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I use these products to record audio

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Microphone Arm Stand …….

Other Components I use


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  1. Bhai battle king wala khulam khula piracy Ko promote kar raha hai😂

  2. Bhai pc giveaway kb kroge entjar he mojhe mera pc 3 sal se khrab he to bhi kr do mojhe nhi Mila to kese ko to melega ,😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😆😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😁😁😁😁😃😃

  3. Make a how to setup dual monitor setup in one cpu

  4. 2019 me "bestbudget gaming PC build" pr video bnaiye plz

  5. Bhai wwe 2k 19 khelne ke leye graphic card kan sa lena chaheye 5000 ke ander

  6. Simple Logic: An average person in Western Countries earns at least $5000 per month and average price of a (new) game is approximately $50 so, cost-to-earning ratio is (50/5000)=(1/100), at the same time – an average person in India earns approximately Rs.15000 per month and average price of a (new) game is approximately Rs. 5000 so, cost-to-earning ratio is (5000/15000)=(1/3) therefore, in India if you want to make more people buy new games, please ask the publishers to trim down their prices accordingly (Rs. 150 – Rs. 300) otherwise, you can forget about it. 😊

  7. I've 2lakh gaming PC and own 30 AAA titles which are pirated and 10 of them are purchased.

  8. I just want to say…that in India..guys do piracy because we dont have a very popular gaming culture…bas Socho ki ek bande ke pas mamuli sa laptop hai jispe use bohot doubt hai…abh wo naya koi expensive game khareed liya aur wo dekhe ki game support hi nahi kar raha toh bande ka kya halat hoga…isiliye..wo banda free me pirated piece download karta hai…game chala to thik hai..varna delte kar denge..this is the mentality….
    2nd point….in India even if you have money you cant always buy games…I once asked my father for buying injustice because I had some saved money…he said me.."games khareed ka paisa barbaad karoge"…this is the big problem…even if you have extra money…you cant always go for buying…
    Now these are the facts that are hampering our choices…pirates do pirate the games…not because they like it…but because they cant help themselves…unke pas nahi hai paisa khareed ne ke liye…aur agar hai bhi toh use nahi kar sakte…

  9. Game buying in India like watching race 3

  10. I only have jio with 1.5 gb per day and pc game need at least 30 gb internet to download so i will use pendrive to copy from my friend pc a pirated game

  11. @3:57 seriously ig? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… Drinks from an empty cup… There was no need of that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Shai baaat hai bohoto ko patahi ni hota steam kya hai

  13. Bhai mere dad ki salary 10K ab ye batao aise me mai kaise 5ķ ka game khareedunga to seedi baat mere liye pirated majboori hai

  14. Bhai mai pahele piracy karta tha par ab steam me kam game khelta hu par kharid kar khelta hu maja ata hay. 🙂 par price ki problem hai ey mai manta hu btw love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  15. People having GPUs like 750ti or Gt 1030 or Rx 560 jisne used kharide for Rs 3000 5000 or such. How can they even buy games for Rs 2000 3000 and woh bhi sirf ek game jo woh ek month mai khatam kar dega

  16. in game purchases are shit…!!!! specially for android

  17. First I used to pirate games but ab nahi karta now I just buy it from steam and main kahunga ki steam par sale hoti bohot acchi app us waqt games buy kar li jiye taki appke paise bhi bacenege and you will also get a genuine product

  18. Sidhi bat ha ig…. Job game hindi ma ayga online misson,dlc or price elgible hoga tavi ham log kharidanga..

  19. And now Developers are moving from steam to another stores…. Steam is the only platform providing games at prices according to region…. Division 2 released on epic instead of steam…. Fallout 76 on bethesda… Cod bo 4 on blizzard… So this may hurt Indian market…

  20. Has been , has been past tense hota hai!! 😂😂😂

  21. Kya fake rahe ho. Ek baat batao mene flipkart se 999 me tomb raider karida bt 12 gb download karna padta hai to knyo na me 14 gb ka torrent download kar du

  22. I don't pirate my games. Proud not to be a pirate.

  23. ha ha ha!!!! i am laughing now.
    are vai we are 3rd world country.
    our monthly avarage income is 7000 to 8000 because not everyone is in government employee or luxurious private employee.We have to understand our country is not 1st world country and we always have to pay more for every gaming components.It is really unfortunate that our per capita income is less than 1st world countries but we always have to pay more.So piracy is legit for country like us.Otherwise it will be only for some rich people hobby.

