I am a pirate – How to LEGALLY emulate games ft. Save The Hero / Sanni v3 + Raspberry Pi

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Whatever Nintendo says, emulators are legal – but ROMs are not. If you own a physical game, is there a way you can legally use it on a PC or handheld? Or do you simply have to buy it again?

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:57 I can’t buy this game anymore
2:12 Sanni Cart Reader – Now we’re playing with power!
3:11 Setting up
4:50 Time to dump some ROMs!
8:12 Linus catches on to Anthony’s plan
8:22 How to back up disc-based systems
8:59 Perks of backing up your games
9:33 Setting up our emulators
10:32 Let’s play some games!
12:33 Not everything’s perfect…
13:40 Heartbreak
15:08 So is this legal?
16:46 Conclusion
18:12 Outro


  1. I wouldn’t play the game if I had to pay for it. If the developers would rather that someone not experience what they worked on than someone actually enjoying it, then that’s their problem

  2. What about my ds games? Or my switch games? How do I do that?

  3. Im not going through all that trouble to "legally" avoid pirating a game to play it. If they don't port a definitive edition to modern consoles, I don't see why i should shell out extra money for the game, when the developers, publishers, etc. wont see a single cent of mine even if I'd love to support their game with my money. Example, if ATLUS won't port Persona 3 FES in favor of their PSP port, I'm going to emulate FES before I trust that that version of the game won't die to obscurity someday and ATLUS would be none the wiser.

  4. i just bought the white joycon OLED switch (March 2023) is this thing mod'able? i'm worried im out all that money since ithought i could – i shoulda just got a steam deck 🙁

  5. Personally, I just went on Ebay and bought a portable snes with a 7" screen so I could enjoy my games on the go without having to either rip the games myself or download them.

  6. I have a Japanese console called the retro freak and it can copy your games onto a micro sd card. It can back up more than 11 systems. I don't know why nobody talks about it lol

  7. Back in the day I purchased a Doctor 64 to copy my Nintendo 66 carts. I recently sold that DR 64 for $400. It's fun to see the march of technology.

  8. Why does the game industry have to kill off their older titles? They can still make money from it just not as much.

  9. Piracy was booming 15 years ago.. going to all those newsgroups, torrent websites. Warez websites. And hoping not getting viruses. XD missing those old good days.

  10. Once a person goes anonymous like me, the scary side of being a pirate no longer matters. Like "Pfft" they wont find out who downloaded that rom. IP? Pfft… I change that like I change my underwear.

  11. nintendo really doesn't want to you play their back catalog. 😀

  12. does anyone else hope someone releases a switch version of this?

  13. I lost my link to the past master file due to the battery dying 😢

  14. The fact that Nintendo is so up their own butt and to stupid and greedy for their 30 year long customers and fans is crazy! Like why is there not just a proper Nintendo store on the PC where you can buy and play all the old games Nintendo has to offer. It would make them money and allow us all including new people to experience these for the first time! I mean the literally have not got any selection of older games on the switch still and the killed off the Wii U which was the last great legal market for all old GBA, DS, Wii, GameCube, and other games. Like they are missing money and making it so stupid and silly for the people who just want to buy or use these games

    I personally bought a used Wii U black Zelda edition shortly before I realized they where cutting the store off about a year later! And that’s crazy because the only way to play so many of those old titles is on the Wii U because of the fact that they haven’t ported many older games to the switch console for what ever reason!!!

    I mean at this point with how old the switch is getting and how out dated the Nintendo console is they should really start developing even some new games for the PC like Sony has been doing and start bringing amazing titles to the PC like Zelda …. I think that most people who want a switch are going to buy one anyway for travel or for their kids, there’s a whole different section of people who do PC only or mainly PC games that would be buying switch titles new and old if they would allow and bring it to steam or their own little market place!

