How to Pirate Games On Linux 2022

How to pirate games on any linux system
Start here:


  1. There are no or so less seeds that download taking days ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

  2. You can pirate games with lutris tho whats the point of this?

  3. just found you again not realizing you on here.

  4. The fans on your system are loud af but funny

  5. why do you use linux in the first place lmao? are you a dev?

  6. ur awesome my nerd. i just discovered jc141 today while looking for ways to make tmnt shredders revenge run on steamdeck. thanks for posting. u da man

  7. I'm so lost can you help me out? I downloaded the Johncena repack for Elden Ring as i read someone saying it's what worked for them using Steam Deck but I have no clue what this Groot.Dwarfs file is about and how to get it running.

  8. man i have the error said "fuse-overlayfs not installed" on linux mint 20

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