aur interest bhi kam ho jaata hai…Aise mein log apne mauj masti ke liye maa baap ke paise kyu udaayenge?
    Mai khud ki baat karu to mai games khelna hi tab shuru karunga jab mai khud ke kamaaye paiso se games kharid saku

  36. parents wont allow kids to spend money on games 😂🤣😒

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