Here’s why people are disappointed with Skull and Bones 2022

I, like everybody else who’s been eagerly anticipating this game, sat down and watched the Skull and Bones gameplay reveal yesterday and responded with an overwhelming “meh.” It simply does not look like Ubisoft took the fan criticism to heart. Will it turn out as an okay naval simulator? Maybe, but as a pirate gaming experience…I’ll stick to Sea of Thieves or, while I’m at it, even Sid Meier’s Pirates from 2004. In the end, there’s more to pirating than simply steering the ship.

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  1. Let me tell you why the ship combat was so good in BF to me personally. its simple, the boarding.

    Destroying a ship and sailing up to it and then going into melee combat is what made the pirate Illusion convincing to me.

    Without that it's just a shooter with boats instead of guns

  2. Without melee combat and boarding this game is just not going to work well. it will ofc have its own player base which will be 80% less than it could be with boarding and sword-fighting, but it will be no more than world of tanks. I AM NOT SURPRISED, ITS FU**IN UBISOFT. WHEN TF DID THEY LISTEN WHAT WE SAID?

  3. I’m with the other guy. Back to Sea Of Thieves.

  4. just make the ships invunerable while being boarded why do it have to be a cutscene wtf

  5. Does anyone have opinions on the more fantasy elements? I personally want a grounded setting but with splashes of fantasy for the main plot and some side quests, like POTC movies. I'm not a fan of fantasy weapons and ships being the norm, they need to be the exceptions.

  6. Just like EA they have giant golden geese yet only ask them to lay tirds. 🤷‍♂️

  7. Sea of thieves + black flag + a good UI would be great, but this game I have zero interest in

  8. Literally just straight copy sea of thieves and make it more realistic and not a Xbox exclusive and it would be the perfect game

  9. AC Black Flag was my favorite AC game by far (AC 2 probably the best story, or maybe brotherhood). For me I was hoping skull and bones would be AC Black Flag minus the AC. I think a lot of us were expecting that, and that's why I'm disappointed with the news so far.

  10. They put in torpedo and rokets but no sword f.this game is a bs on steroids

  11. U must be fkn kiddin me if the "board the ship" its just a cinematic!

  12. anyone who played PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN ONLINE

    knows that game was the best pirate game ever to exist. Black Flag was the best pirate game after disney took down POTCO servers

    what would be cool is if Ubisoft made this game more like POTCO.

    pvp ship battles, pve ship battles, ability to board and fight aboard flag ships, forts around various islands you and other pirates can enter and fight royal navy, character customization and also weapon/cosmetics to unlock, etc….

    Honestly i can sit tight with black flag based on some of the information here…

  13. What we wanted: Black Flag 2.0 … what we'll get: what we come to expect from the 'new' Ubisoft … boring & woke BS

  14. Should have been realistic Sea of thieves with more focus on Weapons and ships.

  15. I don’t care what other people think I can’t wait for it

  16. I just want a more realistic Sea Of Thieves, can still go on islands, still fight people and actually go off the ship but with these realistic graphics from Skull and Bones and other stuff, with realistic looking canons where its based on speed and trajectory also like sea of thieves and blackflag… the weather system looks cool, the ocean and from what we've seen of the game looks so amazing, but so fucking boring at the same time, bro turned the ship like a whole 180 degrees or more, in like 3 seconds to line up with the other ship to ''board it'' to take their loot.. and like why tf is their a whole massive flamethrower/ anti aircraft looking missile weaponry on the boat.. I dont think Pirates back in the 1700s and sum rail gun looking fucking flamethrower attached to their boat

  17. So I guess Sea of Thieves is going to keep being the best pirate game of all time.

  18. You nailed how I feel right on the head. I wish Ubisoft would heed your words

  19. My honest opinion? They're going to add all the things the community wants – but as DLC. I'm going to play it just because I love sailing ship games, especially ones that aren't cartoons as much as I like Sea of Thieves. I like real, beautiful sailing ships. I'll play, but I understand other's frustrations.

