How Nintendo Dealt with Pirates in Zelda Spirit Tracks | Anti-Piracy Measures in Video Games 3

How The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks dealt with Pirates. Anti Piracy Measures in Video Games 3

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  1. Yeah Nintendo hates you and pirating it is beautiful and moral

  2. I brought my pirate version to my friends house bc I was stuck and he was like “what’s wrong with your game”

  3. I would give a lot to go back to the days where this was my main game.

  4. The thing that stopped my emulated copy from working isn't actually the train controls. It's that stupid flute minigame. I used Melon Ds on Android because I wanted to play by touching the screen like on a Real Ds, and it worked perfectly in Phantom Hourglass. But to my knowledge there is no emulator that supports the blow in mic feature (most just make it blow constantly) so the second Locomo song becomes impossible.I also got stopped in Phantom Hourglass when the emulator I was using didn't have a 'close ds' button so it was impossible to find the island on the scroll.I'm starting to think all those hardware gimmicks were actually anti-piracy measures all along

  5. I find the techniques they use to detect piracy very interesting.
    Seeing how those techniques are used though it interesting too.

  6. Looking forward to all these great DS and 3DS games getting ported to modern consoles.

  7. Looks like you hit the pig with or without the whistle, so no difference

  8. There are a lot of ways these games prank people with pirated games but how did these various games even know it was a pirated copy?

  9. You'd think pirating Spirit Track would be its own punishment.

  10. Hope that train is ultra-invulnerable in return.

  11. Yet Spirit Tracks' anti-piracy was broken in like a day.

  12. I am in such a small camp on this- I adore Spirit Tracks. Spirit Tracks and Minish Cap are my favorite handheld Zeldas. They have this very unique charm about them

  13. How do they know if it's a pirated version?

  14. nintendo always make the piracy measure an ingame problem that to ask online would probably out yourself as having a pirated copy lol good idea

  15. I emulated this game back in what 2007? And trust me this didnt happen.

  16. Fun fact the anti piracy didn't work. Like it worked for a whole big 2 days. Then it go all roms patched and working

  17. I was going to joke about Link being too busy being a pirate and/or sailing the high seas to learn to drive a train, then I remembered its actually set 100 years after the games where a different Link basically was a pirate and sailed the seas lol (aka Wind Waker which had Tetra's crew).

  18. I have had to deal with the spirit tracks controls measure.

    It was really confusing after having already beat the game long before hand. I thought I was missing an item or didn't talk to a certain character . I searched forever , found nothing , got frustrated and checked online. Jokes on me.

    Yes , I do own the game, a physical cartridge.

  19. And anyone with a pirated copy going onto the forums to ask for help out themselves immediately for pirating the game 😂

  20. All of this effort, yet I remember playing and finishing an unoriginal copy of this game not that long after release

  21. No matter how many times I see it, the train controls being on the right looks cursed as hell to me. (I’m left handed)

  22. Interested… I recently raw-dumped one of my cartridges and it works fine.

  23. I've played it on my phone before and this didn't happen to me

  24. My cousin had a pirated copy, and had that same problem XD

  25. I actually have a legitimate AND pirated version of this game. I confirm.

  26. You could also deal with pirates by blasting them with your canon on the overworld before they get to your train

  27. I had this game on my R4 card yet I didn't have that

  28. I have a pirated version but this doesn't happen

  29. I really wish Nintendo would remaster Phantom Hourglass and Spirit tracks as well as Windwaker for the switch.

  30. Fun fact when I played it didn’t work I played it normally Nintendo you suck at anti piracy

  31. Nintendo thought they were smart until pirates patched this out in a span of less than a week

  32. I had someone ask me for help with this back in highschool, I didn't know it was an anti-piracy measure until years later.

    The funny thing was, was that at the time I was playing the game on an emulator and yet I didn't encounter it at all.

    Guess that goes to show the power of competently built emulators over r4 carts…

  33. Makes sense that there are anti-piracy measures in this game. Canonically, the pirates who founded new Hyrule are either dead or living a peaceful life in retirement.
    The random ones in the ocean realm don't matter either because their ships go down pretty quickly

  34. I recently beat spirit tracks with all rabbits, golden train pieces, stamps, etc (on an emulator) and was reminded why i love thw game

  35. I got hit with this one on an old R4 card a friend gifted me in highschool. Most games worked but it came with a bunch of games on the card already and this was one of them, i just assumed the controls were buttons and couldnt figure out how to make the train go. I gave up and never tried playing it again lol. Not sure i missed out on anything 😂

  36. Ok but how do they know the difference? That's what I'm wondering

  37. I have an issue against this game personally 😂😂 I couldn’t even figure out the game 😢

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