  24. Indians can't pay for something intangible 😙😂😂

  25. Ubisoft games are very expensive on steam

  26. I own more than 300 games on steam and around 50 on other clients.I think prices needs to be adjusted according to indian market.2-3 years ago prices were much better compared to now almost all AAA developers are selling the game at almost double the cost that they used to sell few years back for eg few years back far cry 3 was sold at 250-300 rs now that same game costs 1000Rs there are many companies like UBI soft that are now selling there games at almost double the cost that they use to sell previously.
    I think a lot of people will start buying games if they start selling them for 500-1500Rs, 2000Rs should be the max.

  27. last game i pirated was gta5 in 2015 when it released. after playing it for 2 days, i bought it from flipkart. Since then I havent pirated any game yet. I have 100+ games on steam.

  28. योगाचार्य जयपुर says:

    nice Collab sir.

  29. Humble bundle is a great way to buy games in my opinion

  30. Ig bhaiya ashes cricket 3799 ka milta yha steam pe pehle to mai pirated use krra tha.. Per jab sale pe 280 me mila to maine kharid lia.. So aisa nai hai ki jisko piracy krna hai wo karte hai.. Sasta mile to le lete hai

  31. I buy games that are just too good and pirate average games.

  32. Dude there are Indian Youtubers like BATTLEKING who openly supports piracy by giving free games to download for pc and android.
    What do you expect?

  33. I think sbse bdi prblm h net speed. Yr ab normal video games ka size 40 gb to 60 gb. Yr download krna is like ek month ka plan khtm. Kuch studios kaafi acche price pr games nikalte h like Sega etc.

  34. Please yar kam se kam ek bar jaa ke steam pe game price dekh lo🙏, phir piracy krna hai toh tumhari marzi.

  35. ig first thing indian gamers you play there games casually they dont even have gaming accessories like headset ,mic,controller toh agar kisi indian gamer ke paas enough money ho toh insab accessories par invest karega like me and i am a pirate because money issues

  36. When gareeb has passion to play games and even if he buys few games with what he had. He can't do that forever. So he seeks for pirate games. Its not his fault.

  37. Music playing in background
    You purchased it?? Pirates of games we are

  38. चूहे लोग है हम.. चूहे ही रहेंगे.. और चूहे मरेंगे!!

    पैसे तो भिकारी भी कमाते है. . क्या हम भीख भीख के पैसे जमा करके भोग विलास की चक्कर में ख़ुद को भिकारी बना दे!? वाकई यही हाल हो रहा है…

  39. Ofc if parents won't give money to buy can't even convince them therefore they will pirate and trust me my friends and niether of us like pirating but if we wouldn't pirate we won't be able to play it
    And when i will be earning man i will surely buy it so in a long run piracy won't hurt the industry it's just a copy not sold

  40. i am a pirate but i am not proud of it , i do it mostly because i am not earning and i am dependent on my parents for money,
    but as soon as i start earning on my own i will only buy original digital goods.

  41. Damn! While watching this video I purchased Dead by Daylight from Steam.
    You are doing a good work IG. Piracy hurts everyone.

  42. sir ji..price kum karo game ki…mai khud game development me se aata hun, log 500-600 RS kharcha karne ko tyar hai…..but untne me games aati nahi hai…price kum karo..log zarur kharidenge!

  43. Me karta tha pirate games aur ab bhi kabhi kabhi karta hun.
    But ab jakr khareedna chalu kia ,Feels Good tbh
    Aur mere hisab se the thing you pay for you respect it and try to enjoy it to the fullest.

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