Gem of Pirate games | 2002 | Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat gameplay

Out of Pirate games? Then you should try this one ^^
almost 20 YEARS OLD GAME

Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat is a 2002 action-adventure video game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It was released in North America on February 17, 2002, and in Europe on March 1, 2002.

This game was originally for PS2, but you can also download the emulator and try to play it on PC. Hope u enjoy it 🙂 some good old memories, played it when I was like 8



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Everything is very much appreciated 🙂


I wanna make people happier and have fun doing it, that’s the core of my motivation to make videos for you guys 🙂 To be a magician that can transform bad energy into a good one 🙂

Believe in oneself and enjoy the present, made others happy and have fun. Balance your energies out. Focus on what matters. Stand beside things you really believe in.

The art of transforming some clips of mediocre gameplay to something, that someone would watch and enjoy, that is really what I’m after, to share end enchant such good memories. I’m alchemist baby 😀

To share memories, to make memories and to be thankful for them. I’m thankful for such good moments and privilege to experience them 🙂 If you are reading this, I’m thankful for your being a part of my journey 🙂

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  1. Loved this game!!! Still have it! I have 3 ps2s. Have to have a back up to the back up….. lol. Best games ever on the Ps2. I would love a remaster of this game. Then I would splurge and get a PS5. Love the simple chill sounds of this game. Think this will be a video I leave on for the pups while I’m at work 👍

  2. Great game still thinking about this in 2022

  3. I still have two copies but my PS2 died after serving faithfully for many years. Great game. We really don't have a good single player, open world, pirate rpg selection and that is a travesty, especially considering the amount of Tolkien inspired midievel type games available. Land and sea fun. I want to battle sea monsters and take forts, build forts, find buried treasure, take merchant ships, build and upgrade my own fleet, become a freakin pirate queen, brawl with pygmy cannibals and hack away a path to some forgotten tomb filled with gold, maybe assassinate a king or two…. all that. Maybe one day..

  4. I remember playing this all the way through back in the day. Very cool game indeed, a little difficult at some points but worth the effort in my opinion. The enemies, the environment, the upgrade system. I remember it all being very engaging!

  5. My brother and I used to play this game for HOURS. Such fun times!

  6. Man this game was awesome. Loved playing on Xbox with my buds in multiplayer

  7. very magical game. its a shame that its too obscure from the public. It hardly gets any talk from the public.

  8. this game was so GOOOD in 2002 compare to other games

  9. This games reminds me all the good times when I've played it on PS2

  10. I love this game! Smashing the powerful fortresses was the best! There was a Ghost Ship? in this game I think, that was downright impossible to beat. I still haven't beaten this game yet.

  11. Why isn't game on /v/ recommended ps2 and xbox game list.

  12. This is basicaly assassins creed 4 on ps2 lol

  13. This game should be remastered! I loved this game on ps2!

  14. PS2, the hidden gem machine! I loved this console, and this game was fantastic. I loved sailing around and tearing shit up, looting, and exploring. Ahead of its time definitely.

  15. This game deserves a remake or an HD update or something.imagine if you had something on the scale of assassin's Creed Black flag but with this story

  16. OMG thanks for the childhood nostalgia 😭👍🏼.

  17. Bello sto gioco io avevo la play station e ci giocavo sempre m ora si è rotta e nn ci posso più giocare

  18. i just found the game that ive been playing like 15 years ago

  19. These old games were awesome and they were pinnacle of gaming 20 years ago. ps1 and alter ps2 games era. my childhood together with Destrega (sony ps1 demo disk, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot/Racing, Wipeout, Grand Turismo…), Destrega and Rock'em Sock'em Robots Arena.

  20. I played this on a demo disc that used to come with the game magazines! I've been trying to find this for almost 20 years!!! Thank you!

  21. It's a great game, not just due to nostalgia, I had an absolute blast playing it. It was actually a very long game filled with a lot to do, and a lot of re-visting areas and was the exact opposite of being linear. I agree with the other comments, wish they would make a remake.

  22. Imagine this game with multiplayer. this game was ahead of its time…almost 20-year-old game. Imagine this game with multiplayer. Every player having his own territory/castle, his own ship, and character. combining MMORPG and MOBA elements together for the ultimate Pirate of the Seas experience. maybe even proximity voice chat, alliances, clans…the potential is huge

  23. This game was so before it's time to think this is the funniest pirate game out there until black flag and even then this game was so rich and a genuine blast to explore

  24. "MMM, Grog!" and the intro music will always be a core memory of mine.

  25. How can I play this again in 2021 without breaking the bank?

  26. This game was lowkey fun to play, if it was remade today, this game would really been a masterpiece. I remember playing this and never knew the name of this for a long time sum across this the other day, is this on xbox live?

  27. Неужели я не найду здесь русских?)

  28. If this came out only 10 years later, this would have been a series by now

  29. Utterly loved this game. One of my all time favorites. Land and scene were so fun

  30. as usual aspect ratio is way off (16:9 vs 4:3) so everyone looks fat as fuck; why couldn’t you record in normal 4:3 ?

  31. The animations are so god damn smooth for such an old game.

  32. better gameplay/action combat than games today. and this game is almost 20 year old

  33. ehh im searching like 2005-2008 game calld pirate adventure u was fox in this game and fighitng monsters or somthign like that old memories 🙁

  34. I remember renting this game as a kid because of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but I was too young and stupid to understand how to play it.

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