Gaming, Gamedev, and Mental Health w/ Thor from @PirateSoftware

Dr. K’s Guide to Mental Health explores Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and Meditation
with 150+ video chapters in a Final Fantasy-inspired skilltree:

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  1. I found this so wonderful because he asked the same question I always ask, "What about when you struggle with continuing past the failure?"

  2. I'm in school to become a counselor. The amount of information packed into this video is astounding. Seriously 2 semesters worth of psych knowledge here, folks.

  3. had some pretty rough days with my anxiety disorder and family and i really cant overstate how much this conversation changed my view on life and my current emotional state. my hyperactive, stressed out self could finally chill a bit and take a more logical approach to my behaviour and some memories aswell. I had to pause multiple times to process some revelations. I literally asked my mum today, why shes looking so sad and she was completely confused by my question. Now i hear about depressed peoples perception being biased towards a negative view and it all makes SOOO much sense. I swear i had butterflies in my stomach all day and now they are gone. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Intense suffering would make someone enlightened, but most people won't be able to hold it. Well there are several stages of enlightenment, so it's not like you'll become god the first time you're enlightened.

  5. 1:35:45
    I didn't know proper punctuation (ending sentences with a period) was considered rude. Thanks for enlightening me! Your videos have been very helpful for helping me work through my depression

  6. I love the idea of having stats to pursue a prestige class, I'd love to hear more on how to actually pursue a lifestyle revolving around that class.

    Personally I've been spiritually inclined for about 4 years, and while the peace of mind is freeing, idk what else to do with that information.

  7. Dude what do you even add to the conversation, thor is singed handedly carrying the video and you keep “asking” neutral stuff so he finds something to talk about. Its frustrating to see the loop of “hm let me think -> I dont know what to ask or to talk about”.

  8. It's so cool, as when I found Thor, I immediately knew he was the guy to listen to objectively on almost any matter of thought possible. He's OP af.. Great session to listen into, thank you.

  9. Well the 1st half of this made me feel like Thor is one of the more content and well adjusted people I've seen Dr.K interview. Good on Thor!

  10. Thor is on a way different intellectual level for this interview.

  11. Out of curiosity, I tried following along with the meditation; while very calming, I found that when I attempted the part focusing on the feeling of nothing in the solar plexus, I became sensitive to the feeling of my shirt on my skin, the hairs on my chest. When I Attempted to focus further inward I became aware of my heartbeat, feeling each pulse and trying to focus further in, I ended up- rather suddenly, becoming hyper aware of my blood pumping throughout my upper body- the pulse of my heart in my chest, the vessel straining in tandem against the skin on the side of my throat, the bump of my pulse against my desk where a vein was slightly compressed under my wrist. Things i generally am not concious of. I doubt this was the intended result but most of the experience up to this point was certainly interesting and new, and calming- until the last bit which surprised me enough to somewhat shake me out of the focused/calm state

  12. What an amazing conversation. The way Dr. K asked for permission to talk about things and Thor's background story were all fascinating to listen to.

  13. I've only watched this and the one with Asmongold.
    Clearly I need to game harder. Real gamers are close to ascendance.

  14. I know this wasn't supposed to be a "taken literally" therapy session, but just relating my own experiences to the examples, and having a better understanding of how we look at ourselves, and why we get depression etc etc, just the whole topic of the, he said it was Sanskrit language that describes the different areas of our conscience, I forgot what the term was, but the collection of words like Buddhi (I can't really watch 720p so it's harder to read his handwriting), but the whole diagram he draws, it has already helped me build the foundational knowledge of how to identify my personal struggles and emotions. Obviously taking it with a pinch of salt, I still need to go to therapy to learn about myself more, and unpack all my emotions, but I truly think this podcast will be the catalyst to me actually DOING something for myself, and working to improve. And I'm late to the party, but I'm gonna be here to learn about more of this, because I'm personally like Thor, not religious or spiritual, but open to learning about it and understanding what I can to widen my knowledge and emotion around those subjects. Felt like 15 minutes, and I've still got an hour left

  15. When it comes to pulling spiritually (the univers towards you for help), It's weird that you know what to do. Or that you atleast align with your next step. Like you can feel/consider what to do. ???????????

  16. This is definitely not the sort of thing I would normally watch, I gave it a go because I know Thor. I really enjoyed it, and it showed me that a lot of this isn't the pseudoscience that I initially wrote it off as.

  17. Hearing Thor talking about his "Wait, Hold up a moment" mentality towards processing things is very relatable for me. I was the oldest of 4 boys and my mother is much as he describes his. Thor is 100% right when he talks about how chaotic it can be in that situation. I was way more introspective than my brothers, so I developed his mentality at a young age. My brothers on the other hand ranged so wildly from anger to depression depending on what was going on. He's also right about if you grow up with that kind of environment you think it is normal. It led to some very rough times in my 20s when I thought it was normal to have a woman abuse you mentally, physically, and emotionally until I had some good friends pull me out and open up my eyes. Its very hard to learn that life shouldn't be like that and it doesn't need to be.

