Honest Game Trailers | Skull and Bones

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite video games: this week is Skull and Bones!

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Honest Game Trailers | Skull and Bones
Written by Bailey Meyers, Max Song, and Spencer Gilbert
Edited by Max Song
Produced by: Bailey Meyers & Max Song
Post-Production Manager: Emin Bassavand
Content Manager: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Post-Production Specialist: Rebecca Castaneda
Assistant Editor: Kayla Fyfe
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne

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  1. The part where you drive your ship around to hunt resources without ever being off the boat is a joke. Somebody somewhere is making money on this and laughing.

  2. Looks like Assassins Creed Black Flag was a better pirate game than this crap.

  3. It’s like Ubisoft Executives said “only put mechanics in the game we can monetize”. And they realized they could monetize so much stuff they had to cut all the content so they could really focus on the good monetization. Like sails. And cat clothes.

  4. What’s the one really good part of the game?

  5. They took a minigame from a 10-year-old Assassin's Creed title and slapped a $70 price tag on it. Ubisoft had some pretty big balls LOL

  6. YouTube has failed me. This wasn't in my feed. 😡

  7. A pirate game that nobody will be pirating. Interesting.

  8. Ubisoft 2025 presents……Assassins Creed Uber Eats.

    Massive open world, endless fetch quests

  9. A ship with stamina. Wait, what ?
    And in AC4 u could board the ship, 10 YEARS A GO. Wtf happened, Gubi ?

  10. Because everyone needs a pirate lemur, and will gladly pay $70 to get it. Just glad it had a demo so I didn't buy it first.

  11. So its Sea of Theives but with more real looking characters

  12. I actually like and enjoy this game, it's amazing

  13. can we get a rebirth trailer pretty pls

  14. It's basically shit World of Warships…….

  15. Skin and bones was really worth the wait I’ll tell ya. Are we really that upset though. We all saw it coming

  16. Even Assassin's Creed Odyssey had a better sailing mechanic.

  17. 7 years in the making and this is the best they can do?

  18. Black Flag was way better than this overprized crap

  19. I cant wait for the first quintuple A game to suck just as bad.

  20. 5:18 bro how does the trailer look so much better than the final game??????

  21. Do Crusader Kings! Violence, torture, religious conflict, and incest- can't go wrong with that combination lol

  22. All this video did was making me want to play some more Helldivers 2.

  23. Less than a million is a good number for a book, and a pretty great start for a youtuber, not a multimillion dollar AAA game, no wonder the copies were 70 dollars

  24. Only here to beg you to do Lobotomy Corporation!

  25. There is absolutely no way the same company gave us Black Flag 10 years ago

  26. Love the style, great voice for this 👌

  27. how can the govt of singapore justify caning people who spit on the road instead of the developers that created this abortion.

  28. Anyone here remember Pirates of the Caribbean Online?! That was free to play and you could do all things you expected to be able to do and more way back then and at a huge fraction of the cost.

  29. Should of been a single player. Would have probably been good since they couldn't do the mp live service crap.

  30. Kh3 is a better pirates game than an actual pirates game😂

  31. Please finally do C&C Red Alert 2 / Yuris Revenge

  32. im waiting for the moment where everyone realizes skull and bones is just elite dangerous

  33. anything ubisoft makes is soulless since wildlands

  34. It's pretty ridiculous that everybody super praised Black Flag and all it offered, and then Ubisoft asked all of us if we'd want a non assassins creed pirate game. And so of course we wanted it! But then, they eliminated soooo much of what made black flag fun. Including the boarding and hand to hand combat. It's wild that they made that decision.

  35. I played the beta a week or two before launch.

    When you upgrade your boat and get that fireworks + clapping animation scene. I don't know who is supposed to enjoy that. 8 year olds? Seems completely off tone and made me feel like my character's brain wasn't firing on all cylinders.

    That first quest you do in the first 10 or 15 minutes and then you get betrayed by the npc… I should be able to kill that npc. Either as a choice or it should be the default. I had a bad feeling about the game already.

    I then tried to walk into the water to get to my boat or swim around or something. NOPE. You are a pirate who is only comfortable up to the knees in water.

    Later on, I tried boarding something and saw how it's basically a cutscene. You don't fight anyone with swords ever. Which isn't entirely clear some videos.

    The ship combat is … o.k. And it is basically the meat of the game. You aren't a pirate. You are a pirateship.

    Any assassins creed game with ships has better pirate gameplay than this.

    Sea of Thieves is my goto pirate game though. Actual sailing mechanics like wind and sail angle and height to influence sailing. Real swimming and boarding and more.

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