Here’s why people are disappointed with Skull and Bones 2022

I, like everybody else who’s been eagerly anticipating this game, sat down and watched the Skull and Bones gameplay reveal yesterday and responded with an overwhelming “meh.” It simply does not look like Ubisoft took the fan criticism to heart. Will it turn out as an okay naval simulator? Maybe, but as a pirate gaming experience…I’ll stick to Sea of Thieves or, while I’m at it, even Sid Meier’s Pirates from 2004. In the end, there’s more to pirating than simply steering the ship.

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  1. idk why but one thing that i didnt like was. they said they wanted to make us feel like we were living in the pirate era.. and then they adds rocket launchers flame throwers and catapults

  2. We just wanted multiplayer black flag 2. That’s it. That’s all they had to do.

    Why didn’t they do that? It actually took more work to make this! Wtf

    What they made is… fine. But it’s not what anyone wanted. It might actually be fun, but not at all asked for. I’ll be willing to give it a try, but I doubt I’ll stay invested.

  3. This game became obsolete after Sea of Thieves came out. Had it come out before they would’ve been successful as it was then next big pirate game. But with the sandbox and focus on crewing that SoT has, how shallow this game is appearing to be will is going to be super underwhelming

  4. It's still better than cod and battlefield

  5. I don’t think they can fix it at this point. I’m just not going to get their game this time :/

  6. Thanks for using your platform to say what I think the majority of people who have been waiting for this game since 2017 are thinking. I couldn’t have said it any better, I agree with you on every point you made, what an utter disappointment the gameplay reveal turned out to be. I don’t know how they managed to go so wrong with it. Like you touched on in the video, it just looks like there’s nothing to do, the game looks like it will be repetitive and boring after a few hours and as you said even the rebranding of the logo is a downgrade.

    It somehow feels rushed, like there’s no creative freedom from developers and the game development has been stunted, delayed and manipulated so much by Ubisoft its become a shell of what the original was visioned to be with no real depth to the gameplay.

    I really wanted this game to be good but. i just know it won’t be. Hopefully Ubisoft see’s this video and if nothing else, learns from their mistakes for future titles.

  7. ac black flag is the greatest pirate game of all TIME. not in recent memory

  8. its cause the game developers are too buys playing league of legends

  9. i just wanted a gritty/realistic Sea of Thieves with more pirate fantasy "live the life" stuff

  10. I just wanted Black Flag 2 except you have nothing to do with Assassins Creed.

  11. I guess I’m sticking to Sea of Thieves still

  12. Literally all they had to do was remaster Black Flag and give it more multiplayer functions. Instead they've made a game that nobody wants or asked for. This game will die inside it's first year.

  13. All these things could be added via updates,its not that big of a deal,they couldn't push the game back anymore otherwise it would of gotten canned,plus there is still MONTHS to fix things yall YouTubers need to chill a bit with the hating on games NOT EVEN OUT YET

  14. just rocket launchers is enough to make me bin this one. sea of thieves is better and thats saying something

  15. jesus people dont understand if there would be Ship boarding and land navigating the world would need to be a lot smaller for everyone to enjoy all forms of content.

  16. I was going for a pirates of the carribean online type game a mmo free roam.

  17. i feel like all these "hype" games i never hear about because i use adblock and im not susceptible to the mass sheepification that occurs which results in random horrible games having massive numbers of players (valheim) i played and beat valheim and unveiled a huge area of the world and i can confirm that valheim has 0.001% of the content of the next game i tried two worlds 2 which cost me like 10 cents in some game bundle. It's freakishly underrated waterwalking 20 min across a wavey ocean, boats, horses, the combat is literally dark souls physics-based combat and each weapon has range/speed stats. This game has THOUSANDS of different weapons and armors and daggers and katanas its nuts. Im trying to tell people how much fun im having and i have a new beast pc and this honestly looks better than most newer stuff. Its got a drone for screenshots and looking around. Friggen more comprehnsive spell making system than morrowind.. im like WTF

  18. i personally hope they will improve it more and more and add to it as it goes and i might get it but not a preorder no way at this state

  19. I totally agree with everything you said I hope you get what you want. JUSTICE FOR GAMES!! LOL

  20. Thank you! I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to actually live a full life as a pirate on this game! That's what had me so hype for it but if I'm just ship bound that ruins the WHOLE pirate experience! You're so right about that and I'm glad I didn't pre- order it yet. Stepping down until they decide to make it a full pirate experience like it should be.

