Going Face with Concoction Pirate Rogue

In a fast meta Pirate Rogue should perform well. Concoctions give us plenty of longevity and damage.

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00:00 Intro
00:51 Game 1
09:19 Game 2
16:59 Game 3
20:22 Game 4

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  1. When Amalgam targets a dual-type it has a chance to pull from either pool (and the discover pool can have either both choices appearing within the 3 in addition to all 3 of either singular tribe like what happened here).

  2. I liked it when Chump said "it's concoctin time" and concocted all over those guys

  3. I've been looking for a Rogue deck with the concoction package….that doesn't use the crab. Can it be replaced for anything?

  4. Potion Belt used to be bugged in a way that it couldn't give the same concoction twice (it would offer it if you didn't pick it the first time, but once you picked, it wouldn't show again). Now it can, so dealing 3 damage twice looks pretty juicy.

  5. Representative dot in a theoretical circle says:


  6. That's an impressive bit of editing cycling through the different concoctions at the beginning.

  7. I frickin LOVE concoctions – one of my favorite mechanics in years!

  8. I don't know why no one is talking about bots being added to low MMR match ups but it's incredibly boring playing the same decks over and over with no variation.

  9. I have played a very similar deck lately and I would cut the Noxious infiltrator or the Apothecary for Serrated Bone Spike – this card has been MVP in many games. For 3 mana you can kill an enemy minion and use a concoction. In this very aggressive meta, it can make a huge difference.

  10. Someone actually played this against me, then I mine locked him for a billion damage LMAO.

  11. I was looking through my collection yesterday and remembered that I have the legendary pirate from Sunken City. I never played her- wonder if she’ll ever be good again.

  12. Hey Chump! Thanks for your videos, I really love em and the way you play whilst explaining all of your thoughts and moves. I have one question, do you think you could put a mobile link for your decks? I unfortunately cannot copy the decks codes in the YouTube description 🙁 thanks! And happy new year

  13. I'm sure we could all hear the cogs turning in chumps head when he realised the jelly was +2 spell damage

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