Game Piracy is DEAD

Game Piracy is DEAD // or is it?! Game piracy was one of the most feared subject of gaming industry threatening to break entire industry. But it didn’t, and it won’t.

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  1. The way people treat video games is ridiculous. They act as if their life depends on them. As if video games are a greater common good. Which they are not. And not having a system to run certain games means to accept this as a fact. That fact is what makes games so valuable to many gamers. We know to appreciate what we can buy and play the legitimate way. Piracy and hacking ruins it for everyone. Even when there were no demos for games, like on Nintendo and Sega consoles in the 80s and 90s, you had no clue whether a game was really good or not. And game journalism was always funny at best. Demos were a thing in the 90s with Playstation games. Not even Nintendo had that with its N64. But people still bought their games no matter what. That means lots of reasons given to legitimate piracy are personal made up nonsense.

  2. I cannot say Steam truly killed piracy, because that's something that will never disappear (like taxes). However, it has tackled the main issues that nurtured piracy: availability and pricing. For example: KOF XV costs around 60 dollars in PS and in Physical and on steam it costed me less than 40 dollars, which is a far more affordable price to pay for a game, and that's counting the first season DLC's.There's also the fact mobile games tend to be usually free, but you can pay for stuff, which is optional (true in most gacha games).

  3. A gaming world without piracy would be an unoriginal landscape of regurgitated content, riddled with "kill 5 wolves" quests and a plethora of bugs (even more than currently). Bad game = Gets UnnoticedMediocre game = Gets PiratedGood game = Gets $$$Piracy is a reality check for greedy companies since people will be more willing to pirate a mediocre game and buy a good game out of sheer respect. Ask yourself if "Forspoken 2" comes out tomorrow and you want to try it out, see if it is as garbage as "Forspoken 1", would you rather buy or pirate? Also, there is this misconception that indie companies get killed by piracy, they don't, they get killed by poor marketing campaigns or by mediocre unoriginal game design, if the majority of your players are pirates then your game would have faded into obscurity anyway, at least you get some publicity.

  4. Pirating a game to demo it makes absolute sense. You can copy/paste your pirated save file to a legit version and it just works. So if someone thinks a game is worth the price they don't have to worry about losing any progress AND they end up supporting the developers. I did this myself. I pirated the fuck out of all the Yakuza/Like a Dragon games and when they entire collection went on sale on Steam I immediately bought it. If I didn't pirate it I never would have realized how much I love that series. Because of that love I wanted to support the devs. And when they released Ishin again I bought that shit at $60 immediately because I knew it was going to be worth it. I pirated Elex and ended up buying not only that, but all of Piranha Bytes other games as well. I pirated the Batman Arkham games and eventually bought them all on sale.I pirated most of Bethesda's games and, of course, ended up buying all of them when they went on sale. Piracy demoing works. Especially since you can't really rely on Steam's funding policy if a game frontloads all the good shit into the first 2 or 3 hours. By the time you realize you don't like it it's already too late and you can't refund it. Piracy eliminates that problem. If a game starts turning bad then all you wasted was a bit of time

  5. I have a theory, in the 80s and 90s , gaming was targeted mainly to young kids. It was frowned upon from an adult if he played…so, most kids didn’t have money (and parents didn’t want to expend that much on it) and figured out ways of playing for free.Since the 2000s, gaming is “open” and welcomes the adult public. Then, there isn’t a massive demand for pirated games anymore, except for the cheapskate.

  6. I am just gonna say that the taking risks step for experienced piratees is non existant

  7. To be honest, I have seen a lot of people pulling excuses for "legal" piracy, people saying "it's bad" with no exceptions, and people saying "it's complicated".

    But on this video you did pulled some really interesting facts, great POV, good examples and probably better speech that most of the videos that talk about it.

    Total respect! 👍🏼

  8. I think bcs of AAA games piracy is basically dying, no more scene wanted to pirates anymore since it wasnt paying lmao and why demand payment for piracy when you can get the game cheaper year later. Plus we all can see now which game and companies that actually scummy.Now AAA games even with piracy many of their games not even worth it. And the anti piracy measures proves more harm than help nowadays. Well until some of those games actually hit really hard bcs of their own denuvo, gatekeeping content behinds dlc, always online for singleplayer oriented games and low effort actually hit their bank. Its already showing last year to today but its not enough. Dont forget videogames nowadays use any workaround laws to prevent you to actually own your games. They can simply gone offline/took it off market and all your games gone offline/lost. We dont buy games but rent the games nowadays.Lets see by 2025 how these gaming companies will be overshadowed by actually good indie games totally and how rigged goty awards lately.So theybprevent piracy in the name of deva/publishers but scamming gamers aka their consumers. So thats what video game industry crash 2 theme will be…

  9. Ofcourse it is a problem, piracy stops the money going to developers and producers, indie developers will be non existent if piracy was more dominant

  10. piracy can be tackled like gamepass where it made accessible to game in third world country were income is very low . AAA game still get pirated bcz in third world country bcz pricing is 60 dollars and not regional pricing its one on one conversion ratio of the currency and dollar is still dominant currency

  11. I buy cd keys from 3rd party Companies and even that feels off. I buy cheap sell games only, never day one purchases and as a person who isn't driven by the the cult of the new, I can just wait and buy it, even if at huge discount.

