I Played 6 Pirate Games To Prove We Need More

I played 6 pirate game with the goal to see if we need more pirate games.


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  1. Ok i'm sorry what? If you saying that risen(first) has bad fight mechanics that probably mean that you have some skill issues. Also enemies has different AI which make them vurnerable for different ways to fight.Ok i think i see where the problem is. First… you not joking with this pirate thing arent you? On scale 1 to 10 as a pirate game risen is "not a fn pirate game at all" out of 10. Risen is a Gothic. If not the "drama over brand rights" risen would be Gothic 4. Bc events in this game are starting from situation that was canonical ending of gothic 3. This is typical fantasy zero to hero type game. And pirates exist in this game only bc whole game is on island which make oportunity to add some pirate characters. But you are not one of them at any point. Pirates are only one side story to whole game.(This is kinda funny bc in gothic 2 night of the raven you also have pirates AND YOU CAN JOIN THEM… well you have to to progress main quest, so risen is less a pirate game than gothic 2)Second i bet you didnt play long enough to get some skill points. Bc in risen there is one of the best leveling system tied to fight mechanics. You have fighting skills bar. And each point on certain bar give you new technique to use. Like parry, or horizontal slash that are great to targeting multiple enemies.Fight at the start of the game looks awfull bc you are not a warrior. You cannot fight thats way you fight like toddler.About risen 3 fight system… there is none. Its skyrim/oblivion system with more fancy animations. Which can be describe as "click to death" which is oposite to risen and gothic 1 and 2. And even worse bc in risen 1 there was different attack moves for three types of weapons(1H, 2H and staffs), also magic gems, and magic runes. But in risen 3 magic runes are shit, and magic itself is just "click to death" but now its sparkly. They dont improve anything beside graphics. Its literally oposite. Risen 2 fck up EVERYTHING. People hated this so fn much that almost break piranha bytes. So in risen 3 tried to come back to the old ways but with less… wood? More fluent animation and fight and… its basicaly called "reta-rted down for american audience", same stuff happen to gothic 4. And both of those games are terrible.

  2. Risen is actually a very underrated game. It's a AA game and yes it has a bunch of flaws, but it is a game well worth your time imo

  3. sid meyers pirates is the goat of OG pirate games.

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