Today we return to Atlas to sail the seas solo and get started!

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  1. All these years and they still can't figure out a spear thrust animation… facepalm

  2. It looks prettier at least.
    Opinions thus far on 2022 atlas?

  3. There is about 1k average players on atlas and 100 on Dark and Light lol

  4. This game looks as janky as I expected it to be.

  5. Really hope you make more, really enjoyed this bro.

  6. Happy to see you get some variety in man. Also good to see more Aussies get out there and more popular. Keep it all up man.

  7. Been following you with ark.
    So funny how your got trapped in bannans boat ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. Itโ€™s basically ark but without the dinos

  9. Hey hod you wanna help me on american ark server called Lfaw( life finds a way) 4 team server. I'm late to wipe struggling to hold my weight on my own. Would appreciate if you would help or join me. love ya

  10. Really crazy how many similarities there are to Ark…
    gg Noobstar

  11. Gotta say, the new dev team (I think they canned all the original crew) is really trying to get this game back on track. Ive been playing a few weeks after being away for a couple years and Im actually havin a blast! If you havent played it in a while.. you might want to dust off your sloops and give it a go!

  12. This is such an underrated game it was so much fun until everybody left and I was alone I could not stop anybody from attacking the base when they came and took it

  13. I absolutely loved this game until there were companies that were spawning in whales on my boat lol building a port and dropping mortars on gallys from half a mile out was stunning to watch though.

  14. Used to love this game have so many hours logged. So many issues, looks great though .

  15. I only played in PvE because I don't like to fight against people, I like helping. I miss the all the interaction I had when playing. On the island I was, I had Russians, Germans and Chinese's and South Africans as neighbors (And I'm French). Everybody was nice, we made some trades, it was so cool to be kind of friend with all those good people.

  16. i havent played this for like 2-3 years now
    is it any better?

  17. Like the concept of a pirate game, but problem here is its not to much incentive to go out on sea and to much incentive of making bases and crap on land, but in realisticness, then this is probably more realistic than for example sea of thives, but sea of thives got that adventure incentive this game lack sadly.

  18. I play atlas off and on with my friends when I get bored of other games I play it's fun

  19. You should play on GhostLands, most active pvp server I think

  20. I dont't think i have ever been more disappointed by a game then when this came out.

  21. Very cool game.. much like Ark… nice video series.

  22. Is this game as glitchy as ark? Or is it functional?

  23. Iโ€™m new to atlas and can anyone tell me what servers to play and where I should spawn?

  24. โ€œGetting startedโ€ where did all the gear come from?

  25. The graphics look totally cool and the game looks amazing

  26. How did u make this game work ? For me it crashes every 5 min and for other friends of mine that play with me.

  27. I always felt like the font used to interact etc is to damn messy haha but might just be me

  28. Great start to a series! looking forward to the next. Im getting back into Atlas myself now.

  29. i have not play atlas for such a long time so I dont know if Atlas change a lot of thing or not

  30. Ah i knew the game would be much more better it just needed time and now it's here

  31. My wife and I have played ark for yrs. We tried this on release and I enjoyed it, but she did not. That was the end of atlas for me.

  32. Ghost ship? ๐Ÿค” Army of the Damned ships.. Zkittles???

  33. Ughh I dont know how ppl can play over the shoulder perspective like that.

  34. Oh my gy this isnt ark. You cant solo atlas lol.

  35. I just want to fast forward to where you are 90 and learning about mace and shield and why you shouldn't be plying this game lol

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