  20. Have none of you heard of the game Naval Action? LOL

  21. Personally, I wanted a fleshed out pirate rpg with multiplayer hubs.

  22. if you wanna play a good pirate game just play black flag

  23. Pirates of the Burning Sea still one of the best Pirate MMORPG in my memory, sure it's quite grindy and unforgiving for new player, but when you reach the highest level & able to build your own Pirate Gang with your friends is satisfying to say the least…

  24. I'm not sure what they have been doing for the last 5 years…they could have cranked out what we saw in much less time…another mismanaged fiasco much like Anthem.

  25. I don’t understand why with the enormous success black flag received and being labeled as literally one if not the best pirate game made, Ubisoft could not just make a prequel or branch off from the original story. And I know they made rogue and there might have been one more or maybe it was dlc but it’s not the same. I might be biased but I doubt I’m alone that when most people think about pirates. They think about the Caribbean, not India or the coast of Africa or where rogue took place, which I think was Alaska or upper North America. Anyways I hope a developer does see this video or at least anyone who has the ability that is involved with the making of skull and bones actually stands up and pushes back against whatever or whoever is insistent on pushing this crap out. If they want to have the skull and bones they are showing fine whatever, but also make the one that you already have more than enough building blocks for that the fans actually want. And you’ll see which sells better. “Rant almost over” the only other option I can think of and it might already have happened. But to have the modding community to just do a complete overhaul of the game. I don’t mod I know there’s a ton of things that go into and it takes time and a whole bunch of things I don’t understand lol so before anyone says ohhhh ya you make it if it’s easy lol. It’s been done by modding groups for Skyrim the total war series and Mount and blade bannerlord. I’ve played these mods adding brand new areas, characters, features, factions you name it. So if Ubisoft is too stupid to seize the opportunity of making this pirate game the fans want, maybe someone else will. Fan or otherwise. #reviveblackflag

  26. Maybe what I wanted is unreasonable but I was hoping for was Black Flag without the Assassins with a pvp open world and the same old pve.

  27. ''PEOPLE ARE FOR THE MOST PART UNDERWHELMED'' I find when people use statements like this it makes them look dumb. Think about it, have you asked the entire potential player base? have you paid a research company thousands of dollars to conduct the research of every single potential player? No on both counts. Your opinion is your opinion, it's all subjective and you don't speak for me or any others I know who are looking forward to this game. Dumb.

  28. We just want open world, do anything we want pirate games! How is it so hard to figure it out

  29. I was so excited for this game because I love sea of thieves but SOT lacks adult content but after this video I think imma skip out on S&B shame really because it could of been something sooo great

  30. People upset at a ubisoft game? Well this just blows my mind.

  31. With how games are developed nowadays I always wonder if the people who actually make game are gamers themselves … Do they understand what is exciting in games. What gives them their soul and what gives so many people joy while playing?

  32. Personally though I liked Black Flag's naval combat more, exploration was nice but I mainly like the naval combat, especially against legendary ships. I sort of hoped it would be like Black Flag (with simpler upgrades like BF), but with even more ships so you can solo an armada or bring in friends and even fight legendary ships etc.

  33. We asked for a refined black flag with updated movements and mechanics, they gave us a knock off of a knock off. Are we exporting games from China, the land of Knock offs, as well?

  34. how can we have faith in a group of someones who cant even get proper grammar correct in the game's title? "A Ubisoft Original"? really bro? #ANubisoftoriginal

  35. Ubisoft making an immersive pirate game without pirates and immersion like:
    "Ok so we got ships and we got open water, but I feel like something is missing… can't figure out what though."

  36. I always wanted to play a game that lets me feel like I'm jack sparrow, exploring the seas, exploring islands, discovering legends. Sadly the only game that looks close to that is Sea of thieves. Its a shame there isn't more pirate games. I'm just hoping Rockstar will make a pirate game next.

  37. When will people start realizing Ubisoft sucks???

  38. What we wanted was basically black flag but without the assassins part.

  39. Look I know that sea of thieves is a little less mature than people would like. And the graphics are a little more playful. But think that besides some hiccups sea of thieves has nailed ship combat and player interaction. It’s not a health bar. It’s not a cross hair for your cannons. It’s slinging cannon fire at each hoping to hit while your crew fights of the enemies attempt at boarding. Their are no real rules and guidelines for sea of thieves. You spawn in a tavern and do what ever you want. That’s the pirate experience.

  40. Only way I'm playing this 🗑 if it comes to gamepass

  41. This game is truly going to be pirate pants!….

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