How to collect 10000 coin knife pirate game Latest tricks 2023 | Hindi language 2023

How to collect 10000 coin knife pirate game Latest tricks 2023 | Hindi language 2023 #imvu #wowapp #knifepirate

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  1. Bc sadiya beet jaegi 10k coin krne mai

  2. Kon kon pollpe ya mreward se kar Raha hai πŸ˜‚

  3. Aik dafa hi 10000 karny hien pir offer complete hoti ha? Or add hoty hien

  4. Bro I played a lot but I didn't even get a any coins πŸ’€ How do I get them? What should I do?

  5. I reached 100, and when I went to the list, I did not find any currency. Why?

  6. I have played this game . If i get out does the coins that i earned before are not counted

  7. Laura nahi khal pa raha hai, or upar sa bolte ja raha hai ki kohi muskil game nahi hai, tera liya to muskile e hai…

  8. Who from Russia did not understand anything?

  9. Hamko pata kaise lage ke isme aap ne earn kaise kiya???

  10. I just downloaded this game to complete Offertoro's offer on SwagBucks but I couldn't understand you, unfortunately and so far I did not understand the game fully. I'm playing a lot but it's always showing 0 coins. Is that normal? I retry and retry I even killed the boss but it's still showing 0 coins. My question is: Despite showing 0 coins in the menu screen, are the coins being saved? 2) what coins are they talking about? The ones we can get while throwing the knifes or the ones counting on the right corner of the screen??? Sometimes I die in the boss and I don't even know why, do you have any idea?

  11. Where is 1000 points like me in the video you always looΔ±se and start again just like me zero points. Δ° didnt underdtand this video

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