Here’s What Happened To The Pirate Bay’s Founders

Ever since the internet really started to pick up steam, the go-to place to get pirated software, games, and movies has always been The Pirate Bay. As a result, copyright holders and prosecutors have been trying to shut down The Pirate Bay and put the founders behind bars for years. While prosecutors did eventually succeed in putting all the founders behind bars and charging them with hefty fines, they were never able to take down The Pirate Bay. The police actually raided The Pirate Bay’s servers twice and impounded everything, but it was just a matter of time until a new version popped up. Originally, it was just the founders relaunching the website, but now the founders are not even involved. And, with how big the pirating community is, it doesn’t seem like The Pirate Bay is going anywhere anytime soon. This video explains the story of The Pirate Bay and what happened to The Pirate Bay’s Founders.

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0:00 – Pirating Heaven
0:58 – The Pirate Bay
3:36 – Backfire
6:18 – On The Run
8:57 – Unstoppable Legacy

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  1. If I steal a car then the owner loses a car. If I steal a movie no one loses anything.

  2. Aaron Swartz. It is only piracy if you are involved in commerce for profit. For learning or personal individual use this should not be a problem. You become an advertisement simply using anything with or without consent. Not as bad as collecting or fabricating data and profiting/politically blacklisting blackballing individuals and preventing social/economical opportunities leaving individuals destitute.

  3. They gave us Try before you buy. Thing was though it was too expensive. Legends

  4. Hogwarts Legacy sold a lot of copies but they ignored Empress's carcked copy because those who will buy, will buy and those who won't buy, won't buy. But at least everyone will have the experience. In my poor country Bangladesh a Bangla font software called Bijoy was launched in a students' seminer. Modest student asked for some discount for the students. Greedy copyright holder refused it and yelled at the students. Students of that time (friends of my IT Professor) cracked and put it in the torrents. I wish on the hardware side there should be somthing like torrents against the greedy companies like Apple, Intel, Nvidia, Snapdragon.

  5. Hello I'm Guybrush Threepwood . . . MIGHTY PIRATE 😀

  6. I didn’t know that you need money for any game or music on internet until i came to japan 😂😂😂when i get a real youtube premium and comeback for vacation the YouTube send me a mail that it don’t work in my country so i needed to get the free premium one 😂😂😂

  7. Thanks to TPB my teenage years in China wasn't complete misery. Everything was banned, censored, before I can bypass the Great Firewall of China, TPB and many other piracy sites were the only window I could look through and see the outside world. Books, films, music, lots of these got banned in China for no reasons, those I could rent in China were heavily altered. the 00s was dark time in China, forced labor, people were kidnapped for real slavery in plantation and mines, people go missing all the time, construction companies kill workers, government officials rape little girl then released for free, little girl was framed for prostitution, JEEZ H FUK! Now they got the money and power, they don't behave that aggressive now, but they still forbid people seeing the whole world, even on internet. The censorship is worse than ever, but piracy is dying.
    By the way, Microsoft is helping Chinese government censoring internet content, I sent vpn application via outlook mail, the application was modified by the company, won't run anymore. Until I changed the filename. Big corporations are evil, just like the dictatorship in China.

  8. Piracy/Theft is no less moral than Fractional Reserve Banking
    FRB is what ALL our money systems are based on everywhere in the world
    It imprisons the population to force them to pay off debts that can never be paid off, and forces inflation up all the time
    So how can theft be wrong if its the driving for of all the world's economies?

    When they dismantle FRB, nd make a fair form of finance and economy, then i will stop stealing movies, games and software from people like Disney, Universal, Warner, Sony etc

  9. I think piracy would be immoral if we were in a harder system or whatever you'd call it if there was just barter with a reasonable money supply. but we have an ever hyper inflating money supply and constantly expanding labor supply which causes stagnation, and the copywrite laws this become a joke to me. you've got companies worth billions or trillions of dollars like Disney, Google, and Amazon claiming they own everything even though they've rigged the game so far in their favor that they're now just like ebineezer scrooge, hoarding everything like greedy pigs.

