Helldivers 2: It’s Over..

Asmongold Clips / Asmongold Reacts To: Sony dropping a nuke on Helldivers 2

Full List of countries that can’t buy Helldivers 2 anymore, due to not being able to create a Playstation Network account, which is now required to play Helldivers 2 by June 4th:

Clip by the absolute GigaChad Thor:

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  1. well right when i was thinking of joining the hype. They waited got rich af and then said ok, do it.

  2. helldivers 2 goes from bad to "hold my beer, i can do worse"

  3. Maybe it's just me but if a game didn't allow me to play it then I'd request a refund and move on.
    But in 2024 everyone has to complain about everything, Even war-torn countries whining about Helldivers ๐Ÿ˜…

  4. Classic fake news i never had a fking ps4-ps5 and i can fking play the game

  5. This is a prime example of how greed quickly destroys everything.

  6. โ€œ10 years ago Xbox was the bad one and Sony the good oneโ€ bruh when and where? All the complaints about Xbox Live where that you had to pay I stead of it being free like on PSN. With the fact that PSN was down for a whole month do to a hack, Iโ€™d never consider PSN as being โ€œthe good oneโ€ lmao

  7. As Ukranian I am actually depressed as hell. I was collecting my money to buy this game on steam and now I am gonna have to collect for another 5 or 10 years just to buy a god damn console in order to play the game…

  8. well now …. the players and arrow head won no account linking happening

  9. No one cares about Ukraine they already get our tax money they need to stop crying less and better focusing in how to dodge the Millitary mobilisation

  10. Lmao guaranteed whoever made that decision has never played a game in their life ๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. What surprises me is that dumb shit like this does not piss off investors.
    Here you have a money printing machine, and then the guys you invested your money into decides to collectively
    huff paint like there was no tomorrow to fry their braincells, and decide to piss all over it.

    If I were a investor and found out some shit like this, I'd take that fucking company to court or pull out all my investments.

  12. Man everyone is over reacting, every game does this on steam it's not new. Xbox is worst they force you to do it and install the xbox app

    As long as sony makes it optional we all good

  13. The first step to them is Steam deploying an update that prohibits its sale in some locations. removing the game off the market and providing reimbursements to all affected parties. Maintain the line. This kind of behavior won't be accepted.

  14. They already redacted the requirement. Why are we still talking about this.

  15. I can see this going a few ways

    Legal route

    Studio disbands

    Studio leaves Sony and joins Microsoft.

  16. At this point they have already gone back on that statement and said they wont be moving forward with that requirment to have a linked PSN account ๐Ÿ˜…

  17. Reminds me of Hasboro losing the trust of the D&D community. "We want all the money, all of it! Hey, why won't people buy our stuff anymore?"

  18. Im from Vietnam , and sadly it happened in my country too

  19. Are yall stupid xD Noone complains when a company comes out with an exclusive that you can only play on that console. Stfu kids just crying to cry nowadays

  20. Sony lived long enough to become the villain.

  21. What happened? Sony became the leading market share of the console market. As such they are now no longer scared of trying things since they are no longer the ones needing to appeal to the common gamer. The cycle forever repeats because that's just how public companies are incentivised to operate.

  22. reported and responded on incorrectly time will tell the truth just sooooo many people today can't research to save themselves .


  24. I have to say, Steam is the only one on the ball in this.

  25. Well they change it back now, you no longer need a PlayStation account to play it happen about 5 to 6 days ago

  26. people say it's a vicory but it isnt over yet

  27. Thank God, the game was steady, losing 20% per month anyway, this game was the waiting room for flavour gamers looking for the next thing their favourite streamer will hype.

  28. This is worse than Star wars: battlefront 2 2017. At least with SW:B2 2017 you can actually play.

  29. Sony's cringe is getting stronger every time… Asmo is right… before everyone said that XBOX are bad now it's the opposite… yes XBOX also now have kringe… but at least they let you play their games) in Ukraine or even in Russia.

  30. Ukraine should go to war over this… oh wait.

  31. How dose ukrain have the time to be video gaming lol๐Ÿ˜‚

  32. We should all go and

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