Here’s why people are disappointed with Skull and Bones 2022

I, like everybody else who’s been eagerly anticipating this game, sat down and watched the Skull and Bones gameplay reveal yesterday and responded with an overwhelming “meh.” It simply does not look like Ubisoft took the fan criticism to heart. Will it turn out as an okay naval simulator? Maybe, but as a pirate gaming experience…I’ll stick to Sea of Thieves or, while I’m at it, even Sid Meier’s Pirates from 2004. In the end, there’s more to pirating than simply steering the ship.

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  1. The sequel to this video in which I address those criticizing the game for it’s inclusion of women is now out:“Woman make pirate game bad" is a terrible argument

  2. Well put. They’re 10 years too late for something that amounts to a $20 dlc for black flag with half the features

  3. Unfortunately, Ubisoft upper management is already tone deaf to their own employees. People speaking out are fired and dev morale is at an all time low with a mass exodus. If even their own people can’t change their minds, how can we expect them to listen to the community? I’m sorry but there is no saving this one.

  4. Man, if u wrote this urself, ur writing is amazing👏🏼 I agree with absolutely everything u said. Seriously, good job on the video. Ur commentary was better then every single bigger YouTuber I’ve seen cover this & I’m not joking. Very impressive

  5. literally all they had to do was make a more gritty version of sea of thieves. Like there's so many reasons SOT has such a huge dedicated audience: you feel incredibly immersed, the gameplay loop in SOT is fun, engaging, and still requires plenty of skill. In fact more skill because you need to manage it all as a single character. It seams as this game is completely set up to be a play to win type of game. Best ship wins. Very pathetic. Of course should we expect anything but a cash grab and lack of originality from ubisoft shanghai? also you're right about them choosing a terrible name: the name Skull and bones is associated with a fraternity at Yale that people like prez George Bush and other lame lame terrible people belonged to for status and that group associates with being secret and causing death. Like HELLO ubisoft and other publishers people like pirates because its about taking to the high seas in your ship to plunder treasure and answer to no-one. Not death, dark garbage that is not healthy to play.

  6. True true, my hyped died with this last showcase. They won't have time to add anything or rechange anything for the release… sad but maybe next pirate game will be amazing :O. Hoping for Black Flag 2.

  7. Since Ubisoft is locked in on this version of the game I think the only thing that we can hope for now is that it gets enough support from players to incentivize them to add bigger updates down the road instead of smaller updates like some of their other games. I was looking forward to this game before I saw the reveal but I really do hope that someday it might be the multiplayer Black Flag type game that we've always wanted.

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