HARDCORE Space Pirate Game!

Marauders Gameplay – New Survival RPG with Hardcore FPS PVP!
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In this Marauders gameplay walkthrough you will see my first impression of the Marauders gameplay when we encounter other players and try to survive space. Marauders is a tactical first-person multiplayer shooter with extremely hardcore minimal HUD. In this Roleplay game you can RP a space pirate Marauder. Marauders is set in an alternative 1990s where The Great War never ended, Earth has been industrialised to its breaking point, and many have fled to the stars. As space mercenaries known as β€˜Marauders’, players will gear up and pilot their ships through hostile galactic reaches to salvage anything they can and survive by any means necessary. Throughout each match, players will be able to upgrade their gear and gather materials to craft new Armor and weapons at base. Marauders gameplay is very similar to the looter shooter Escape from Tarkov gameplay or Hunt: Showdown. Marauders was developed by Small Impact Games and published by Team17 who gave me early access to the beta play test build of Marauders.

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  1. There is no center behind one’s eyes, they are only sensory organs, and there is only conscious awareness πŸ”΄πŸŸ₯

  2. These weapons look atrocious. I mean, they look like WW2 weapons… in space…

  3. This looks dope as heck. Beyond good and evil 2 is what it reminds me of a little bit.

  4. Yesss, battle brother…more of this! The game looks amazing and it's always a blast to watch you,ultimate, and sevenfangs play teams. Keep up the hard work and awesome content man πŸ‘πŸ»
    Edit: how long will it take for ultimate to find a way to set himself on fire lol

  5. I want to see FPS ESO, rust, Tarkov, Marauders…. All of that..

  6. This is rad I would love to see more of this eso, keep up the great work

  7. This looks b e a utiful. Saw this games trailer somewhere earlier this year and I had really high hopes for it. Still, I cannot believe this is gameplay footage and not a cinematic cutscene.

  8. No Single Player or offline play.. Hate PVP only games.

  9. Wow amazing intro with slapping that 4man

  10. This looks incredible! First I've seen of this game.

  11. Reminds me of Star Citizen a little bit. I always love to see more passionate space games being made.

  12. If this has or gets a dedicated PvE only mode, I would 100% get this game, this looks so fun.

  13. I'd like every YouTube video that says the game is an RPG to tell us the RPG elements first. Because so many of these videos show it's NOT an RPG!

  14. It'd really mean a lot to me if you checked out my Skyrim Speedrun

  15. yeah ill love too see more in the game, had me on the edge of my seat!

  16. This game looks insane! Definitely going to try this one out

  17. I adore the looks of this game so far. Was a lot of fun watching you two play it. I'd most definitely love to see more.
    Quick question: Who were you playtesting with in this video? I couldn't find anything in the video description.

  18. So Tarkov in space… Looks interesting; if only I was good at PvP but I'm terrible, literally never win a fight, even if the other guy is unarmed.. lmao

  19. Looked cool. Would definitely like more

  20. Thx for the video…I believe I would be cannon-fodder…Thats serious hardcore PvP. Peace

  21. Definitely would like to see more of Marauders, looks Real fraking Awesome

    Really, really love the Space Battles you could have here

  22. Marauders is the bee's knees, 10 hrs in personally. Will become my fav looter shooter, possibly fav game. You should def cover more Marauders.

  23. I hope this releases on console πŸ™

  24. Played for the first time last night and I'm hooked! Can't wait until the next play test!

  25. I’ve got a pistol so I’m just gonna headshot one of them? Dude the pistol in close quarters is all you need ftw!

  26. Only watched to help the algorithm but I actually might try this games ngl

  27. I love that it has this claustrophobic submarine feel to it!

  28. Hopefully devs actually have intentions on making this a fun game and not a grindfest

  29. FYI everyone, this will be free on Game Pass

  30. What's the likelihood you think they'd bring it to console eventually?

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