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Kids have a lot of fun at the Fairy Tale Clearing! All the kids of Hippo town gather here. Every evening a real miracle takes place at the clearing. Friends tell each other interesting stories and unbelievable fairy tales for kids. But today, it is going to be much more interesting than ever! Our beloved Hippo has a good imagination, she can turn any old story into exciting and interesting fairytale with modern elements. Is it possible to have Snow White and crafty pirates together in one fairytale? Is it possible that Snow White, famous whale and mysterious Kraken meet in one fairy tale? All these you can get to know from a new fairytale for kids, Black Flag and White Skull!

And all over again, our educational games for boys and girls are renewed with a new exciting story for all the friends of our beloved Hippo. An interactive kids fairy tale has a variety of mini games and funny kids puzzles. You can find here a pirate kitchen with an interesting cooking game, as well as a fast marathon on the ship board, an astonishing sailor competition on masts with sails, underwater hunting on a coral reef and even a real sea mystery! But the main peculiarity of our educational games is that all our mini games are made up in an exciting and interesting story! That’s why a learning and educational process is absolutely unobtrusive and goes on in a funny way. Today the heroes of our story are a pirate princess Snow White and funny crazy pirates. The fairy tale takes place in the open sea instead of land, where brave travelers and pioneers sail on their ships, where curious pirates have built their cities on far picturesque islands. This story is full of sea adventures and ancient legends. Every sailor can meet here a white whale Moby Dick and a powerful Kraken! It is not so important, which mini game you would like to play, kitchen with a cooking game, kids arcade on a desert island, everywhere you would be full of sea romantic and pirate adventures!

This novelty, as well as all our interactive fairytales, is absolutely for free. Are you ready for real sea adventures? Then Hippy and a pirate princess Snow White invite you to the interactive kids fairytale Black Flag and White Skull! Stay tuned, stay with us and play our free interactive fairytales. Our educational games for boys and girls are always ready make you and your kids happy.

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