Game & Wario (Wii U) – Pirates Gameplay – All levels

All of the CAPTAIN WARIO Pirate levels! Sorry for the couple of pauses mid-dance, I was so into my dancing I hit a few buttons ahahaha


  1. the set the wii u pad down look like show a camera of your balls

  2. It's so funny when he pauses some poses he don't like because the embarrassments!

  3. Space:DUMB DUMB DIA one of my relatives name I'd DIA lol

  4. I actually love this game mode than ANY other game mode in Game&Wario

  5. Is he saying POOZ in the first one (the dancing)

  6. 15:45 I have nothing to say about the two guys in the background.

  7. the only game that has you air hump to win

  8. This has to be the 2nd best mini-game in the whole game, just behind gamer. Once you get the whole rhtym down, it feels very satisfying and the dancing minigame is so ridicolous it's funny.

  9. The dancing is kinda funny when you look at it xD

  10. Thinking about it, there should be a extra stage called: Sky Pirates (and could give us a Ninjago-style Sky Pirate suit for Wario…)

  11. I know my tomotachi life characters play this on the Wii U
    Like if you didn't know that! 😀

  12. The final level means the universe is fuuuuuuucked.

  13. I’m one of the few who play tomodachi life and actually know what my miis are playing. Sometimes they play game and wario pirates, and sometimes they play Nintendo Land: Legend of Zelda

  14. Only the people who made Rhythm Heaven could make a game this funky

  15. I think this is like a better version of I think the dancing boss microgame for I think wario in smooth moves lol

  16. Pirate wario seems like the most active I've seen wario when we're not playing as him lol

  17. “Ahoy there, brave mariner. I am Admiral Venture!”

  18. What sounds better, Adventure King or Admiral Venture?

  19. This could’ve been a rhythm heaven minigame…

  20. These are all certified bangers, especially the final stage

  21. This and that one dancing smooth moves boss I think there's on NSFW level stuff😅

  22. Pirates: the not rhythm heaven but still rhythm heaven rhythm heaven in this non rhythm heaven game that’s a spin-off and probably made by nintendo SPD (the guys who make more obscure games like rhythm heaven which we just mentioned 5 times in this sentence)

  23. Its so funky that ghosts are shooting at you

  24. The match my moves is silly but I go all out when I'm alone

  25. No matter ho =w much I raise the gamepad at the right time, I always get a C for my rhythm, Any help here?

  26. Lemme tell ya, Bubbly Volcano has the most personality in terms of the dancing half.

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