  21. For me, its just that we already have a forced pvp pirate game, i was hoping for more coop pve from skull and bones.

  22. Looks completely boring as crap. Nothing boarding except cut scenes…no real storyline…no off sea adventures to get treasure…even Sea Of Thieves is better with the repairs of patching holes, fixing sails…where a team has to work together to win. If they would do SOT but with incredible graphics, THAT would be a winner. This is not. Raincheck hard.

  23. You guys should play Sea of Thieves. It has everything people ask for and it's really fun now, it's not what it was when it launched. It's come a long way.

  24. As a former tester of S&B somewhere in the past, it was soooo difficult to listen to this video, and i am so glad that you are wrong on most points)

  25. It would be interesting if you're not the captain, but the whole crew. When boarding you take control of a crew member. Same with landing and other pirate things they probably won't add. It'd allow for the 1 player per ship thing. I think of something like the Jomsviking missions from AC Valhalla, where when you board, you see a list of crew members, and they can die, and need to be replaced, or they recover over time. Being able to have the in-person gameplay while not being restricted to a single character may even help it stand out from the notable pirate game Sea of Thieves. It would have many similar features, but implemented differently and possibly even new ones and better ones.

  26. Catalog of pirate multiplayer games goes as follows

    Sea of Thieves
    -Pvp and Pve pirate game where up to 4 players take control of a ship and make money.

    Blackwake (Dead)
    -Pvp pirate game. Made it big on youtube and died off after.

    Skull & Bones
    -Unneeded but Pve & PvP (I think) game where one player controls an entire ship. Likely built on the bones of AC4 which was build off of a "miniquest" of AC3

    These are the few I know of. These are the on;y ones I know of that are/(were) really mainstream. Feel free to add more in replies.

  27. People wanted multiplayer Black Flag. We got this instead

  28. I was thinking of getting this game but I always look for all veiws before I buy.

  29. I mean come on we on next Gen … They can do better in these games

  30. Ubisoft needs to take some lessons from Rare🤷

  31. So here is the thing, Skull and Bones have always been a naval combat simulator, sword fighting was never intended for this game, there are other pirate games out right now that you can do that like Sea of Thieves. I have been really excited about this game since they announced it for the first time, and I am even more excited about it now after seeing the new videos. I am glad they are sticking to a pirate naval combat game which makes it unique and something new.

  32. What we wanted: AC4 Co-op
    What we got: Pirate War Thunder

  33. did you play the pirates of the Caribbean mmorpg back then? why can't we have something like that but better? look, I don't mind if the crew isn't animated and the sails and cannons moove by themselves. The crew can be just standing there like statues, as long as I can drive the ship and ALSO stop, and jump into the water, walk around. I don't ask for a red dead redemption pirates, I'm content whith just sailing and being able to walk anywhere, basically we need gta pirates, I always say it, pirates is the gta equivalent of history, at least in the sea. So less world of warships and more gta. If the graphics are bad it's cool, I just want to jump off a ship and shoot a guy before drawing my sword

  34. Looks pretty boring should be a free2play lmao 🤣 what a let down

  35. I want a Sea of Thieves style game but more PvE. I hate forced PvP. I refuse to play Sea of Thieves for this reason.

  36. Put it simply you can't even walk around your own ship. In real time. Furthermore in this day and age if you're not building a game with full range of open world real time running around Manning your own ship guns going under to repair holes in your ship it really isn't going to spark much interest for myself since we know what is possible like sea of Thieves. I really hope people don't buy into this the industry needs to learn. They must raise the bar!

  37. It’s gonna be a glorified mobile game. I’ll save my $. Will not be buying.

  38. So, Ubisoft soft made another toxic playground for children.
    this one unfortunately looks like chivalry 2+ boats (imo)

  39. Sid meiers pirates is still ages better then any pirate game thats developed today sad times some studio should do a game like it with better graphics

  40. if i want to play naval combat sail era ship, i would have play something like naval action

  41. Very well said mate, earned my like. Additional small but apparent issues I have with this game include the fact that there are rocket launcher type weapons on the ships?? Not sure how that fits the period or the theme, secondly the graphics somehow look worse than they did in the original reveal, if you look at the gameplay trailers closely you’ll see some blocky textures on the ropes and clothing which seems a little ridiculous to me considering games such as ac unity which came out in 2014 has better looking graphics than that. I honestly hope that if Ubisoft refuses to hear our requests for these changes to be made that this game does very poorly upon release.

  42. I feel for you and its not your fault, but I hope moving forward you understand that if its coming from Ubisoft its probably going to be mediocre at best. There are no exceptions for Ubi these days.

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