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  1. Bhai pakistan mai to jo pc wahan 20,000 kaa bntaa wo yahan 60,000 mai build hotaa yahan to original games lainaa bhtt hi mushkil

  2. Mujhe bhi original games ache lgte hai…par parents nhi dilate 😭

  3. My suggestion for people with small budget
    1. Build a low cost beginner's gaming pc. Under rs 25k(including monitor and keyboard/mouse).
    2. Buy original games but way back from 2005 and backward.
    1.Your PC will be able handle those games well.
    2. Old pc games are usually cheap (somtimes almost as cheap as pirated ones).
    3.Once you get along with a game even if it is a 2gb non hd graphic game, it can offer as much as satisfaction as today's AAA title. Moreover you get to experience the evolution of the gaming industry from very beginning.
    4. Increase your self esteem by defying piracy and fulfilling your responsibility towards the gaming society.

  4. I know piracy is wrong and i do try to buy games if i can . I really liked bioshock infinite and i pirated it but when i saw the steam sale is on i bought the game from steam and then deleted the pirated version and did the same with gta v although on rockstar social club as it was cheaper and i saved money for that only. Maybe its my moral compass that tells me it's wrong , but ik alot of Indians dont share my opinion on this cause lets face it we Indians r one the cheapest bastards there r all from around the world and i dont mean it in a bad way but it's the truth whether u like it or not.

  5. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the first game which I bought from steam (Actually got as a gift from my brother who lives it he n USA)… Before that, I used to pirate games from torrent… But everything changed after that… Then I downloaded CS: GO from steam for free… Thanks to the company… they available it for free… after that, I save some money and tried to buy some games like DiRT Rally, Cities Skyline and PUBG… But sadly when I tried to buy that stream shows some error like Debit card not supporting… that's awkward… I still couldn't buy that games!! Please help me if anyone has any solution… I want to buy those games rather than pirate it…
    IF anyone wants to play CS: GO with me then add me… my ID is Dreco07

  6. when this country has little regard for the highly qualified teachers and these education mafia is looting the parents and teachers, even after having all the necessary qualities you are still paid a meager amount. if we buy one game worth 4k, what would we eat? this is just an example…we can buy the games we can really afford. but not every game we like. hence piracy…who doesn't want to own a genuine game with online gaming support

  7. Bahut acchi movie this 1h20min ka tha lagraha he 20min me hi end hogaya 😂

  8. Maine og games kharide hai ….Xbox ke liye 🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  9. I have brought Xbox one ….soon I am.going to sell it and will buy 30k budget pc …console gaming is to much costly even if we do not buy new games online it do costs us almost 5K to 6K. To run Xbox live and Xbox game pass for a year

  10. Jab Tak Mai kamata nahi tha Mai happy tha piracy Mai ….majburi bhi. Bol sakte ho…..par abhi asli games kharidta hu ….good games do deserve our money

  11. Hey Uploader Bhai log …please help…which mouse is functional or can be operated on Xbox One in Battlefield 1…pleas HELP…HELP

  12. bhasan sunana bahut acha hota hai aur follow karna nhi Piracy for life.


    Ye game itne manghe dete hai 5K per Game(new) 3 game-GTX 1050ti ab batao aisi situation main Banda Kya karega??

    And after all game buy Karne ke liye Paise Lagte hai 3 Game kharidene see acha uska parent uske kota ke hostel ke Paise dede

  14. Abe to ye games MADE IN INDIA hai Kya😂isme hamari Country ka Kya nuksaan be wo America ka hai or Rahi baat game developer's ki to bohot countries hai Jo game purchase karti hai Paise unke pass aa hi jaate hai GTA5 ko hi dekhlo 100 Million kamaya hai wo sab developed countries hai apna India developed ho jayega to yahan bhi games saste mil jaayenge game buy Karne se develop nahi ho gi country

  15. You are dumb if you laugh I don't it's their decision I buy original but sometimes I hate when companies does stupid things like early access shit with bugs or deluxe edition with worthless shit
    We need game with reasonable prices.
    I buy games on steam
    Just bought just cause 3 for 500₹
    Sleeping dogs for 109₹
    And I like how I can save my games on cloud
    And I just hate you
    But like your ideals keep it up!

  16. I dont think piracy is good
    I feel bad to pirate movies and games sometimes
    But what else can we do
    I mean we have to manage it somehow . And i promised to myslef that once i started earning myself then i will buy every game instead of pirating it

  17. maine aaj tak ek hi game kharida csgo jo ab free ho gya h

  18. Mere dost mujhe bolte hai ki tu chutiye hai jo games ke paise deta hai?

  19. TBH. People are getting crazy about piracy. Who gives a fuck honestly, you pirate the game for 2 reasons. Reason 1 you cant afford the game because most of the time new released games cost 60 bucks and because steam or any other platforms are dicks and keep the price the same for years. Second reason people piracy the game because they wanna test it out before buying. I never actually brought a single player game i dont even play single player games i pirated few sp games like metal gear rising. Im not a shame to admit it. I dont give a fuck what you think about me. I buy my games on g2a because they are 50% cheaper then on fucking steam.

