Giants vs. Pirates Game Highlights (5/23/24) | MLB Highlights

Giants vs. Pirates full game highlights from 5/23/24

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  1. pirates will win the division if the season was a 3 game season…always good from the start and stink all season through

  2. Ok. I think it's time for the Buccos to try a couple roster moves!

  3. Wade, Chapman, Soler, Flores, Ramos, Bailey, Wisely, Taylor, Rodriguez, and Tyler were the heroes. Another comeback win for the Fighting Giants. Anyone hotter than Chapman laely?

  4. The pirates mascot really hit the griddy and then the Pirates blew a 4 run lead 💀

  5. Pirates need to just pitch Skenes until his arm falls off. He’s not going to finish his career with us, so why not?

    It’s so hard to be a pirate fan. A disgraceZ

  6. Skenes is sitting in the dugout looking ahead to his Dodgers contract in a few years ……Pirates are disgrace to baseball

  7. That's wild they still let him toss a football 🤣 you can jam your finger easily even if your a tough guy💀🤣

  8. Both teams went into the game thinking that they should have swept the other.


  10. The San Francisco Giants are 25-26⚫️🟠⚪️🌁🌉

  11. As a Mariner's fan, I've felt for King Felix to throw so great for so many years only to never make it to the postseason, I sure hope that doesn't happen to Skenes, he looks like he's going to be dominant for a long time granted that he stays healthy

  12. Que 💩 es el relevo ese muchacho a lanzado muy bien y ese relevo 💩🤮

  13. Imagine skenes playing with nobody else telling him what to do.. losers

  14. HHhHahHhHhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahauajau Save skenes for another team

  15. I said it before, but got to get that pitch count down for Paul, ~100 pitches in six innings outs a super heavy reliance on their bullpen which obviously can’t handle it.

  16. Please just sell skenes to a good team fr.

  17. as a Yankee fan, seeing Aroldis is still spoiling games makes me happy he's not on our team.

  18. The Giants seem to have been freed from the curse since the Koreans who panic-buy them are gone. And no doubt, Matos is better than the salary-thief.🇰🇷💸🤑

  19. Why did the manager leave that sorry excuse of a relief pitcher in so long , not even incompetent blue jays manager John Schneider would leave him in the game after giving up that bomb to chapman!

  20. My first game at PNC park. 2 things I learned, pirate fans hate rowdy Téllez and never leave the game early with the lead because they lost the lead 😆

  21. How Chapman kept his elbows in on that hack is PRO

  22. Wouldn't be a Giants W without a little bit of torture! LFG!

  23. One of the best series of the year so far

  24. Scenes knew he would be stuck with Pirates. I pray he banked some of the signing bonus. Long time till free agency.

  25. That’s two series in a row now buccos.

  26. Ok… watching the replay … Chapman’s HR is all star rating, but the 7th run, Chapman is up 2-0 with two outs, why would you hit a freaking fast ball right down the middle of the plate ?

  27. It’s too bad for Paul who pitched well again

  28. Chapman finding his glove and his bat!! A lot of guys coming in with their bats for clutch hits and power when needed. Great come back wins!

  29. I thought I had a secure bet once I saw the Pirates up 6-2 in the 8th 😭. Instead I lost both parlays and that's baseball for you

  30. Sorry MLB, you have the worst highlights of all. You show guys walking in a dugout, pitchers warming up, batters on the on deck circle, and many other non-plays, but skip hits, outs, pitches _ the game itself. Just one example. A guy leads off an inning with a triple and the next clip is of the 3rd out, but at least you showed the last batter heading back to the dugout and the other pitcher walking the length of his dugout – exciting stuff!

  31. From the GM to the least important assistant coach, everyone needs to go. Now.

  32. If Chapman doesn't hit 25-30 more bombs…Soler seems he couldn't hit broad side of barn.

  33. Pirates are so poverty 🤣🤣🤣 congrats for getting temper tantrum Bart 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Chap with the hack on the high fast is manie

  35. Wearing necklaces like that is feminine. Such a shame men have been so feminized.

  36. Was that back to back games the Giants gave up grand slams but still won? Crazy.

  37. Horrible loss Shelton ! Keep the starter in, 3rd baseman should of went home to get out. No doubles D. Use Chapman if u take starter out. But he's throwing it down the middle, hot hitter 3 run homer u might of walked. All kinds of mistakes. Let me trim the fat cuz this game was pathetic for the Bucks. 61yr old wise man. Blown game big time

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