  10. Lets not forget that if Tim Berners lee was greedy there would be no internet, keeping this in mind, 'intellectual property' should be barred from being SOLD on the internet. The internet should be for sharing only IMO.

  11. Pirate Bay founder gets arrested: "I wish to invoke PARLAY!"

  12. Your argument that piracy makes more sales is ridiculous though you are definitely wrong there. Once you pirate a game and you know you can do it well you will never pay for another game ever

  13. Everything I know comes from Torrent sites. They are Heroes

  14. IMHO piracy is MORAL because salaries of actors and the price of software is IMMORAL.

  15. Pirate Bay: illegal.

    Monetising your personal information: innovation

    AI using everyone else’s designs, songs, novels, information, etc. without consent: ?

  16. Back when pirates actually just dis for advocacy or lulz. Now if you download a “cracked” game you will get barrage of malware so bad that they’re classified as APT’s not malware. If you think I’m lying just do log forwarding to a splunk instance and do pcap capture. You”ll shit brix

  17. So it's ok for these large corporations to take all of our information and sell it to the highest bidder but it's not ok for regular folk to be provided with opportunities in life that would have otherwise been unattainable because we couldn't afford it.

  18. No war budget = everyone is a multi millionaire

  19. Was raised in post soviet republic. Used pirated software in school and university as at that time, couldn't afford anything. Once our country turned to capitalism and started to earn money all of my software was paid in full or donated if used open source.
    People who pirate software are those who can't afford it. Those who have money prefer to pay for licenses not to get in trouble.
    So in fact those companies who advocated the takedown of PirateBay were reaping the most benefits. They were getting a wide user base among young and disadvantaged who eventually became paying subscribers. Those companies should be sending now fat checks to the PirateBay founders as royalties for new customer acquisition.

  20. Pirate Bay – the #1 website where you can download viruses and crash your hard drive 💾

  21. Big Compenys dont like anyone who give free access to ANYTHING

  22. This is a great example of people power. We dont have to be the elite, we dont have to be seen as "important" but we can work together and overpower those who are.

  23. Jokes on them, the Pirate Bay still exists and many other torrent sites. Long Live Torrents and Piracy! Without it I wouldn't be able to try many games that I end up buying later on just to have a legit copy of it.

  24. Distributing intellectual property for free is both illegal and immoral.

    Having said that, I'm a hypocrite.

  25. "59% people are aware that downloading or streaming pirated videos is illegal"? Not as far as I know, its SHARING those downloaded files with others thats illegal, not DL the files yourself.

  26. I didn't have enough money to buy CDs or DVDs when I was younger. I got an old Server for free and started Filesharing. It was a lot of work compared to Streaming Services today but it was the only way back then. Thank you Pirate Bay

  27. What is moral or not is irrelevant, what matters is who has control.

  28. I mean, they were right, i grew up in a country without much access to internet services and every piece of software i had was pirated, once i made it the first world of course i bought the software that i knew

  29. everyone is like, hail the pirate bay, how about the PORN.

  30. thank you guys.. if you didn't make this site
    i would never find pvz peggle deluxe insaniquarium spore and other lovely games

  31. I knew the whole site was gonna be small. But just a gigabyte? Dayum

  32. You can’t grow a beard, live with it and shave that embarrassing down off

  33. Without piracy many active customers of gta in my country Nigeria won’t even know gta existed

    Cos 100% of the game houses in the area ran on pirated cds Or usb.
    Piracy was the only way the gamehouse owners could turn a profit given how frequent the cds get damaged.

  34. all these companies are doing just fine. free the bay

  35. Thanks to The Pirate Bay I started a career in Music, FL Studio ftw!

  36. It’s not about the question of moral or immoral. It’s the question of loosing money.

  37. I love the high quality pron videos from pirate bay

  38. Things like this tend to even out.
    -Find the best game of your life on the Internet.
    -Download 20 movies containing tons of propaganda you don't even realize is propaganda til 20 years later.

    Economies inevitably develop a black market, and you use it if you have to, and don't if you don't need to. It's not really a morality thing, more circumstantial.

  39. Without torrent i couldnt find some art movies because they are not protitable for netflix.

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