Here’s why people are disappointed with Skull and Bones 2022

I, like everybody else who’s been eagerly anticipating this game, sat down and watched the Skull and Bones gameplay reveal yesterday and responded with an overwhelming “meh.” It simply does not look like Ubisoft took the fan criticism to heart. Will it turn out as an okay naval simulator? Maybe, but as a pirate gaming experience…I’ll stick to Sea of Thieves or, while I’m at it, even Sid Meier’s Pirates from 2004. In the end, there’s more to pirating than simply steering the ship.

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  1. It’s pretty simple: Black Flag was an open world game with navel battles. People wanted that in a multiplayer format. Ubisoft decided a mobile pirate game that can be played on PC and console. Once again Ubisoft has told gamers that what they want doesn’t matter to them only money does, so I hope gamers don’t play this game when it comes INCLUDING CONTENT CREATORS.

  2. If you're saying that the whole game is disappointing rn then simply adding foot combat won't make it that much better. It'll just be a fighting game with useless cuts in between action. The other pirate game out rn sea of thieves has you spend the majority of your time on the ship unless you're doing a dlc that came out a long time after launch which this game is guaranteed to get too I don't see the justification in this mass hate.

  3. You know what really sucks about the gameplay reveal? There are no waves! Black flag had massive waves but they’ve shown nothing interesting at all, no real storms, no rogue waves, nothing that makes you manage your terrain whatsoever!

  4. Good video! Well implemented visuals and very succinct and informative👌👌 I didn't even know about this title, so I got excited and disappointed about it in the span of 8 minutes lol; I'm in the middle of Black Flag so to see the mark get kissed that hard is shocking

  5. So its a point & click adventure then.

    Hard pass.

  6. If they made a proper pirate rpg with character creation (as all RPGs SHOULD have), with co-op or even as an mmo based on what black flag started, they would make alot of money and make many people extremely happy. But it seems they want to make a maelstrom or warships ripoff with probably worse microtransactions that isn't anything anyone ever wanted.

  7. The game needs to get that star citizen ship level treatment. Give the pirate ships an incredible amount of detail and then allow us to explore the ships, like physically go through them

  8. We did not hear from them in a long time and i hoped for a single player pirate game still playing age of pirates

  9. I'd still like to play it.. "the ultimate pirate game" for now is sea of thieves..

    And i always wanted a world of warships game in that era

    (tho yea, i agree with many many points)

  10. I’ve been so pumped for this game since they announced it 5 years ago. Looking at it now though, looks like I’m going to buy God of War: Ragnarok instead

  11. Honestly, it just looks like an unispired copy of Sea of Thieves. Never thought Ubi would go so low.

  12. When is Sid Meiers going to re-make his game?

  13. To be honest I am disappointed in what it became, but I am happy that I’m getting a pirate game with new age pirate game.

  14. It honestly looks worse than I could have ever imagined.

  15. You own black flag and all its mechanics and lore. You simply have to tweak the premise abit and then give us a more in depth version. Pretty much give us black flag 2.0 this game is gonna fail like anthem.

  16. How can SM Pirates! STILL be better then modern pirate ship games….

  17. Seem awfully shallow for such setting that so deep and rich in idea that's my take on it.

  18. Sid Meyers Pirates. But 3d. You'd think it'd be easy.

  19. Well put, I was looking forwards to a game akin to Black Flag. I'm not sure if I'm alone here, but my favorite aspect of AC: Black Flag was its emphasis on the player being separated from the ship. The ship was important and a critically useful vehicle for the player and their crew, however there was a distinction between it and you. You could, at any point in the game, jump out and board another ship or go ashore.

    Now it feels like maybe I was foolish in thinking Ubisoft shared my vision for this, but part of the key reasons Black Flag was one of my favorite AC games was this part of it. Just like Sea of Thieves, it allowed freedom. Freedom is of course, the main thing you should be emphasizing in a game about pirates after all.

  20. 2018:
    Sea of Thieves releases: lacks a lot of content and has a boring loop.
    Skull and Bones revealed: Sounds like Black Flag without the Assassin's Creed ties. Has the chance to complete rob SoT of its player base and take over.

    Sea of Thieves devs have listened to just about every single piece of feedback the community has given and completely turned the game around making it the most popular pirate game ever.
    Skull and Bones has been delayed for 4 years while the devs listen to literally nothing and make it somehow worse almost guaranteeing a DOA release.

    Ubisoft just being Ubisoft at this point.

  21. I hate the Aiming UI. They really should of just used the UI from Black flag…

  22. Exploring ships I can understand but exploring island is not real piracy is back in the colonial times piracy is raiding town or village that u could and of course stealing merchandise from merchant and sinking them of course and yeah when a pirate see a navy they run realistically pirate ship is same size as merchants ship with same cannon while big navy ship with hundred plus cannon could sink a pirate ship easily
    And yeah boarding ship is missing been looking into video on this game in YouTube and haven't seen one they should make it more realistic it's almost there that's the only one missing

  23. I mean if you want a true pirate game just play sea of thieves

  24. Great video with some fantastic points! Unfortunately I think it might be too late unless the game is delayed again. I'm worried that the latest videos only show a 1st person perspective while sailing your ship while in the E3 demo it had you in 3rd person. I really hope we have the option to switch between these views and are not forced to play in 1st person.

  25. Oh boy… When even the trailer for an Ubisoft game sucks you know you're in for a unique big pile of sh*t.

  26. The naval combat in this game is the pirate equivalent to quickscoping in COD. Way too fast paced

  27. Yet another authentic experience Ubisoft screwed up.

  28. I wish it will be a good game but I don't believe it will be.
    Only option ist Vote with your wallet if the game is a good Pirat game ok but if it is just a poor designed ship game don't buy it, cause if too many buying the game UBI don't care they don't like it – they made the money, but if it sold very badly they maybe bring the wanted, and for a good Pirat game needed, gameplay mechanics

  29. For me above all the thing, that the always ONLINE connection requiere that make me really angry 😡 I want to play on my own and when I want go online and choose !!!!

  30. The sailing gameplay looks like an arcade game. I might like this if I was 10.

  31. Honestly the game is just boring you ride around in an ocean sandbox and fire at other ships that it no immersive interactive world no interesting sword play mechanics you don’t get to jump into the water and swim to an island to hide with your crew you don’t get to hunt down treasure with nothing but a sword a map and a rowboat nope you just move a bout around the empty ocean and fire cannons at a ship

  32. I love this one. You have personally state pretty much everything from the new reveal that pissed me off. Yes majority of comments I seem to find on other vids and other sources are that they were pissed cuz if no story content. That was pretty much it no story driven content is the most common thing I saw about this.

  33. All those years and they don't even have online sword fighting involved. How hard is it to just take the mechanics of AC4 Black Flag and make it multiplayer? All those years to put it together.

  34. I’m still going to play it waited to long for this bullshit

  35. All i want for this game is a marriage between black flag and the swashbucklers : blue vs grey

  36. Thanks for your opinion. I was about to preorder that game. It really dissapoints me on what they have made. Thanks again!

  37. You don't know that a hoke bunch of people are turning there back. I really hate pices of sh×t crybaby your tubers. Just don't buy it then. Spend your money on a big of tissue then

  38. Who remembers sid Meiers pirates that was a good game In the days of old

  39. All my hype my hope was SUCKED out of my body

  40. All my hype my hope was SUCKED out of my body

  41. SEA OF THIEVES with better graphics and Ship customization with a PlayStation release…. That's the bare minimum we wanted UBISOFT… and you couldn't even do that.

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