  20. Then why they crack or repack
    When there will be source of piracy on net then people will do the piracy.

  21. Agr koi 4-5 game khareed to bhi cost 10k se upar hoti itna m koi pc upgrade karle
    DLC ke liye paise Dene padte h

  22. Ig I just want to tell you that today I bought my first ever game witcher 3 in just 300rs the complete edition with all the dlcs and with that I just leave the game piracy forever and believe me I just feel proud that I somehow support my favourite game developers cd project red and with that I supported the whole gaming industry, I watched this video before when I am a pirate gamer and I feel guilty after seeing this video, but now after buy this game I watched whole video again and I just fell proud to own a game, proud to be a part of India gaming industry because always remember gaming start with us and it also ends with us, sorry that this comment is too long but I somehow trying to express my feelings in words there is a big influence of this video to me and now I just have to wait for my download to be completed and I can't wait to play my first ever paid game although I completed witcher 3 the pirated one but after seeing the hardwork of CDPR and the cheapest price of witcher 3 i regret it that I have pirate this game so i have to buy that and play it legally thanks ig, thanks for everything.

  23. @IndianGamerSays will you continue The Walking Dead Game after season 2 why are you not playing that game anymore do you know the spoilers ?

  24. Not everyone is born with golden spoon in there Mouth… Some are born with an eyepatch..

  25. I buy original games because if a game is 100Gb , how will I store it . If I store it in the disc, it will cost 25 DVDs, if I buy external hard disk, it will cost 250-280 RS per game easily just as storage cost. This is why if a game is available on steam for even 500 RS, you are better off buying original than fake one. Because your game stays on cloud when you don't need it and you save on storage costs. And second you can play online, third you finish games. When you buy a game, you finish a game because you have paid money for it and that is what makes you gamer, finishing games.

  26. i buy PC games and songs … watch movies in theatre or netflix😬

  27. asli problem hoti hai raste me khadi hui bheed (many people's), koi saala chal ke ja raha ho- samne bheed ajati hai boltinhai tum chal nahi sakte tum baitho , tum ye karo vo karo Varna ham ham tumhe chodenge nahi. asse he loog gumnaami me kho jate hai aor Khushi ke liye online piracy vagah karne lagte hai

  28. Bhai lekin online multilayer se thodi km to hui hai piracy. Coz pirated me multiplayer ni chalta.

  29. I have spend around 2-2.5k over almost 3years and i have around 45 games in my library, and with sites like humble bundle guving away free games every once in a while, you have no excuse to pirate in this day and age unless you always need to play the games on release. Steam sales bring down the price a lot. You just need the knowledge to segregate new games and good games, which always don't cost a lot. Save a few chicken roll worth of money and get a game or two online, once you get the hang of trying original games with updates and active support you can never go back

  30. I would say this is among the best discussion about piracy in India on youtube that I have seen. I might even say that it is the best discussion I have seen on the topic. The only thing I would like to point out is you didn't discuss a really big point about the majority of players are students and students in India usually don't have a source of income unlike the westerners and thus have to depend on their parents. Excellent discussion guys keep it up.

  31. why there is music in the background ?? you are discussing a good topic. Please we want to listen your thoughts not that clingy music

  32. games ko kharidna bhi padta hai kya

  33. I was lucky may be because of my desire for gaming i got my gaming pc for free from scholarship money and free internet from my neighbor wifi weak security.
    God gave me easy access to gaming.
    I downloaded a ton of pirated games. Every time i downloaded a game,I would keep a goal in mind that i have to finish it so i would play another one so i would use trainers and spoil the complete experience and then try another game and another and so on.
    But it didn't gave the satisfaction a single time because i have a ton of games available for free and i want to try everyone in least time. This just killed fun and experience of the game. Now so many years pirating games i am familiar with gaming community and environment and feel that now i will buy a game and play to properly and completely.

    All the points you made are very to the point.But community we live in just don't accept gaming as a good thing.And we still want to get into it so we dig out every possible way to get into it which leads to pirating.

  34. Piracy should be like every parent tell thier children from young age that piracy is a bad thing they saw for abusing,smoking,drinking.

  35. I only spend all my money on hardware and pirate all the software and games

  36. India mein agar games ka price cheap ho jaaye. Har koi enjoy krega. India ki abaadi bahut zyada hai. Game companies ki kamayi achi hojayegi.

  37. but graphic card one time investment hai and every time how we manage to buy game in every single days

  38. Great collab BTW games piracy are mostly done in PC and I want to tell you there is a channel which supports jailbreak of ps4 by saying
    That this is purposed by company
    I wrote him a comment that if you were a game developer and someone pirates your game you will feel to kill him so leave this then he made a video on my comment by roasting it

  39. M to pirate King 👑 hu ab aya baar bolo ig agar koi lattest movie torrent se nahi download karoge to kaha se download karoge Blueray 1080p ya webHd 2160p ka movie ya 3D movie wo to lattest google m nahi milege 😅

  40. main to pehle ye bhi nahi janta tha ke pc games kharidna padta hain
    mujhe lagta tha pc games free e hote hain🤣

  41. There are gamers who pay for games & also pirate other games😂

    Edit: Buy games only in offer time I saved pocket money for PUBG PC & RDR2💰

  42. Mujhe original Lena pasand hai , but I don't have money

  43. Piracy is like Khana banana , agar hum Khana banate hai to khane ka man Kam ho jata hai

  44. Bhai , hamare pass wifi nahi hai toh 60 gb ki game download kese kare

  45. If every games will be under Rs. 1000 in India. Everybody would love to purchase happily.

  46. Games price india me max 1000 and minimum 500 then dekho indian gaming industry kha se kha jygi

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