  12. Cd cracks and stuff still a thing, I recall those days but couldn't be bothered even back then.

  13. That is my point of view too. Great video. Have a good day.

  14. Although I've never pirated any games or media for that matter (one of probably 2 people on the internet), I think a lot of the anti-piracy measures that have been implemented have been more of an issue…Denuvo…cough cough.

  15. An enlightened point of view, and I agree wholeheartedly. Secondly (in my opinion, in a perfect world), the publishers make enough money anyway, and for doing what exactly? The developers should be getting a much bigger cut, if not all of the profit.

  16. If every game had a demo I probably wouldn't pirate anything. If I really like a game I've pirated I usually end up buying it. Alot of multiplayer games I only end up buying after I've tried it during a free steam weekend.

  17. I am not going to act all high and mighty, but I have pirated several psp, ps1, and ps2 roms pretty recently because I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars (thousands in certain cases) to some scalper on ebay for a single game not being sold anywhere.

  18. As I drink my Grog I must say it ain't an issue but there is a small lost on incomes since you lost the milking tools some games feed upon.
    I prefer to pirate a game before paying for all DLCs and if the game is that good I probably buy it even if only just to support more development around it.
    One place where it does hurt is on consoles since they lower their prices and feed on game sells as they charge game developers with small feeds but even then most popular games are online and those do require the original version in most if not all scenarios. Social media is another aspect that is changing their view as they give free copy of the game just to improve exposure.

  19. I agree with you completely. Steam and other online publishers did much more to fight piracy than most publishers. Now games can be bought on sale for a cheap price and worldwide, so pirating them is not necessary anymore. But I think that I should be allowed to port the game on a physical device if I legally own it, because I cannot guarantee their preservation otherwise. That's the only thing I don't like about digital games.

  20. also today's with steam, epic games, GoG, your options are run the hell over, unlike back in the 2000's where there werent many games, and if you were indie, you were pretty much invisible:
    * cant buy games? no problem, there are thousands of free to play games
    * pricing is an issue cause you live in an emergent country? steam has regional pricing for most games, at worst a 1:3 ratio, at best a 1:2,25.
    * pricing is still an issue? there are like 4-5 sales each year on steam,GoG, and epic, there are publisher sales from time to time, midweek madness sales every week, the sky is the limit for availability of games these days for little money.
    * want to get good games for very little or literally free? epic gives away amazing games all the time, there is the microsoft game pass, there is the humble bundle "bundles",Humble bundle choice, there are subscription based services like EA play.
    * dont have a credit card cause ure not 18+? no problem! these services accept all sorts of payments such as Gift cards and go to your local library,/drugstore to buy one,Bank payment slips, Paypal, PIX, you name it

    so yeah, buying games today is easier than ever, and there is more options than ever too, and also cheaper than ever(if you look at the right places).

  21. Your statement is bollox when you watch in Reddit…

  22. I pirate games to try them… And if I like them I also buy them. 👍

    I don't do the same with music…

  23. I now understand what's your point and I agreed with that, thanks for bringing this up man, great content as usual 👍

  24. As usual, your analysis is amazing 😍

  25. Nahh, you can still buy games on vita, you just can`t use a credit card. It is a payment security measure made by sony.

  26. Imagine pirating a game to save 20 bucks and invite all sorts of viruses and trojans. I use my PC to handle my bank and crypto assets worth in the 6 figure range. No, thank you. I haven used torrents in over 10 years.

  27. A Playstation mod chip, a DVD-rw and a nearby Blockbuster, ah the good old days.
    Now piracy is even easier with no special hardware requirements, no need to access physical media, minimal tech knowledge required and a slew of reliable pirate sources than have proven themselves trustworthy over the last 20 years… and sadly it's even easier to justify now with the ever increasing prices, always online single player games and denuvo eating up clock cycles, amongst other issues.
    Piracy will never truly die.
    Some do it because of greed, lack of resources, or simply hoarding but many also do it as a form of protest, to make a statement and 'stick it to the man'.
    Others just do it because why would you ever pay for something you can get for free.
    Some do it just for the thrill of doing it and never even play or install a game.
    But the day piracy is truly dead would be a sad day for all of humanity as it would signify the inability to be an individual, protest and voice dissent or just generally be a dick for no reason.
    Humans are a contradictory species, our desire to be individuals is in constant conflict with our desire to fit in.
    To make us all the same would solve the problem, but take away what makes us 'Us'.
    So to sum up, Yes platforms like X-box gamepass and steam have diminished piracy, no improvement in service or lowering of price will ever eliminate piracy 100%.

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