  18. It’s all energy baby, it’s why the Star Trek philosophy is a good question in theory but can be answered. It copies you molecule for molecule but it stores your essence into a wave length of energy which then gets transfered into the new body, which is essentially just a rebuilt version of the old one. You don’t change you literally just dematerialize into energy which is what we all are. It makes you yourself. It’s everything in this physical body that stays stored in this flesh so we can experience this physical world. Because there’s many dimensions but only one where we can exist as we are now. Which is why it’s lucky we all get to have this experience because it carries with us through our energy regardless of death. It’s also why the teleporter doesn’t kill you. If you were not you it wouldn’t attempt to print because well they lost you. Your body’s gone but your still energy. Just no longer in physical form. Me and this guy needa have tea.

  19. thor is such a wise and kind soul. i really enjoyed seeing him in this setting. He usually speaks his mind and is vulnerable but didnt know a lot about him that he was talking about. love this vid
    and thor <3

  20. can I just think for a second 🤣 im 100% stealing this

  21. 2:14:49 can you deliberately emotionally charge somthing in the positive direction to act as a buffer againts the bad? If so how?

  22. 2:44:59 that place is only empty from the outside, it can be hell imside. Or i found somthing different but similar.

  23. I love that you can tell Dr.K is passonate about this stuff, the tone in his voice and the amount of depth he explains things in is something you can only do when you truly love what you do. so refreshing to see someone this openly passionate about their profession

  24. i could replicate my brain and replace it for every other human on Earth besides these two, and they'd still be more intelligent…

  25. I think Thor's best quality is his openness and natural curiosity. He doesn't live in a world of assumptions, he doesn't rush to judgement or make bad interpretations; everything and everyone deserves to be given a chance to be understood, and he not only takes the time to understand, but he learns infinitely more (which satisfies his curiosity) by being open to a similar experience being new or different in some way that he would have never expected. He really approaches every day as if it brings him something fresh to think about, and that's one of the strongest mindsets to go through life with, because not only are you constantly finding something new each day, but you can receive the events of your life better by being open to the experience. He just has one of the most powerfully curious minds I've seen, and his interest in puzzles and problem solving are excellent assets that he's cultivated which have partly shaped the kind of person he is and how he responds to things.

  26. I like how you have each person's name below their picture =)

    Oh, and this is AMAZIMG interview! Thanks for having it. =)

  27. I was (and still am I guess) one of the people that heard Thor's advice originally, but couldn't quite put it into effect. I feel like this added dimension is what I needed to understand to start working towards actually enacting it.

  28. Example for memory altering sensory Input: Misshearing lyrics the first time and then misshearing it always the same way, untill someone tells you the right lyrics. And then you might be able to switch your heared lyrics at will.

  29. " Its the Main Tank " Just casually thrown next to a sentence that explains the whole system of the human mind, is just the best

  30. IMO the “demoralization” that Thor is talking about can be solved relatively easy and isn’t worth much discussion. If making games is something you want to do, do it. And if your games aren’t taking off, and you are willing to keep putting in the effort to make more games and perfecting your craft things MAY work out. Let’s face it not everyone will become successful developers (you define what success means for you) and that’s fine. The reality is not everyone will be doing what they want in life, the pursuit is the purpose.

  31. The Howard Stern of game streaming (with a bit of Carl Sagan).

  32. We LOVE Pirate!! Thank you for getting Thor on here!

  33. In my humble opinion as a non HealthyGG viewer, this is the most valuable 3 hours of time one can spend on YouTube.

  34. emotional processing: recalling the memory, reliving the emotion, reframing it, and then filing it away again using a more analytical approach, instead of having it in the forefront of the mind all the time. You can't do this for someone else; you have to activate your own emotional circuitry to process your own emotions. Thanks for this definition.

  35. This video helped me finally grasp my emotions and gave me confidence to pursue my goals. Explaining how the brain works helped me understand myself and what you do is amazing! I've watched so many of your interviews and I find myself lucky to have found this content 🙂

  36. i watch this guys videos but either im just so shut in i see it wrong or it feels like im watching a andrew tate video but without the alpha bullshit. there still bullshit here but it feels offf.

  37. also secondlife. thor we more then likely crossed paths thern. in the early years i was a maker of avatars mostly furry but ya. i think we have talkled before via second life. i was the modeler friends was the scripter.. i think the store was DSD or dark spot designs. ill make you feel old. mesh and animesh are the go to on SL these days. prim is barely if at all used the last 7 years XD

  38. 2 hours and 10 mins in, will change a lot of peoples lives.

  39. The discussion of the corpus callosum was particularly insightful in processing a circumstance I'm currently experiencing, so thank you.

  40. I listen to this as I slept last night. Thor. Top tier human. This other dude. Kinda a know it all ass. Thor explaining something and mr 711 says “Thor I’m thinking” to shut him up. Nah. Habibi needs to learn manners

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