    Edit: Plus the fact that Nintendo is no longer making money on those older cartridges. So they are literally being sold on the aftermarket for way to much money as well as reselling old consoles. I’m really Nintendo could easily just remake all those games on a new Format and release an updated console for all their retro titles. Idk I just hate how Nintendo treats their customers and fans. Nintendo is the type of company that will stop sponsoring your channel on YouTube if you Mod Zelda on your switch at all …. 🤷🏼‍♂️ wtf your still buying the switch and the Zelda game but you still can’t put any mods or anything on it. Idk they are terrible to deal with and need a wake up call to making these classic games more available as well as offering the new selection to more than just the crappy outdated Nintendo switch console … I personally think at least

  15. Mario rpg is rare and expensive? I got two lmao. Time to sell one

  16. All this stuff about ROMs and emulators and how tendo will come after you.. It must not be a big issue because there are so many knockoff consoles being sold on Amazon and other places that have all the ROMs already on the hard drive or SD card. Why isn't Nintendo going after them? People downloading them is not making tendo loose money because the people who could get one already did. And tendo can keep going after all these sites and try to take them down but the minute one goes down five more pop-ups somewhere else It's an endless circle… That is why they have been adding games to the online service on the switch because they know there's money to be made and that is why they created the classic consoles… I do not think they're going to sit there and keep going after all of them. There's too many.. let's just say they got them all. People were just going to find ways that they cannot take down.. just because you take away one way doesn't mean there isn't another way someone will find a way.. if the company was not greedy and or keep taking down all the eShops people would not have to be doing this… Now to do with this video If you download a game that you already own, you're still wrong. if you make a copy of it for your own personal collection then that's okay…. So he went out and bought the game thinking he was okay to download it which he was not…tendo Will never be okay with you downloading their games no matter what… And I'm so surprised he even made a video like this because a video like this could backfire years down the road… I think the best thing for him is to take this video down..

  17. I may have been working on a PS3/PS4 Emulator that may be kinda working but I'm not sure of Legality of Actually Releasing the Project when it's actually Finished because as of now I have been using my Own Bought Games and my Own Hardware and Software

  18. I grew up in 90ths in Ukraine and we don't have NES back then, instead we have many Chinese NES clones that Japanese fomicon cartridges and I was not aware that they all were pirated, my parents bought them in stores and we all were sure that they are legal. I only knew about NES and SNES 10 years ago. If you wonder – we then had SEGA consoles but no SNES or gamecube

  19. Hey Nintendo themselves killed off their own stores, so it's not illegal because they already shut it down. So buzz-off Nintendo

  20. Great taste! SMRPG is my favorite snes game ever!

  21. I know piracy hurts the people who made the game, but I tend to think about what Dave Grohl said in regards to music (I don’t see why it doesn’t apply here) – “music should be available to anyone who wants to listen to it.”

    That being said, there are enough ways for me to get tons of games for free that are legal such as going to my local library. So I haven’t had to pirate in a while. But otherwise, especially with older games such as NES games where Nintendo is no longer seeing that money even if I do buy it, I don’t feel bad about pirating.

  22. Anthony has come a long way as far as presenting to the camera goes. Way more comfortable than the early videos.

  23. Can’t wait to dump hundreds of dollars to preserve games Nintendo is too lazy to preserve themselves.🙃

  24. Im so glad to see Jon's 100% legal advise gif make a glorious return 🙂

  25. The perfectly cut scram while dripping something got me

  26. Seriously – Anthony is an absolute fountain of knowledge!

  27. Nintendo now partern with dmca likely they gonna banned them completely.

  28. So you could in theory use this to save your games onto a flash drive, swap the ancient battery, then reload the save game file on the cartridge with a new battery?

  29. I use odroid Xua4 in my set fast than rasp4

  30. They do emulate alot of old Nintendo games with the switch online but yeah other than that….

  31. if those companies want to make money why dont the just sell rom collections, i would buy nearly all of them just to have them. piracy isnt the issue since they are already out there, why not just sell to the "honest" crowd and make that money.

  32. but still why would i spend a thousand for a 20 year old game if i can emulate it for free

  33. That segway to the long sleeve shirt was gold, Linus should take note. 😉

  34. I loved super Mario rpg legend of the seven stars very much. Nice to hear it referenced.

  35. Wait…my saves might be all gone from my NES and SNES games?

    Shit I need to get started on dumping my saves yesterday.

  36. RTFM? Yeah right. Never did that. Won’t start now.

  37. Im from eastern europe everything is legal here simply because nobody cares enought to actually enforce those kind of laws lol.

  38. I don't think a multibillion-dollar company would care if you pirated a game they made about 30 years ago

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