Gaming, Gamedev, and Mental Health w/ Thor from @PirateSoftware

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  1. heartbound 2 is about to be some deep shit

  2. We’ve proven Thor and Doctor K are the SAME PERSON. Accidentally like minds.

  3. 1:06:30 love this question by the way.
    My take on this has always been, the same trick question as: "What state of matter is fire? Solid, liquid, gas or plasma"
    And the answer is none, because fire is a process not matter. And I think the same applies to consciousness, I think it's the process, or the result of all brain electricity

  4. as someone who initially studied for game development before switching to cybersecurity Thor is someone I always love hearing from, thanks for having him on Dr. K

  5. An important lesson in my computer science curriculum was to avoid "ego coding." Separating yourself from your work so that you can learn from yourmistakes and work with your team more effectively. Code reviews are regular and the outcome of your code in situ will always be present. Being aware of and prepared for ego coding is key to ascending to a code wizard.

  6. Does anyone know where to find the opening track? Its super relaxing. Id love to put it on while I work.

  7. are your coaches essentially certified peer specialists?

  8. Yes 2nd edition is the best edition thank you 👑

  9. there's many different kinds of loneliness
    loneliness in the sense of lacking people to actually talk about stuff, deeply enough, is a very real thing, and not conditioned, or rather longing, I suppose, you do not have people around you who you can properly talk about things, whether or not there's any people around at all, and you can do only so much by only thinking things through by yourself, because most people need others, in order to get new ways of thinking, to avoid going in circles, to notice things they overlooked before

  10. Jordan Peterson will be the best think to see you discuss with him

  11. The fakest dude on the entire platform as of late just sayin..

  12. For some reason, ending with "Am I done? Am I still here?" was really funny to me 😀

  13. wow, what a … interview i guess? very interesting.

    one thing on sound: Sounds like you have echo cancelation on or sth (your voice gets pushed away anytime Thor is talking), it would be easier to understand without it on, also you're both wearing headphones, so echo is not really an issue ^^

  14. It is just amazing to listen to two calm minds genuinely trying to learn together, i enjoyed every minute if the video great job guys 🫶🏻

  15. 42:51 ok I just want to point out a rat is a horrible example here as they are not a "just put em in a cage". A goldfish would be a better example since they quite literally are stuck in the aquarium.

  16. During the ads at the start of the video my cat sat in front of the tv entranced. We are always asking this cat “Are you an old man trapped in a cats body? Meow once if you are” and he stares into our eyes looking at our souls.

  17. I’m really glad Youtube shorts introduced me to Thor. He’s seems like a really cool guy and very wise beyond his years.

  18. This is probably one of the most emotionally intelligent conversation I’ve ever listened to

  19. Internet dad vs internet older brother lol

  20. At this point I don't even care about getting something out of this myself I just wanna watch thors pc-monk journey!

  21. New goal of becoming a famous streamer so I can talk to Dr. K and put him on blast for his evidences of a spiritual form. Miscategorization of phenomena we have neuroanatomical evidence for is unlikely to be a consistent tool in service of producing mental health. It's not the meditation, it's the mindfulness. It's not the religion, it's the sense of purpose and agency constituting the ego. I almost feel like the redirect towards a spiritual conversation derails from the more-substantive paths this conversation could have taken.

  22. this chad manage to steal Thor's precious 3 hours for shower…😂

  23. Interesting. So that nice "empty state of mind" that I get when swimming after 10-15 minutes is actually meditation.

  24. and this was the day that thor got his masters in psychology

  25. it feels like i just watched jesus being taught by his mentor

  26. Thor deserved better this guy was mad weird, if it wasn’t for Thor I wouldn’t be here rofl

  27. I've never seen him talk for more than 10 seconds lol, almost makes it weird to see him as a genuine guy in a long conversation with someone else.

  28. That's a really good point about marijuana takes bong rip

  29. A lot of very interesting information about the mechanisms of our mental mechanisms, of which I've always felt a hint of internally.
    To see it be reinforced and expanded upon in such an insightful manner was truly enjoyable to be a part of!

    Thank you to everyone involved in the production of such high quality content!

  30. This was really great, thank you both for having and sharing this amazing conversation!

  31. Thor is a very intelligent and wise man. He's very smart with emotions and empathy.

  32. Thor got that Kratos mindset, if it scares you you must do it

  33. There are lots of interesting stuff to be learned in this conversation. I'm mainly commenting to thank Dr. K for dropping at least a couple of papers I'll surely read. I need to learn more about depression and acquire a few tools to help someone close.

  34. It's so nice of this big youtuber Pirate Software to come on and make Healthy Gamer relevant again

  35. Any chance that decreased activity in the corpus callosum reduces the ability to play the piano or coordinate both hands seperately ?

  36. 23 minutes in and we’re already onto the topic of divorce, there’s 2.5 hours to go lol

  37. 2:01:00 is this why it is harder for me to understand speech/lyrics through my left ear and easy for my right ear, while listening for noises is the opposite?

  38. Two absoulte chads talking to each other ~the video

  39. This is really fun to follow and get summarizing points of view like 1:47:40.
    1:36:16 depression – view on reality
    1:38:44 – emotion corrupting memory, while empowering the recall – negative feedback loop.
    2:05:45 – PTSD insight – the location ("not in the past") of a memory
    2:10:26 – reframing memory

  40. I really like Thor, he's a genuinely good man, and very interesting to listen to. Awesome video

  41. at the 58 minute mark of the video and it just dawned to me. that, Dr. K is concerned there is a survivorship bias going on here

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