Today we return to Atlas to sail the seas solo and get started!

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  1. This is the series I need in my life 80 episodes

  2. Love and miss this game cant wait till you got a nice boat and some dudes af

  3. Atlas is just my favorite game concepts all-in-one and I love it,will get it next time it's on sale

  4. If you want the true atlas experience…look In to darkside rp ….it what the devs thought of when they built the game and if your in single player the ship still desync and dissappear

  5. Hell yeah bro I haven't seen you on this one since season 1, there's a wipe coming up soon, keengang season 8 winners?

  6. More! Let me relive this game through you

  7. This looks like a direct asset ripoff of Ark Survival

  8. For those wondering, there was just another update and lots of content has been added to the game. Still some bugs but it’s a lot better than the old days of the game! Def recommend

  9. Hiding your stuff under water Something I use to do, Except if someone finds it all they have to do is set the timer on a barrel and place it on you water base and good by stuff, also grenades also work on them too. but back when Atlas first started you could not use them because the powder got wet and they maid it so you had to dry the powder first before it would work. lol

  10. This looks alot more fun than regular ark with tek gear ill definitely try it

  11. You should start a crew, when I'm not at work I'd come join.

  12. What people still play this dam that’s a surprise

  13. Not even bother myself to play that game, cause it is from WildCard. Knowing for example, in ARK´s official pve you never know when some lag can separate your from your own base or worse….or server you are in, goes offline and all you have decays. No, official PVE is something i can not trust, especially if it is from >WC. Better to stick to Singleplayer- this is the place you feel happy (no stress you get all the time). Game must be fun, enjoyable or lets say, give you something in a long run, reward you if it is hard to get….not to ruin something you waisted your lifetime on. Well, this is for people, who do not know about WC, a warm warning. I do not do this just cause i hate, i do that cause ive seen many from us who are suffering because of this!

  14. Would love for you to make a second episode

  15. i really would love a full series on this. pve to pvp. I had the highest hopes for the game before it died but i would like to live it out through you.

  16. Yo brother if you still play atlas I would love to play with you that games pretty fun, you can also tame sea horses now

  17. The issue is, that it is so obviously a mod for ARK, that i refuse to give money for this. Why would I? It's the same game

  18. Would be a cool Idea that atlas is just the planet ark 2 takes place on but in it's way future

  19. Does the wipes include singleplayer servers

  20. Please keep playing and get more people this game is in a much better state and it would be amazing to see more people playing it

  21. I hope this game is at least as good as Ark when it finally fully releases. I like the concept a lot.

  22. i dont see this game ever being anything more than it is, to broken to fix and parts of the game built around bugs

    great idea but worste people to pull it off, ark was half ass as it was

  23. I don't get how people can be so pathetically stupid to call the game "hot trash" and so on and so forth… The game is playable from a technical/mechanical stand point, it's fun to cruise around in a ship, the only thing I didn't like was the same that I didn't like of ark and dark and light…..other people and their a-holeish ways. On official servers people block of spawns/resources and ain't much you can do about it especially as a solo, so then you go pvp just to be able to remove others left over junk/area blockades but you get randomly destroyed just because they can. In "open pvp" games people feel that since open murder is frowned upon in real life they have to use it as an excuse to be p.o.s in games. A lot of open pvp games are focused on anything else but pvp but to make the mechanisms work you just get the option too. But people don't understand and use it just to harass and bully others of the can get on top, of they lose the cry. Oh, and I hate programed server resets. If I'm gonna work to progress on something I'm not going to like restarting everything every few months or some games much much less.

  24. everyone says this game is bad but after seeing this im buying it looks great

  25. How the hell do you run this game at more than 2 FPS?

  26. Everyone always loves to talk crap about this game, but i wholeheartedly believe that it is better than ARK (and that’s coming from someone whose only played this game about once or twice a year and dedicated more hours of my life into ARK than school). However, the game does have its flaws. Both the hand-to-hand combat and the AI of the army of the damned do need to be reworked, as they’re both very clunky, but not broken (unless you’re doing a high level treasure chest in which the AI just bugs out and continuously burrows, which I’m guessing is supposed to be an anti-cheese mechanic that’s a little too trigger happy). It’s also a lot easier to get set back up after getting wiped than in ARK, and now it’s even easier with the introduction of the ship-in-a-bottle in season 10. Also the official servers wipe 1-2 times a year, which honestly Wildcard needs to start doing. Overall, very underrated game and just keeps getting better with every update. Really proud of Grapeshot for pulling this off so well and continuing to update the game. They’re currently working on porting the game to Unreal Engine 5, which I can’t imagine is an easy task, nor would it generate much revenue for them, but they’re still doing it because it’ll both make the game look and perform better. Really excited to see what happens with this game down the road, as it’s got a lot of potential (also it helps to fill a Worlds Adrift shaped hole I have had in my heart since 2019, which anything that can do that is immediately a good game in my book).

  27. What happend to the npcs you had, your smithy and all that as you went to land to Bury your treasure? It all disappeared 😆

  28. did you poison the monkey ? aaahoooyyy 😄

  29. how would you compare this game to ARK? thinking about getting back into either ark or this

  30. make a dive platform for your ship, helps allot with sunken treasures.

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